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Fergie: De Gea Showed Why We Bought Him

David de Gea put in another good shift against one of the top teams in Manchester United’s 3-3 draw with Chelsea.

The Spanish keeper’s every move is heavily scrutinised by the press but he has been rightly praised for his brilliant save from a Juan Mata freekick which saved a point for United in the dying moments.

Sir Alex Ferguson has also sung the praises of his young goalie.

“We know his potential, we know he’s an outstanding talent and we’ve got to trust that,” said Ferguson. “We bought him on the premise that he could be our goalkeeper for 10 years and he showed that today. He dealt much better with all the aerial balls that came in. It’s experience. He’s not used to the English game, he’s had some bad moments this year in terms of dealing with that type of play. But today, I think he’s got the bit between his teeth and he’s done well.”

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  1. Keano16 says:

    He’ll still make plenty more mistakes before the end of the season but at least there were lots of positives yesterday and he can only get better.

  2. booch says:

    True True De Gea will be the best goalie 4 united this season and number 1 goalie this seson Bring on livershit next weekend De gea will start the game question why did Hernandez not start the game again chelsea Young played ok and Valenia played shit where was cleverly still injurned

  3. parryheid says:

    Also showed the reverse side of the coin quite a few times,however the season has a good bit to run and he may yet turn out as hoped.

  4. col says:

    I was worried as mata ran up to the ball, thinking DDG was too far over.
    After watching that clip I now think he was showing him the corner, saying “go on then, son. lets hava look at yer”. His shot stopping has been superb all season tbf, but that one was different class.

  5. zelh says:

    of course he’ll do mistakes but that belongs to his learning process with 21.
    He’s compared to goalkeepers who are 5-6 years ahead of him and that’s massive experience.
    specially if you come from a totally different league.

  6. lordrt says:

    Just has to get his handling worked out, and he needs to show more physical presence in his area, both in the air and on the ground, and he will be the best young keeper out there. But till that time comes, we’ll have to bear with some of his mistakes :)
    However, I did read reports that he needs eye surgery as he has a problem with his long vision, how far this is true?

  7. PLT says:

    He’ll get more confident off crosses as he gets more experience, and that save from the free kick was one of the best saves I’ve seen this season. Definitely gets a big thumbs up from us after helping to earn us a valuable point yesterday!

  8. MarkoWire says:

    As Fergie stated in his interview that the lad is only 20 years of age and has huge potential. That free kick save yesterday was unbelievable. In fact it seemed unstoppable. Mata hit it with pace curl and it was going in off the angle. To save that was just amazing. I’m sure you’ll all agree the lad will have to improve dramatically in sorting his defence out and his timiings when coming for crosses but that will come with experience. Fergie needs to protect him from the media coz every mistake he gets destroyed. God he got caught eating a crispy creme in Tesco and that made front page news of the sun. You don’t see the media giving him credit for that super save yesterday do you.
    Well done to de gea yesterday all three goals wasn’t really his fault. It was more unlucky coz 2 of them was own goals and the other was rocket of volley from mata. Well done to united for getting back in the game.

  9. Costas says:

    He really needs a regular back 4 ahead of him. It’s not helping that he’s playing with different defenders each game.

  10. chica chica says:

    It’s a good thing he’s Spanish and won’t be reading any of the British Press shit.
    But I hope he don’t start against liverfool this weekend. He’s still shaky at corners. Positioning not right.
    Give Amos a go.

  11. YorYor says:

    Cost@s, yup, and it’s only his first season! He probably still isn’t very sure who will or who won’t come and challenge for balls in the air, and also the tendencies of opposition strikers. That will all come with time. For the first time in SAF’s reign, we actually have a very good succession in the GK department.

  12. de gae's FAN says:

    Stop blaming the boy for every single thing! He’s young and still learning the trade! Now everybody’s singing his praises. I wonder what would’ve been said if he missed the save from Mata! You fucking hypocrites make me sick! He will show you what he’s all about. He plays for our team! Allow him to grow with confidence and not slander him for everything! That Fucking Jonny Evans is ten times worse but there’s no reaction to his fuckups! Asswipes!

  13. sixfeetunder says:

    Fuck.The.Press! He made important saves especially those 2 shots from Chelsea at the last minutes. They can criticise De Gea all they want but he just saved our ass with those two wonderful saves.

