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Fergie Doubts Chelsea’s Clattenburg Claims

Sir Alex Ferguson has today been questioned about the allegations Chelsea players have made about comments made by referee Mark Clattenburg on Sunday.

Whilst even most Chelsea fans are struggling to get their heads around the idea a referee would racially abuse two players during one game, Ferguson has categorically ruled out the possibility of it happening.

“I don’t believe he would make comments like that,” said Ferguson. “I refuse to believe it. It’s unthinkable. There is not a referee who would stoop to that. I’m convinced by that. I’ve never had a player come to me in the last 15 years and say a referee swore in a game – ever. If we see the game today as it was 25 years ago it’s completely changed. I played myself and I know that the banter which went on between referees and players 25 years ago is different to today.”

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  1. Warwick says:

    Aren’t referees miked up? If so, wouldn’t the other oficials have heard him?

  2. ben says:

    So fergie’s obviously right, he was there he heard everything. Mikel obviously made up that someone called him a monkey. The fact most people on this site are already deciding punishments for Chelsea as If they were on the pitch and know everything is a testament to the levels of intelligence of united fans on this site. Lol.

  3. wayne says:

    ben nothing to do with IQ basing opinions on track record,Terry and co are a bunch of vile cunts and the fans no better.Refs aren’t fucking stupid he’d know that would be the end of his career and ruin his life.Just can’t go into the refs room and threaten to break his legs.
    You cunts even attack your own,what happened to that steward was fucking disgusting and that animal doing monkey chants at Danny
    Your owner is a fucking gangster,Terry is the biggest cunt ever to play football and the fans are just a bunch of uneducated ignorant animals
    Complete and utter disgrace to English Football,always was.always will be,so fuck off

  4. Red Robin says:

    Welcome to our blog to some chelsea stalkers. I bet that Sunday lost still left a bitter taste. What a delusional bunch of fans you are. :D

    What can Abramovich super mega expensive team of lawyers squeeze out of this matter? What prove will they bring before the judge? Don’t say its Ramirez who barely speak and understand english.

    Fergie comment about Clattenburg was to counter Di Matteo comment on League cup. Di Matteo showed to the world that he was still feel bitter about sunday lost, that’s why he decided to brought it back on wednesday. What a SORE LOSER! :D

  5. Jarrod says:

    Wayne stop acting like a fukwit! Typical supporter in general speaking before anything proven and dealt with!
    Just like all clubs there are dickheads involved that you wish wernt but don’t go bring our owner and the good fans down, Terry made from my point of view a very small mostake but like the UK does was blown way out of proportion, like the monkey man who cares, everyone say Saurez looks exactly like the donkey of shrek but he laughs it off! Tell welbeck to stop acting like a bitch! your on the same level acting the way you are, period!!

    We are champions we will always be champions 2011-2012.

  6. Red Robin says:

    Shitty fans stalking united blog on chelsea story?? Bwahahaha SORE IDIOT!

  7. lawman10 says:

    Chelsea fc just like there captain Cunts no more to say.

  8. DreadedRed says:

    Jarrod – you’re the fuckwit. Absolutely witless.

    Everything you say is wrong. Your owner is classless, we didn’t bring him down. Your club are not champions. Terry has made monstrous gaff after brainless blunder. No one says suarez looks like shrek. Welbeck doesn’t have a bitchy bone in his body.

    You’re a fucking witless moron. Fuckwit.

  9. Jarrod says:

    Haha dreaded red ya little bitch. Have a cry!
    Let me guess, your a little man haha.
    Roman is all class little fella.
    Welbeck is a benchy bitch!
    Ohh this cry that haha.
    Even Rooney looks up to Terry and so should you!


