Following United’s 3-1 win over Chicago Fire, Sir Alex Ferguson has spoken about the FA singling our club out when it comes to

In recent years they have banned Paul Scholes and Wayne Rooney for three league games following sending offs in a pre-season, banned Rooney for swearing and even charged Ferguson for praising a referee.

“I think sometimes there is an unfair focus on United on disciplinary issues,” said Ferguson. “It will always be there and I think we know that. I don’t really know whether it’s about me or the club, that’s a difficult one, but I think that [resentment] has got something to do with it. They’ve certainly always found a way to treat us differently. It has been happening for a while now and they always seem to find a way to do us when, with others, it’s seemingly forgotten. Personally, I felt hard done by last season. I defend my club, but that’s my job, yet part of the problem is that when I make comments, the media are onto the FA right away and there is no doubt about that. Then they feel forced to do something and they are afraid of what might happen if they don’t.”

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