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Fergie: De Gea’s Mistake Cost Him His Place

Sir Alex has explained that David de Gea has been left out of the starting line-up for Southampton because of his mistake against Fulham last weekend. United were comfortably winning 3-1 but after failing to make a cross his own, Fulham were let back in to the game and we looked fairly shaky from then on.

Peter Schmeichel or Edwin Van der Sar would have claimed that cross no bother, taking out both players if needed, whilst David still struggles to impose himself physically.

“I think young David made a mistake last week,” he said. “He knows it. With the form he’s been in, he’s been making some fantastic saves, but one error like that could have cost us the game. It’s just a learning process for him and he’ll be back in a couple of weeks’ time.”

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  1. Sir Abdullah says:


  2. iDon says:


  3. iDon says:

    What’s this decision to play Welbeck instead of Nani, Fergie has started to feel his years, he is starting to lost his head

  4. berbatunday says:


  5. Costas says:

    I think old Pat has made a shitload of mistakes and he keeps starting…

  6. Johnbosco obiora says:

    David de gea is our number one keeper and i don`t like de way sir alex drop nani

  7. yustaq says:

    Fergie just giving flamsy excuses
    He’s just afriad to tell us de gea is injured
    He was furious of FA aby young injury so,
    He doesn’t want to give sign of squad depletetion
    He neva comented about his mistake at post match conference againt fulham
    Luckly we won today

  8. Maker luka says:

    Fergie’s decision to leave on bench was not a good decision at all becuase without young then immediately nani can take over. Also anderson would have been in line up becuase cleverly is still young to start than anderson.

  9. Raizzen says:

    I think the way Lindergeard plays and distribute kind of put off our counter attacking play. But all in all what a performance to forget by the players even for RvP (what was the penalty all about ? lol)

  10. Zafarul Asyraf says:

    we should have lured Hugo Lloris to become our first choice keeper … sigh

  11. Sir Alex's Brain says:

    Should we drop Rafael & Evra now? Retarded decision to change the GK considering the big saves DDG has made this season. Reina, Cech, Casillas, Valdes, Hart & Neuer all make mistakes but always start the next game as they’re the #1. Fergie needs to stop this stupid rotation/drop the GK policy and stick with DDG.

    Also, it would help both keepers if the defenders actually could defend.

  12. Raizzen says:

    De Gea’s fine. We just have to have faith. Why are you sighing like we’re stuck with Almunia or something ?

  13. Redscot says:

    I’m not jumping to the defence of our young fabulous Spanish goalkeeper who helped United come so close last season as we know.Saving many match points in doing so. Why has Sir Alex Ferguson highlighted him , in dropping him . I think he should keep his , gun powder dry , and say . Something like because Anders Lindegaard had such a great game for the under 21s midweek . Rather than speak about de Gea’s error alone . What does that do for a youngster at Manchester United in the early stages of his United career ? It’s certainly not building his confidence , is it .
    I always thought we win as a team and lose as a team , with ‘ no ‘ scapegoats ‘.
    I guess the manager is possibly saying , get your act together and work with Eric Steele on your crosses and punching , a distance from the 18 yard box.
    Zafarul Asyraf , sorry mate the Frenchman has signed for Spurs , although they now have now 4 goalkeepers.
    On a positive note great win today , using another get out- off jail card . With the aid of our fabulous £ 24 million signing .Robin van Perfect ;)

  14. Abubakar BAUCHI. says:

    SAF‘s decision of droping De Gea because of a single mistake is absolutely unfair. Look at the perpetual rubbish WELBECK is displaying at OLTRFD, always HERNANDEZ on bench just because he is not Englsh player. The fact is that, who ever is not playing well all time and not once should be drop irrespective of were he comes from. This is why MORINHO is so special because a player performance in his club is what actually counts. Biase shold be phase out at united if we really want to progress.

  15. Rick says:

    Seriously, what is wrong with some of you? I cannot understand why you think you know how to do Fergie’s job better than him. He’s been manager for 1,000 league games, you’re a bunch of reactionary clowns who can’t even spell. Manchester United are a really good team with a lot of good players. Sometimes players make a mistake, don’t complete a pass, or have an off day. It doesn’t mean they are poor or deserve the criticism they so readily get from a lot of so called United fans. De Gea will be a great player, but Lindegaard is also a strong goalkeeper. Both will contribute and all will be good. Show some brains and back your team or leave and ‘support’ another club please.

  16. Raizzen says:

    Unfair indeed. In to have some fans sighing over why didn’t we sign someone else is an insult to De Gea’s saves that have often kept us in the game in the short while he was with us.

    We DESERVED to lose more at Everton weren’t it for De Gea. Show some respect. And some faiths if you will. He’s in his 20′s for God’s sake.

