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Fergie: Disgusting English Press Were Pleased We Lost In Rome

Sir Alex Ferguson has laid in to the English press, claiming they didn’t give us appropriate praise for our performance against Bayern Munich and citing their happiness at our Champions League final defeat last season.

“It is hard to understand the press,” said Ferguson. “Someone told me that coming back from the Champions League final in Rome last year they were all delighted on the press bus that we lost. They were absolutely pleased that we lost; the English press. The person who told me was disgusted. That is a fact. He had no reason to lie to me. Our performance on Wednesday was fantastic. At 3-0 it could have been 5-0. We were magnificent. Absolutely magnificent. But that gets lost just because people want a headline out of what I said about the Germans. That is disgusting because the players deserved some praise.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. rooney the new king says:

    willierednut – exactly both rooney and tevez done so much for rooney, ronaldo I have found quiet average I think ronaldo has been average since he lifted the european cup in may 2008 since then he has been a shadow of his former self last season and this season with a average fascest outfit.

    some say they hate barca because they are getting to much credit I respect great sides who have worked hard to get where they are and how can anyone hate or question barca, well for starters many united fans expect credit this season even though we have been awful at times, and second barca are truly a great great side. they contain the ball at a insane level, xavi has got to be one of the best midfield passers I have ever seen, he really makes players like Gerrard lampard carrick look so ordinary Stevie me and fat frank who. carrick have a look at what your job is.

    pep guadiola the guy is awesome forget mourinho this guy is more special than mourinho he has no rough edges he is a humble guy, and he has got the perfect club to do his work. barca I find a more easier club to run than the joke that is Chelsea and abramovich and the laughing stock at wastelands. I don’t think laporta has been given enough credit for turning Barcelona has a club right around and some don’t rate how much stability that is at barca if I was a barca fan I would be kissing laportas feet because before he came they were a mess.

  2. MG says:


    Okay mate

    First of all it’s the dumbest paper outside the sun NOTW etc – I mean the mail are fucking right wing nonsense to the core

    Secondly it’s Gary fucking Linekar – the daft fuck who couldn’t keep his cock in his pants and is dating a woman half his age – who has no fucking serious point to make on MOTD

    And finally what did he win – fuck all Wayne Rooney a comparable striker has won more than Linekar ever did – all these idiots ever care about is England England England – again not that we don’t – most of us are patriotic and we do not need our loyalty for our country questioned.

    However the club – this club is and always will be before country – sorry your Majesty – this country’s football isn’t enshrined in Wembley – it’s at OT the home of Manchester United

    That should do it…

  3. willierednut says:

    Yeah, unless United spend between 30 and 40 million on Villa, then we’re doomed and skint.

  4. krzys82pl says:

    Mike Dean f**k up our game against Shitty away, now against chelski. Rio ban for 4 games, macherano 0. FA against United? In Fergie I Belive !!!

  5. rooney the new king says:

    willierednut – a phew points I disagree with linekar is there is no cash to spend I think there is but haven’t united bought a striker now in that Mexican CF. I do not believe there is any CF out there that, aguero wont be signed, villa to old we never spend that much on a player that old but they are clutching at straws with the debt since ronaldo fascest lover left they have gone on and on and on, benzama is just awful and overrated he looks 10 pounds overweight and he will be has ineffective has berbatov why sign another it is like signing the fat ronaldo.

    And we have talent coming through but the only worry is how to get the likes of welbeck macheda cleverly, Evans brothers, DE Silva twins, carthcart smallen DE laat Gibson tosic the new Mexican CF diouf how do fergie implement these talents into the first team.

    But do agree with linekar on a phew players, Gary Neville can he go on another year because he has played far to many games in a short space of time, RB situation is like stuck in a rock and a hard place rafeal is so talented but can be so brainless like the song goes waiting is the hardest part.

    Has for berbatov, there is something not right with this guy its like we are living the veron saga again. It is just not happening for him I think he has been at a time when the system no longer fits into his way of playing, before he arrived united were playing with 2 recognizable and a floater behind the front 2 in ronaldo, we had the front men in rooney tevez and ronaldo playing off these 2. but with the team and system changing we now play with a 433 system with valencia nani supporting rooney that is the current united model meaning berbatov no longer fits into that system, berbatov has been unlucky that turn of events have now gone against him that if he was gonna play in 433 only midfield he could play but that would be alan smith all over again playing him out of position. when he first arrived he had support from ronaldo rooney and the system of 424 allowed berbatov into the team.

    when we sum up berbatovs career when ever he leaves he has been dogged by unfortunet events that fergie has changed the system 2 wide players supporting the frontmen, berbatov will go down has one of the unluckiest players to ever to come to united whe we broaden the picture.

    on another note despite scott posting new posts this site seems dead only a phew of us are trying to keep it alive because the last 10 days have seen reguler blogers leave have they been tapped up by others we may have to carry the can for the time being thanks alot TWATS for leaving a gapping hole in the site.