  10. wayne says:

    Jarrod wtf you going on about,firstly its not the supporters its the club going after Clattenburg with no evidence except hearsay its the club,what I’ve read Terry led a gang of players into the refs room and issued threats.You’re fucking joking right, Terry has a fucking laundry list of things that make him a despicable cunt.Your owner is well known to have dodgy business dealings and is the one of the biggest reasons ticket prices,transfer money and players wages have gone through the roof.Sorry mate if you don’t think a steward getting filled in and tossed over the stand or some cunt being a racist prick to a opposing player is no big deal, like I said in my first comment,isn’t such a thing as decent were you come from
    Small time classless cunts

  11. wayne says:

    Fucking champions lol i’ve never seen such a pile of shit win the CL before in my fucking life,jesus you were fucking awful,nothing to be proud of mate should’ve shipped the cup back through embarrassment

  12. Red Robin says:

    Wtf! I thought Jarrod is a shitty fans as he said the champions of 2011-2012. :D

  13. wayne says:

    Oh and another thing your ground is the biggest shithole in the prem,fuck me should be used as a dog park not a football ground

  14. wayne says:

    JT passing the buck once the shit hits the fan

  15. ben says:

    Lolol why are we crying? Top of the league playing the sexiest fotball in england and champions of europe. Took you an offside ‘goal’ to beat 9 of our players umad? Oh and yeah, we’re current FA cup champions too. If any team has anything to cry about, its united. Losing their best youth, Pogba and Ravel, losing pulling power in the transfer market, countless targets chosing other clubs over united, and then united fans making up excuses like oh he wasn’t worth it or we don’t need him lol. And Wayne talking about track records? How about fergie being the most arrogant hypocritical manger in football? Remember him walking out the interview where they asked if you’d qualify from CL groupstage last year? LOLOLOL Yeah Fergie’s got a great record of being right all the time. And I agree Terry is not a nice guy off the pitch neither is cole….but people like drogba put your entire team to shame. Bulit hospitals and formed his own foundation in his home country, oh and he only stopped a civil war in the Ivory coast. Rooney having fun screwing grandmothers yeah? Anyway screw all of this. If you honestly think Mikel just wanted to make up getting racially abused by A REFEREE (WHAT DOES HE HAVE TO GAIN?), then seriously you are the most blinkered pathetic set of fans I’ve ever come accross.

  16. brisbanefan says:

    I’ve just read comments by Di Mateo and can’t help thinking he’s digging a bigger hole for himself and his club.
    Criticising Fergie for his opinion but failing to mention Wenger or Jol tells all where his prejudices are. Just another person who sees Fergie and UTD as the evil face of football.
    As things stand at the moment Chelsea just don’t have enough evidence to support their claim. Clattenburg has the support of most people in the game, partly because they know his character, but also because people know that Chelsea have a very lax attitude about racism. Three incidents in recent years where Chelsea do nothing to punish their racist players and staff leaves them open to finger pointing.
    Chelsea seem to have gone into this without any consideration of the consequences.
    Should Clattenburg be exonerated, as I think he will, then Chelsea should prepare for the worst.
    A points deduction is highly likely – could be 10, or could be 20 points. If that’s the case then they can say goodbye to this years title and a position in next season’s CL
    The FA could issue them with a warning for future conduct – any more issues involving racism at SB in say the next 5 years and another points deduction will apply.
    A fine would have to be huge. In the millions, not a pifling £50k.
    The players concerned should get a warning, but the official who decided to pursue this matter would have to go.
    The player who made the comment in the referees room – ‘I’ll break his leg’ – should be looking at a 10 game ban.
    Clattenburg has every right to take legal action to protect his reputation – that is at the very basis of English law. Chelsea may of course decide to save themselves any further scrutiny by settling out of court.
    But Chelsea and their manager need to get hold of themselves. To suggest that UTD get all the breaks flies in the face of reality. Chelsea are the only club to have won the EPL after benefitting from poor referee decisions. Two years ago when Chelsea played UTD at SB 2 bad decisions by the officials allowed Chelsea to get all 3 points that won them the title by 1 point. Di Matteo should read some history before making outrageous comments.
    And finally, if Chelsea think that the referees won’t be gunning for them in the future, then they’re in for a shock. Every 50-50 situation will be given to the opposition, whether its a red card, a penalty, or a disputed goal.
    But no doubt Di Matteo will blame the refs. for a situation they’ve brought on themselves.

