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Fergie Forgets Rio’s Contract Expiry

In May 2008, Rio Ferdinand signed a five year extension with the club ahead of captaining us to European Cup success against Chelsea in Moscow. He was 29-years-old then and at his peak.

That contract expires in the summer and any chance of it being extended earlier have been ruled out by the repeated injury problems he’s suffered with. With just seven months remaining on his current deal, Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed they will be looking at offering him a new contract.

“Rio can play for two or three years,” said Ferguson. “He has different issues from Paul or Ryan in terms of injuries over the last couple of years. He is not as quick as he was but that is not a big problem because his experience is important. He is still a great footballer and, even at 33, there is no reason why he can’t stay on. We have always adopted that policy of offering one-year contracts, so we will see as the season progresses. I didn’t even realise his contract was up. You are making me panic.”

The issue for Rio is that at 33-years-old, you could hardly blame him for wanting better job security. If he was offered a longer contract from a half decent club or somewhere abroad where they’d pay him a handsome salary, it would probably be in his best interests to take his testimonial then move.

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  1. Dela says:

    Rio will stay on I think, clearly Fergie wants him to stay on so I don’t think he’ll be seeking a big pay day elsewhere. He has other business interests anyway right?

  2. Marq says:

    Well, call me heartless, but I wouldn’t be too sad if Rio left. He is a top quality defender, and purely having him around for his experience is good enough. But central defenders unlike midfielders, gets found out easily and the end comes very quickly. The situation with Rio in terms of performance & injury seems similiar with Pallister, so if we need to move on, so be it

  3. MUFCJord says:

    I’d imagine Rio will stay on for another year (possibly two depending on injuries). His performances over the past twelve months have been superb!

  4. Costas says:

    Lol, if Fergie forgot when Rio’s contract expires it probably means that we haven’t had any offers for him in a while.

    Rio is like Pallister in the sense that he’s too good to be on the bench. And truth be told, we should start looking to the future and forge a new permanent partnership at the back. So if we are going to offer him a contract extension, it will have to be on the basis that he will no longer be a first choice player. Will he take it?

  5. mig78 says:

    But just where it was mentioned, Fergie forgot the conract expiry thing?

  6. Proverb says:

    Clearly not going to be offered a new contract, sad but true

  7. Ash says:

    I have a feeling he would leave. We need to look for the future. It would be better if we start grooming Jones and smalling as our next centre backs for years to come. Rio could play for another 2 years but no point in doing that. He will be regarded as Man united great. More than 400 appearance is not a small feat.

  8. mansuy united says:

    Job security?! Have you forgotten the brand?


    Football is the day job.

  9. wayne says:

    Personally don’t think age is relative its about performance so should never end up on the bench because of age
    Rio is top quality and only makes sense for Utd to try and keep him, in the end probably come down to money,if Utd put in a competitive offer don’t see him leaving

  10. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Doubt Rio will look abroad as some with less business savvy.
    Rio’s personal business’s are extensive and his model is completely UK based.
    On top of that, If Rio wants to set up this new venture in Union building/breaking he won’t want to leave UK next year.

    There might be talk, but I think he signs a year and then takes retires to a very handsome income at the helm of his various enterprises?

    Still think it is absolutely crucial that we find some more cover at CB.
    Give Rio a new extension and half the games. Bring in or promote 2 new CBs to learn and fill the space.
    No guarantees that Vidic will ever be the same.
    The last 2-3 years have been diabolical with injuries at CB.

  11. wayne says:

    wouldn’t surprise me if Rooney gets rested against Braga reading this

  12. Ash says:

    Ok so according to papers hernandez,Nani and de gea all three will leave united. :D Can’t blame them as they have to publish something. No one is going anywhere. Poor media guys

  13. wayne says:

    Ash don’t think all 3 are out of the realms of possibility,Hernandez has to start getting game time or i could see him wanting out,same with Nani plus we know he’s not happy with his wages and i don’t think at the moment Sir Alex is happy with him.If the Rumors are true DDG is homesick which is quite possible plus he’s finding the prem tough going.
    Think all three rumors are plausible.

  14. Ash says:


    There has been no quotes from any of them. Nani could leave but what makes me laugh is the amount that is been said. 15 millions for nani is rubbish. Hernandez is valued at 12 millions :lol: . This shows all these reports are false and are just published to create stir in united campaign.