  17. Raizzen says:


    To be fair mate, am glad Fergie’s at the helm. A great man he is. Thankful that he’s still around with us. But that doesn’t make him exclusive from mistakes. He does make them. And this is one of those moments in which he did.

  18. Rick says:

    Hi Raizzen

    Of course Fergie makes mistakes mate. But he should be allowed to without some knee jerk fools (not you, but some of the posts) spouting a lot of nonsense about him. He’s a human being who is doing a job (albeit a very talented human being with a job that carries great responsibility). Same goes for Carrick, Welbeck, Evra et al. Okay so they’re not as great as Fergie, but they are really good at what they do and United fans need to stop moaning quite so vehemently when things don’t go our way for five minutes. At the end of the day, Fergie knows more than any of us if we need to sign a midfield enforcer, or leave a goalkeeper out. Yes, sometimes he gets it wrong, but most of the time he gets it right. What really does my tits in is when United fans can’t see the bigger picture and moan like mad when we aren’t playing like Barcelona for 90 minutes every game. I don’t know when it happened but a lot if United fans seem to have lost perpspective and the ability to step back and see how lucky we are. Yes people are entitled to opinions and that is in part of what forums etc are for, but the constant hating and ignorant reactions to any imperfection are REALLY ANNOYING. Okay rant over. Cue some nutsack saying how Mourinho should take charge immediately and Welbeck should be shot…

  19. Raizzen says:


    lol @ welbeck should be shot.

    yeah mate, I was gonna add, all in all Fergie had it right from the start, coz he wins his games. he might’ve lose the battle but he won the war.

    And to demonstrate that point further, I was actually one of the befuddled fan when we signed RvP for 24 mil, when what we clearly need is a decent CM. And 24 mil is a lot of money for a 29 yrs old. Not to mention the possibility of him injuring himself (God forbid) – then bam! Rooney’s injured. Hadn’t we bought RvP, oh what a mess we would’ve been in.

    Now it all make sense. Thus the pointlessness of questioning Master’s plan.

  20. Raizzen says:

    the Master’s plan *

  21. Paco says:

    What about Anderson ? How can he be Consistent If He’s Dropped ?

    Carrick Was Sh*t Yesterday –’

  22. Ole says:

    I think grammar is seriously in danger of being extinct. Oh, and why don’t people enjoy the game and get on with their lives?

  23. Asobiggz says:

    Non of you is commenting on the constant set backs brought by Carrick in the mid-field. His style of play does not match with United just like Berbatov. And Fergie will secure his 90 mins on the pitch, he continue using him as if their is a such a contract of continous usage between the duo. I personaly dislike seeing Carrick on pitch. I required him to be made a carling cup “less important matches” player.

  24. chicharito says:

    De gea would ve keep is postion cos lindegaard is a little bit shaky

  25. Robidav says:

    Thought it was very harsh. Impressed with DDG start, the odd mistake but outweighed by some great stops. I suppose it can be put down to part of his education and learning process. I’d far rather he gets a good run of games, dropping him will hit his confidence. DDG is our number one and I’m happier when he’s in goal, AL a great number two but not convinced he’s a top keeper.

  26. Awwal says:

    sir alex if not because of javi harnendez we could have loss dat match,ur always upgrading england players dat whyhave live chicharito on bench nd using welbeck but danny is not up to chicharitos playing experience.when u substetute welbeck and cleverly game has change .bring scholes nd nani is the part of the game too.using carrick can cause us losing of match u see carrick is poor in the bal lwho is in air he is not contesting for heading always when they go for heading he is losing it.finally dont under rate a team just come out with ur fool power nd a match like other team.

  27. Xyth says:

    I t was harsh on DdG. Despite his mistake, he saved us ion several other occasions.

  28. Zed says:

    Well I’d rather he didn’t dent DDGs confidence by pointing out his error in public

  29. skazdemus says:

    @RICK Every one has their own view,the match against everton ended 1-0 just because De gea performed well,he had some fantastic save yeah,but he shouldnt be side line cos he made mistake,although fergie knows better but i dont just see the fact that he should be side lined against southampton,they(southampton) played well aganst manchester city,we should expect the same,which they did against us too,De gea need more time on the pitch to shape him to our taste….congrat Fergie

  30. DreadedRed says:

    Some of you struggle with English grammar, your efforts are commendable. We live and learn.

    Others of you write English fluently, and therefore have no excuse for the drivel you submit.

    Some of you are intelligent, intuitive, sensible, measured and considerate; Rick, for example.

    Rick’s comments at 19:39 and 20:20 are well worth re-reading with pause.

  31. Lameck mokamba says:

    De gea is the best rio,carrick,welbeckand lindergard should go to city that is good money for falcao deal.we have rooney can play any one pst

  32. Lameck mokamba says:

    Berbetov turn to be foolish to abuse fergie.15million pounds per much for him.only 57 goals


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