  17. wayne says:

    Fuck me sorry didn’t realize Drogba was Superman,mind sending the news clippings of him stopping a civil war,the only thing i remember of him was being a diving cunt and screaming at refs.Tell you what i have tons of clippings of Drogba being a cunt just asking for one of him being Superman.Funny thing is i stay up on world news must have missed that one.
    Jesus you’re such a deluded cunt,50 million pound donkey as the main striker,fucking Hazard and Oscar lightweights won’t see out the season,start well and fade.Seen it all before 100 times mainly with Le Arse start off playing ‘sexy’ football end up with fuck all
    Lol fuck off you daft cunt Utd losing their best youth,this is something you won’t be able to comprehend but Utd have standards if a player doesn’t fit he gets shipped out.
    See you cunts and City can only get players to sign by overpaying because you’re nothing ,B grade teams with nothing but dodgy rich owners and big egos,fucking ruining football.
    RVP turned down 300k per week to play for Utd there isn’t one player on Chelsea that wouldn’t leave in a instant for that kind of money..That’s the reason Utd will always be champions and Chelsea will always be dogshit
    Like i said your ground is a fucking shithole,sums up the club,seems appropriate to me dogs should be allowed to shit on it at least once a week
    Chelsea are nothing, small time club who were heading for administration until a Russian gangster bailed you out,a team full of whores with no soul so fuck off

  18. Jarrod says:

    Wayno stop punching your teddy bear mate hahaha. Can you remember last yr. united v Liverpool I think you would as it was on world news when Nani dive twice for one takle hahaha Gerrard got first hand view o footballs most embarrassing rated dive ever! Haha

    You really not happy little fella with all these swear words are you wayward Wayne!
    From memory RVP moved to united because arsenal wouldn’t budge on there salary limitations so it was for cash! Don’t get nasty at City and Chelsea just because united have to biggest debt bill in English football. City and Chelsea are running at minimal loss from smart business.

  19. Marq says:

    Don’t feed Chelsea & City trolls here

  20. Redharry4life says:

    Jarrod just a couple of things that our Wayne mentiioned.

    RVP signed for United and we do pay him a bigger wage than the Arse would. But if he had signed for Shitty he would have got paid a helluva more. Wayne spot oin mate I do not see a Chelsea player mn not going for the money.

    Your comment “City and Chelsea are running at minimal loss from smart business” Good god what planet are you from. If it wasnt for your sugar daddies then both of your little clubs would already be out of business. United may have the biggest debt in world football but that is the same as having a mortgage we make a profit each year from WHAT WE EARN! Chelsea and Shitty certainly do not!

  21. Jarrod says:

    Chelsea def is running at minimal loss mate if a one at all.
    There is the Cfc and then there is the Cfc pty ltd which of course is ran as a seperate business but as we all know its in fact the one club. Roman purchased all the shares for Cfc pty which in state owns the Cfc. Since the private shares where purchased for a large some of money which was undisclosed the club is actually running at a profit and roman is using the second terr business as negative earnings for his oil company which of course uses that as a tax offset.

    So to me that is very smart business, he basically has his Russian tax money funding the Cfc.

    Ofcourse we have rich owners and you cannot say united don’t. Only difference is ours spend more.
    You also don’t make a profit as united currently sit just behind barca and Real Madrid with a debt of £500m, that’s exactly why united where tryin to create themselves on the share market, family starting to run low. They should do what te Russian business man is doing.

    Anyway it’s been fun arguing.
    All have a good season.

    Put £1000 on top 3 teams finishing with in 2 points of eachother.

  22. brett1985 says:

    Ferguson’s comments are for effect and reflect his disbelief. To be convinced about something does is not to categorically deny other possibilities. The line of criticism in this instance is misguided. Clattenburg is innocent until proven guilty. Ferguson’s comments in no way undermine the investigation or the complainant Jon Obi Mikel.


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