  14. kk says:

    I will always support him, underdog nature. The refs arent protecting him either way because they have read that he is weak in the air so they just let him be impeded. It is the same thing with Nani, I cant remember the last time he went down easily/dived but he is still till today labelled a diver. Lazy analysts or experts

  15. Paul Parker says:

    To be fair most top teams field a more consistent back four than we have this season, and most top teams don’t get drubbed by a large margin. so De Gea’s performances have to be taken into consideration. He’s done well considering every team is rightly targeting his frailties, and every abu outlet is chucking shit at him.

    That save was a thing of beauty.

  16. Costas says:


    And lets be honest. This is the first time that I can recall that we are putting our faith in a very young goalkeeper. He has a long way to go before he’s the complete article. People talk about Cech’s impressive early seasons at Chelsea, but he also had a very solid defence in front of him. You need that to protect young goalies. De Gea making mistakes now shouldn’t be a concern. The main concern for me will be if he’s Cech’s age and he has regressed like him. Lets hope he’ll go from strength to strength.

  17. YorYor says:

    Cost@s I have a thing for Cech because I though he was a brilliant capture for them. Even now, I don’t think he has actually regressed – I mean look at the defenders in front of him and to be honest, they aren’t anywhere better than ours. He is still a very capable GK and if De Gea and Lindegaard didn’t come our way, I’d have no problems whatsoever with him in our goal.
    My idea was that this season is meant to blood the young players in. Let them express themselves, let them make mistakes whenever we can afford to, and our next few years will be brilliant. Of course, having remained within arm’s length of the table toppers, it means we actually have a very good chance and should now temper expression of youth with stability and reliability of age.

  18. Costas says:


    Don’t know, but it just seems like Cech hasn’t gained the composure that his age and experience would demand. You make a good point that Chelsea (particulary under AVB) aren’t defending well at all, but he just seems to lack concentration nowdays. But who can say for sure? Maybe he’s following a pattern similar to that of Edwin, who also went through a sticky patch in his late 20s and early 30s before coming good again at United.

  19. Sparkz says:

    De gea’s shot stopping was never in question. I back him all the way in those situations, he’s Elastic Man! It’s just his handling and command of the area that needs working on.

    Put it this way….IMO, Lindegaard would’ve got nowhere near that Mata free kick. But on the other hand, Lindegaard wouldn’t have dropped those clangers against Liverpool and Blackburn.

    The next 4 weeks are massive for De gea – he’s got a clear run in the team with Lindegaard out injured, and if he does the business then his confidence will be sky high.

  20. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Actually, Davide can’t be blamed for any of the goals. First 2 were own goals deflected off the defense. Third goal was just a fantastic scorcher from Mata. In the end he saved us a point. But we were only in it due to a complete team effort.

    With DeGea I think what people focus on is the poor decisions. Balls punched out for corners that should have been held. Timid control of the 6yd box. One senses that DdG is not the boss of his six yard box. If you look at the games with David, we have to defend almost double the number of corners. That pressure alone is always going to lead to goals. David will learn. I feel he must start by getting the ball sorted early and organizing the defense.

    Just a magical final 10 minutes for him to be fair. Made me very proud of our young keeper.

  21. wayne says:

    Have to disagree with Sir Alex,when it comes to crosses he still looks shaky and timid,i’m sure this will be worked out in time but i don’t see the point in pretending it’s not a problem

  22. Doghouse says:

    What I like about De Gea is that he seems to have the fundamentals down. When Taibbi made perhaps his worst mistake in a United shirt, it was a fundamental error, bad technique. Ditto for Barthez, moments of brilliance, but he could fail at the simplest stuff. De Gea doesn’t. He gets shoved around a lot on corners and set pieces, sure, but by and large he’s solid. Sometimes there’ll be a goal and you’ll think maybe he could have done more, but he’s been worth points to us so far. Stoke, Liverpool, Chelsea (twice), even Arsenal arguably, he has done us proud and saved games. In both Chelsea games in particular he made close to impossible saves.

    When he gets the protection of a settled back four, and one day Vidic again, he’ll be less vulnerable to the airborne ball, and that’s him sorted.

    Bottom line is we’ve got the best natural stopper in the world there. No doubt about that. Nobody in the world but him could have stopped that Mata free kick. We need to look after him, give him the big support, and he’ll see us right for fifteen years at least.

    I think what is throwing people a bit about him is that he’s a very acrobatic keeper. They don’t go for that in the UK. They like their goalies bland and solid. He’s a little bit ninja and it’s hard to get a read on that.

