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Fergie: Evra And Rooney To Take Over From Nev, Giggs and Scholes

Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed that he believes our living legends, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville, will stay on at the club once they stop playing, and that the likes of Darren Fletcher, Patrice Evra, John O’Shea and Wayne Rooney will take over their role.

“Scholes, Giggs, Neville? They are the living proof for the young players that United’s system allows players educated at the club to get success,” said Ferguson. “When they stop, they will remain. They are all preparing coach’s diplomas. I can imagine the club won’t let such experience leave. The next key men of the changing room? On character level, Patrice Evra is a strong power. He has big influence on the team. But if you look at the home players, I think about John O’Shea and Darren Fletcher. They have grown at the club. And Rooney quickly made a name for himself once here. He is an example.”

Both Evra and Rooney have repeatedly spoken of their love and dedication to the club and would be great role models for the next generation of players at United.

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  1. denton davey says:

    The “clubhouse/dressing room” influence is an X-factor. We, on the outside, know bugger-all about how these guys relate to one another but, clearly, those relationships have to be hugely important to maintaining cameraderie, esprit de corps, and all those other warm, fuzzy feelings. On the other hand, cliques in the dressing room seem to go hand-in-hand with under-achievement, after a period of success. It’s hard to break up an “old gang” but sometimes it’s necessary. From what I’ve seen – as an outsider – it seems that UTD’s manager has spent a lot of time making sure that his teams don’t succumb to cliques and the “main man” – he did the latter with Keane-o and those years in the early middle part of the last decade were barren but when Keane-o was booted out for running his mouth it seems that the whole team got back to pulling in the same direction. On the current team, it sure doesn’t seem like there’s anyone with the ego (or sense of certainty) that the boyho possessed and that’s a damned good thing.

  2. Costas says:

    We usually forget to mention O’Shea, but he is a veteran in that locker room, lol. I think that he is due a testimonial this year. So he could be could be one of those getting the armband in the following years. But the main candidates are the two that Scott mentions in his title.

  3. edrisakiyaga says:


  4. Macheda IS GOD says:

    And Fletcher!

  5. james f says:

    This what separates United from the rest of the pack, and especially from this year’s “champions”. Their leader is john terry. Enough said.

  6. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    fletcher oshea and brown have to join that pack

  7. parryheid says:

    of topic I think Bayern will stiffen Jose’s Inter tonight.

  8. richardwalsh says:

    Two years ago.
    what a night.
    this video will help deal with pain of not being there tonight.

  9. Rossini says:

    Bayerns luck just ran out……We shudda been there!…..Diego militio is a class act ! Mourinho has just done the treble….2-0 to inter…..fuck u bayern

  10. parryheid says:

    So much for my forecast.

  11. Wakey says:

    You can’t really keep a player if they want to leave these days. Sure you can force them to stay a few years but you risk getting stiffed at the end of it. Look at the Barry situation at Villa, they kept him another season but while Liverpool offered £15mill plus Steve Finnan City only paid £12mill a year later. Thats a fairly significant drop.

    And what always has to be remembered is to replace a player who leaves you also have to add in agent, player signing on and other fees so while Villa got 12million to break even they would have only been able to spend about 10mill of that on the transfer fee.

    So its really down to Rooney and how much United believe he wants to be at the club. If he wants to stay and his value to the team is still there then he shouldn’t be and I would imagine won’t be sold. If he wants to leave OR SAF thinks he is no longer a force and the time is right to sell then he will be gone when the times right

  12. Mogeezt says:

    Did anyone hear about Fergie trying to cash in on Evra this summer?

  13. redscot says:

    @ wakey you just tend to type, and not answer questions right?

  14. ancha says:

    chelsea captain – terry – almost made it to city,but only thing that kept him at chelsea is the big pay packet they offered

    liverpoo captain – steve me – ohw this guy did the same thing ofcourse its chelsea in his case rather than city

    arsenal captain – fab gas – just got an improved contract still goin for boyhood club barca

    united captain – gary the red – nothing there to explain…every damn soul knows abt him…he hates scousesum…he kisses scholes…he tells tevez to fuck off…ohw..there ar plenty…gary is god!!enuff said

  15. ancha says:


    that shows everything…united strength is the values that players show off rather than the showing off their greedy cunts like terry,steve me

  16. james f says:

    You’re absolutely right, mate. Your comparison says it all! There are captains and captains. Even our second captain (Giggsy) isn’t so bad!!!

  17. Kings says:

    Those aforementioned players epitomise the qualities of United.

  18. Neville Neville says:

    Darren Fletcher – football genius.

    Evra – legend. Love him even more after that Mail interview as well.

  19. wiuru says:

    Great management skills to be able to pass the baton between footie generations and maintain all that is a level above any other Club .

  20. spiran says:

    wats the current situation with mame biram diouf…..

  21. cantona7 says:

    @ancha i agree with all that you said, except for the line Giggs isnt so bad. I dont think you can use the word “bad” in ANYway when you are referring to Giggsy. I am hurt to hear another United fan say Giggsy isnt so bad, because Giggsy is just marvellous all the way! sorry mate, just my 2cents..

  22. GTull says:

    I love Evra and really believe he’s United through and through.

    But I do worry what will happen if the Facists do come after him. I’d love to think he wouldn’t be interested but who really knows….

    Sometimes I think Fergie says these kinda things to remind these players what it means to not just play for United, but to create a legacy.


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