  6. rooney the new king says:

    sorry I will resay that on another note despite scott posting new posts this site seems dead only a phew of us are trying to keep it alive because the last 10 days have seen reguler blogers leave have they been tapped up by others we may have to carry the can for the time being thanks alot PLASTIC TWATS who posted FERGIE SHOULD GO which ment king eric GHTT costas leaving a gapping hole in the site.

    the twats are the plastic fans who have made king eric costas GHTT AIG it is a shame some fans are so spoilt that they will no longer post a real shame

  7. rooney the new king says:

    again I typed it wrong the twats are the plastic fans who have made king eric costas GHTT AIG it is a shame some fans are so spoilt that they have made the regulers who post on here, will no longer post on here it is a real shame still It will not stop me

  8. willierednut says:

    I can’t see United splashing out on another striker unless Berba, or Owen leaves. The area that probaly needs addressing is the midfield, with doubts over Hargo’s fitness and Ando’s loss of form this season.

  9. Drew Vader says:

    How good was Pique today? What a class class defender.

  10. Gandalf says:

    We always knew this and Fergie has probably had enough of these idiots making a big deal of his ‘typical germans’.

    The press do not like us for so many reasons and Fergie is one of the main reason, but have they ever looked at what they do? They are ABU’s and they don’t want to admit it – look at this interview, the press trying to get Fergie to apologise for his ‘typical germans’ chant instead of admitting that they never once praised our first half performance and were only critical of the negatives.

    Its like, if we do great – it is to be expected of United and never praised [unless it is Rooney and everything is about England] and if we don’t, we are slated… so why they expect Fergie or United staff to return any favors to them? Muppets, all of them.

    Their attitude suits us just fine, we don’t care one jot about the press. I love Fergie for standing up to them.

  11. Lovin' United says:

    Agreed with willierednut

    we really do need a midfielder but the question is, if SAF is going for a midfielder, who will it be?

  12. xol says:

    Yeah the press just get worse and worse. The fuckin Independent are still at it about the Germans remark. I noticed ROM listed in the Times top 10 unofficial sites today (which is great) but hope those ABU comments don’t spill over this direction.

    oh, Liverpool are saved.

  13. urval87 says:

    Typical Sir Alex……. Get the siege mentality going…… The world and his dog are against us…….. Now you lot that go to OT……. make OT look like OT, make it sound like OT……….

  14. Jay says:

    Well by hating us they make us special and unique.i actually love it and don’t care what the press thinks of us.its simply purely disgusting and its so blatant.when there’s the best there’ll be hate.i think its great that we’re something of our own and its ‘us’ against the ‘rest’.

    Glory Glory Man United!
    Long Live Sir Alex!

  15. Ted Perechalli says:

    Have the commentators ever done anything else? Just forget the German-ass-cum-boot-licking commentators to their unpatriotic gloating selves and let us move on. Sir Alex is right in not wanting to apologise for the comments he has made. The Germans were truly disgusting.

  16. Jay says:

    and it’s SO SURPRISING that nani’s brilliant 2 goals were not even given significant mention.i can’t believe it,those 2 goals were class and he doesn’t get any credit.

  17. redscot says:

    Come on SAF , its landin based media, you know that as well as me SIR, there all up the Arses of Chelsrent and of course Leprofesser(but who aint) HE does look like a Pedophile so its no surprise the way the media write i sometimes think they are 10 years old.
    You Sir have proved yourself on many great platforms and stages, keep it going Baconface, I mean how childish and how immature.Right behind you ooops I cant think another way to type that. lmao
    SAF ********* MANY MONY brownie points. ledgend icon foundation

  18. El Pep says:

    They just couldn’t help but love the beautiful football from Barcelona.

  19. micheldu9 says:

    you thick pricks listen to yourself,you thick morons.the only reason people dont like you is cos your vile cheats of the worst kind.not arrogant just better.well your better than

  20. micheldu9 says:

    barcelona are great.great like utd have never been.utd are less attractive than chelsea.grimsby town play better on the deck football than you morons.very soon to be the second club in dirty manchester.very already look a better alfit.and they will buy buy buy.utd will sell.get in the box is the utd way.out wide cross it in. tap inns or own methodical.


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