  23. WillieRedNut says:

    Once he masters coming for crosses, not much else he’ll need to improve on. A steep learning curve this season for him.

  24. parryheid says:

    He will get an early test to show whether he has learned anything this coming Saturday when Liverpool come calling.A repeat of the cup game and he wont be forgiven,count on it.

  25. Sandeep1878 says:

    he has made match saving reflex saves plenty times..

    that Mata save,

    that Henderson dipping volley save..

    ultimately resulted in grabbing us a point because those were the saves in dying minutes and against rival clubs!!!

  26. Phil Jones' Birdshit Streaks says:

    Wayne – Fergie obviously knows, but he’s not gonna come out in public and berate the lad. It’s all positives to the press, which in turn will make De Gea feel better about the situation.

  27. JC says:

    Right Birdshit, not only does Sir Alex have to manage the players physical development he also needs to manage their emotional development as well. It would do absolutely no good to anyone to come out and knock him in the press regardless of what he says to him at training.

  28. Pebblesmeller says:

    Lads, does anyone not remember that DeGea was crucial to us gaining a point at Klanfield earlier this season when his excellent performance was the cornerstone of a disjointed but battling display from us? Or, how aboutthe time his lightening reflexes at his near post were called upon to keep West Brom scoreless before we eventually woke-up and got in the game? The lad is going to be a class and in 3 or 4 years time the same media that are attempting to humiliate him now will be pontificating to us all that they knew all along how good he was!
    The bigger question is, how in the name of Jesus did he get upand across to that shot from Mata? Worth the subscription to sky sports alone.

  29. Pebblesmeller says:

    Think about it. The next time you are on the pitch walk into the goal, put your left shoulder to the keepers left hand post, look up to the angle between post and crossbar, that is 8ft up from the ground. Now, walk 16ft along the goal-line, stand on the line and look back up to the angle of post and crossbar. That is where DeGea had to get to, but he only had maybe 1.5secs to get there. That is a distance of 18ft to get to in 1.5secs to make contact with a ball travelling at 40-odd miles per hour!
    Not bad for a young lad I think.

  30. StatesideAussie says:

    Just saw the save on youtube. Wonderful, wonderful save. Someone else mentioned it looks like DDG was inviting Mata to go for that corner (or that side, anyway), and I agree with that. But it also looks to me that even as he moves across the goal, DDG maintained his balance very evenly as well, and could probably have gone back in the other direction had he needed to. His athleticism is mightily impressive.

    But there’s more to this save than just that. His thinking, preparation and execution as he moved across the goal were all superb. I note that he started to move to the target side just before Mata kicked the ball, but too late for Mata to do anything about it. It also looks if DDG had sussed Mata’s options and knew that the kick would likely have to float up and over, especially if he gave Mata a nice open target. Had he stood mid-goal from the off, Mata may well have tried to blast it through a gap in the wall, and for a keeper, that’s much more of a lottery with deflections and making it harder to see where the ball is going. The final save was brilliant, but the thinking behind was very clever and he deserves credit for that too.

  31. Alex says:

    Booch you fucking idiot!

    Valencia once again was a threat from the wing. Ashley young continued where he left off..absolute shit. You are blind and my friend you are a retard!

  32. mara says:

    De Gea had some bad moments…but he is young. I dont understand media…they shit on De Gea, but what about our defenders this season? they play like shit, and that doesnt matter? who is crazy here…

  33. JC says:

    Agree with you 100% Stateside, when I 1st saw it live I knew he was inviting Mata to have a go at the wall side corner. He very obviously baited him by standing in the middle of the right 1/3rd and then as Mata was addressing the ball he takes 2 hop steps to his left to close off the distance, sees the shot cleanly and makes an amazing save. Quite frankly it almost backfired on him as Mata’s shot was 1 in a 1000 and aimed perfectly for the very top corner with power but luckily Ge Gea made a 1 in a million save. I can’t think of another keeper that could have/would have made that save from the thought process of the set up all the way through the athleticism of the actually save. He’s got that .001% talent from God that you just can’t teach and when he gets the learnable parts or the English game down he’s going to be downright scary for the opposition week in week out.

  34. indored says:

    all DeGea need is a playing minutes. if he had enough of it, he’d be really-really good. the pressure in Atletico is way different with the pressure in Manchester United. once he get over it, Utd’s goal will be save

  35. mara says:

    After De Gea s save, mata worth half of money they paid for him :)


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