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Fergie Concerned Jones Won’t Face Real Madrid

Sir Alex Ferguson has today confirmed what we all feared, that Phil Jones, who turned 21 today, is unlikely to face Real Madrid in the second leg game.

“Phil Jones is the one we’re concerned about in terms of the Real Madrid game,” he said. “We’re working hard on it and I’d say he has an outside chance – no more than that. Phil tackled awkwardly the other night and tangled his foot there, that’s why he has the injury he has. He has the courage and willingness to tackle. Bryan Robson was the same. Bryan couldn’t see danger and neither can Phil. It’s a measure of his courage and I don’t want to take that away from him. Phil did an incredible job in Madrid. He doesn’t care who he’s playing against, he has no fear of playing against anyone. We’ll have to wait and see if he’s fit for the second leg. It’s two weeks away. A lot can happen. When you look at his tackles, he tackles like a young man. Maybe he’s too brave. He was unbalanced in the tackle and ended up injured. He’s an outside chance, that’s all.”

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  1. DreadedRed says:

    feedemscraps and Red4ever

    What’s with all the dumb-cracks? Have you nothing intelligent to add?

    As startling as parryheid’s suggestion is, it wouldn’t be the first time that us close observers were stunned by a starting line-up engineered by Sir Alex. Obviously, were Welbeck to start in parryheid’s ‘Fletcher role’, it would not be as a result of SAF reading this blog. It wouldn’t be something ‘out of the blue’ to SAF, and he and Rene would have been schooling and assessing Danny for quite a while.

    Personally, I don’t think Danny has the experience to play the role competitively, and I’m not sure that he will ever be good enough there. My opinion stems from presumption and fear. I presume that our players best position is known and occupied, and I fear mistakes. It takes some balls to be a top manager, I guess I’d be too pragmatic.

  2. parryheid says:


    Yesterday I put forward as quite a few of the posters do my idea of a team vs Madrid.Some thought I was foolish enough to think I could even get as much as seven of the team I put forward correct but at least some had genuine issues with what I proposed and good on them The last couple of Fannies well they seem to have headed for the hills rather than try to be cohesive.And Yes I realize how difficult for them it would have been to string sentences together.

  3. DreadedRed says:

    parryheid – those fannies couldn’t string two cunt hairs together, never mind a sentence.

    I quickly realised that predicting 7 out of 11 in any United starting line-up is no mean feat. Fergie plays his cards close to his chest, so we usually don’t even know who is actually available. Add to that his penchant for surprising the opposition, and our predictions become almost impossible. Here on RoM, with all the predicted line-ups put forward, not 1 in 20 gets all 11 right. More like 1 in a 100 actually.

    Your guesswork certainly stirred up some lively debate, thanks for that. A few mongs always throw their garbled slurs, without adding anything sensible or even applicable to the debate. Twats.

  4. parryheid says:


    Ha nice one need to remember that for the next buffoons that appear.And tour so right.Cheers mate

  5. feedemscraps says:

    Wellbeck at cm? That is intelligent and worth discussing…..smackhead!
    Yours, the twat.
    You’ll be calling our gk shit next….arrogant/prick/smackhead.

  6. parryheid says:

    Ahah one of the fannies returns after heading for the hills hoping to beat some life into the dead horse he’s been flogging,You pathetic fuckwit.

  7. parryheid says:

    And just like United Not Arrogant Just Better.Ha Priceless. you fannies just bunder inti don’t yah.away and have couple of Patsy Klines.


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