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Fergie: FA Asked Me To Keep Quiet

Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that he is not allowed to give his opinion on who he thinks should be the next England boss. After previously suggesting that Harry Redknapp would be great for the job, the FA wrote to Ferguson and asked him not to discuss it any more.

“The Premier League has written to me asking me not to talk about the England manager’s job,” he said.

When asked why he had received the letter, he replied: “I’ve absolutely no idea. I’m not supposed to discuss it.”

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  1. Little Red Ant says:

    Thought we had free speech in this company – Fuck the F.A.

  2. Jeet says:

    Who cares?

  3. Gorse Hill Red says:

    Exactly Jeet, who cares?

  4. @samriley9 says:

    Hahaha fergie once again making the FA look stupid!

    Fucking mongs.

  5. Ironbrand says:

    Little question for the gaffer. One the F.A. don’t care if you answer. Sir, where the fuck is Dimitar O’ Berbatov? Is he still a Manchester United player and while I’m at it, at what point do we call it quits with Ando? 2008 was the last I saw any promise from him. Anticipating a response from you. Thank u, SAF.

  6. lebomanc says:

    Ya where is berba??
    Haha true… but sir alex must be free to say whatever he wants! There is nop reason why he shouldn’t discuss it

  7. lebomanc says:


  8. kanchelskis says:

    Seen a fair bit of criticism of Hernandez’s performance last night. For me, he blew hot and cold. Showed some good moments, but also some dire decision-making and passing in the final third.

    The one thing he really, really should have done is made more of the fact a defender had both arms round his waist in their penatly area. The right movement then (ie across one of his arms) followed by a tumble would’ve won him a penalty to which he was perfectly entitled. Instead he let the ball get away from him and just stood there until the defender had let go. It was bizarrely naive.

  9. Little Red Ant says:

    *country !

  10. philco says:

    So it would appear that we’re not in it to win it. That to me is a good thing.
    Yes, defeat is never nice to take but all the evidence points to the EPL being our No.1 target. That wasn’t our strongest team last night and the fact we were resting key players shows that we have other priorities.

    The youngsters got valuable experience. Raphael in particular learnt some serious lessons but Scholes and Ferdinand were both rested. Two players who would be in every reds first 11.

    So, with kompany being out for a while and SAF saving our best for the league, roll on 20.

    C’mon you reds.

  11. ahjs says:

    Every week Villas-Boas was asked by the media if he’d get the sack, same with Wenger when they were going through a tough patch. I was hoping Redknapp would be asked about the England job every week as Spurs start to struggle, but I should have known better. The issue will hardly be mentioned. One rule for the foreigners, one for the people’s choice.

  12. Costas says:

    Did they ask the same of Dogleash when he suggested Fergie get the job. FA cunts.


    Good question about Berbatov. Supposedly he’s not even making the bench nowdays because he’s not good enough. Whereas Hernandez’s form (particulary off the ball) has been spakling.

  13. RedKamer says:

    Good question. Where is Berbatov. If he can’t even make it to the bench when we are supposed to be playing a weakened team to prioritise the Prem – where is he? I don’t get it. At least the FA hasn’t placed an embargo on telling us why Berbatov isn’t playing. Or have they?

  14. Saad says:

    Couldn’t care less about the FA and England but I have to echo Little Red Ant.

    Country of freedom and free speech, my ass! Bunch of hypocritical fascists, if you ask me.

  15. Shebangsthedrums says:

    Free speech, you’re free to say what they want you to say. I think they’ve asked Sir Alex to keep quiet because of his influence in the game. If Alex says Rednapp should get the England job, then Rednapp should get the England job. The FA don’t want to be seen to be taking advice from Fergie, although they probably do.

  16. James21 says:

    SAF already said Arry Redknapp last week. Personally would like to see Raffa B. Fact!


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