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Fergie Dismisses Failed Manager Roy

Roy Keane, in his new role as ITV pundit, spoke of how the Manchester United players were letting Sir Alex Ferguson down at half time in last’s night 2-1 defeat against FC Basel.

At full time, Keane claimed that our young players hadn’t done well enough. He also made reference to Phil Jones’ comments ahead of kick-off and questioned how relaxed he felt now.

Sir Alex Ferguson was told about Keane’s comment and had a dig of his own, reminding Roy that he is just a TV pundit, not a manager, following his sacking from Ipswich last January.

“I don’t know why you are bringing this up from a television critic,” said Ferguson. “Roy had an opportunity to prove himself as a manager and it’s a hard job. We have enough good young players to see us through. I have every confidence in them. That is part of football. You have to deal with disappointment. It has been used as motivation at this club many times before. These young players will have to cope with it and get on with it in their careers.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Sparkz says:

    “Yes We Can” – a phrase inspired by one of the most inspirational, iconic figures in history.

    Bob The Builder.

  2. smartalex says:

    The heir apparent had a transplant, and the bald truth is a root of our problem.

    It seems that hair hides an heir who needs to be yanked up by the short and curly.

  3. smartalex says:

    Fearing Cleverley to be a little wet-behind-the-ears to readily assume the Scholes mantle, Ferguson said “I do like my heir dryer!”

  4. WillieRedNut says:

    Rooney is the heir apparent, so he better keep his on!

  5. WillieRedNut says:

    England’s next manager is no surprise. Hairy Redknapp! Mr Redknapp said, he’s had a hair across his ass for sometime, thinking about the England job. Better watch though Mr Redknapp? Hair today, and a wig tomorrow!

  6. StatesideAussie says:

    Zibbie … sorry mate, missed your earlier question. No, I haven’t heard any update about the float. Wondering about that myself.

  7. denton davey says:

    King Eric @ 0:17: ” he has been poor of late but fergie aint gonna sell him.”

    I know that – that’s why I wrote that “in my world” Ashley Young would be sold, not in SAF’s world.

  8. denton davey says:

    StateSideAussie @ 23:03: “What I am curious about is why we played so well in the first few matches this season (the pre-season, and the first half-dozen PL matches), and then it all fell apart. What’s the explanation for that?”

    If I knew how to answer that question I’d already be installed as the Gaffer’s mate.

  9. StatesideAussie says:

    Denton … true that. I guess what I’m really trying to do is expand the discussion beyond “the players and/or the manager and coaches are all crap and need to be shipped out”. In terms of personnel, nothing has changed, bar a lot of injuries. If we had been playing like this all season, I would have some tolerance for the argument about needing a large injection of new blood. But we haven’t. Clearly, our guys can play well, because we have seen them do it. Equally clearly, they are not playing well now. Whatever the reason is, it’s not lack of ability.

  10. ironbrand says:

    @ ClaytonBlackmoresTan
    December 8, 2011 – 16:03
    Thanks for reminding us that John Terry’s a cunt. The memory alone sort of eases the pain of the transition we are going through.

  11. Long time Red says:

    I have been a United fan for over 50 years, my father played for United in the 30′s, this is the first time I have commented on this or any site regarding United. The situation that is at Old Trafford is of serious concern to me and many supporters. I could write a long list of players on United’s present squad who quite frankly are not up to scratch, Sir Alex has been telling us that the squad is good enough, he picks them, he works on the tactics – he runs the show. He’s the Captain of the ship.
    The defeat by City was and has been on the cards for months, unfortunately it was City. The 2-1 defeat by Crystal Palace was embarrassing for Sir Alex and he apologised – pay the gate money back to those people who spent circa £50 per ticket to watch that rubbish. 2-1 to Basle – £360 waisted going to watch them, again Sir Alex was embarrassed – he’s responsible, he’s the Captain.
    Since Carlos left as number 2 we have suffered, constant team changes, trying new formations, setting up to foil the opposition when they should be doing that against us – and so it goes on.
    Sir Alex is 70 this month, god bless him we’ve had some cracking times, but everyone comes to the end of their tenure, move up now and build for the future with a new youing manager with fresh ideas and youth on his side before it all comes tumbling down.
    Sir Alex Ferguson – please retire upstairs now before you are embarrassed!

  12. ClaytonBlackmoresTan says:

    Amen ironbrand.

    It’s all looking a bit ropey at pres but fuck it, just means louder voices in the away end.

  13. denton davey says:

    StateSideAussie @ 5:08: “If we had been playing like this all season, I would have some tolerance for the argument about needing a large injection of new blood. But we haven’t. Clearly, our guys can play well, because we have seen them do it. Equally clearly, they are not playing well now.”

    Sometimes these things are “perfect storms” – no one explanation is sufficient but lots of partial explanations (injuries, tinkering, inconsistency, bad luck, etc) are necessary.

    In a curious way, I’m not altogether sure that SAF is “enjoying” his predicament – he likes to be able to play the “I told you so” game and winning the EPL this year would be wonderfully rewarding to him and, of course, it would put both the “noisy neighbours” and the “former manager” in their rightful places. What could be better ? A fine consolation prize.

  14. Giles Oakley says:

    LongTime Red, welcome to this site. It would be great to hear anything you’ve heard from your grandfather about his days at United in the Thirties, or from your time as a supporter yourself over the last 50 years. You make a good case for Fergie retiring, but I don’t really agree. I think everyone is forgetting just how disruptive the injuries have been this season. When you think how we were flying in the early weeks, playing very progressive, up to date football, I think it’s fair to say Fergie’s still got what it takes.

    I’d still like to hear about the 30s, though!

  15. Doc99 says:

    finding some of these rants about keano a bit unbelievable to be honest!..Apart from sir alex,who in the world is more entitled to give their opinion about united than our most successful captain?!As much as i love and respect the boss,i dont think he would have had half the success he’s had without roy putting his body on the line week in and week out for 12 years.Eaten bread is soon well and truely forgotten some times.


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