    I can bet hernandez is going nowhere atleast not for now. He will get his chances. W-3 matches if the players iss benched dosn’t mean he is unsettled. Never Have I heard that Ozil wants to leave or khedira wants to leave. Modric is hardly playing at real yet media never says he is unsettled. Same with barca. Their young players like tello,Pedro etc don’t start that many games yet their media soesn’t sya they want to leave. All these news are fake.

  15. ARUN says:

    mate i think he will stay. i think he knows he is not first choice anymore.i think scholes will retire at the end of this season and giigs will probably do the same. SO WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE EVERY EXPERIENCED PLAYER. so i think rio has a giggs,scholes type role.there is no real hope of him getting back into englands there is no real need of going into an inferior team and becoming first choice.

  16. wayne says:

    Ash maybe you’re right mate i agree Nani and Hernandez are worth more than being quoted,best laugh i had was the dippers were going to table a big for Hernandez in January for 8mill,did read yesterday Juve were going to offer 20mill euros for Nani.I do think there’s a issue with Nani that needs to be resolved and it’s pretty obvious if Hernandez turns into the next Berba he won’t be happy.

  17. Ash says:


    Hernandez is a talented striker and him to be benched regularly is not right thing but he has to be patient. I feel he also knows he has to play a big role. Look RVP won’t start every game. There will be times when we will be depended on hernandez. Berba’s situation was a bit different . As talented as berba was it was evident he never clicked at united. He was always extra in last season. But in chicho’s case it is different. It is only october and as the months role on competition will get tougher. Hernandez will get opportunities and he knows that. SO all this media stuff are BS.

  18. ARUN says:

    hernandez and de gea are not going anywhere. only doubt is nani. hopefully he can find his best form again

  19. ARUN says:

    de gea
    rafael wooton evans buttner
    anderson cleverley

    kagawa rooney


  20. Ash says:


    Assuming you live in india, Can you tell me mate in which channel will today’s match be telecasted?

  21. Gopher Brown says:

    He must stay, simply because Smalling seems permanently injured and there are a few question marks in the back of most of our minds with regard to Jones and Evans. Unless we spend on a top quality centre back, and hopefully we’ll be focussing our resources on midfield instead, he must stay.

  22. denton davey says:

    Gopher Brown @ 16:44: “He must stay, simply because Smalling seems permanently injured and there are a few question marks in the back of most of our minds with regard to Jones and Evans.”

    I’m in two minds about this – Rio is now entering that “past-it” zone occupied by both Giggs and Scholes, all three have had great careers but are now slowing down and getting found-out in key situations. To be sure, their experience and residual skill makes them still top-quality players but their physical decline is leading to more and more “mistakes”. On the other hand, there are very real health issues with MrJones and BigManSmalling – neither seems to be able to get fit and stay fit PLUS, of course, both are still “immature” in regards to experience. Jonny Evans is a fine defender who should get into the game ahead of Rio if/when CaptainVidic returns.

    It’s odd that a segment of the squad with so much “apparent depth” is so fragile in terms of actual, game-in/game-out reliability.

  23. Marq says:

    Smalling & Evans as our first choice pairing, Jones to cover centre & right, need one more, Wooton?

  24. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Rio will be on a one year rolling contract, if he continues to show good form. I don’t see this as a big deal.

  25. ARUN says:


  26. Ash says:

    Thnks mate. Unfortunately I don;t have ten action in my cable. Any good links guys.

  27. nambuktu says:

    Rio needs to stay. He still has two or three years at the top level in him. Besides, he seems like the guy who can lift the spirit in the dressing room.

  28. Proverb says:

    Man utd to finish the job today as disaster awaits chavs on sunday
    Its fans will forever dread meeting the red devils again
    Go go man utd!!!!!
    United united united!
    Buzzing here! Bravo

  29. Proverb says:


  30. NJRed says:

    Rio’s done lads. didja see him when Stoke scored their second goal (watch the replay again)? he’s served us so well for so long, but now, sadly, he’s slow and injury-prone. another ‘two or three years’?? just who is SAF observing?? we may absolutely have to play him right now because of all the defensive injuries, but he’s a liability…i fear he’ll fall down (again) at a critical moment not far away…

  31. Goat Peticoat says:

    Goat Peticoat
    I think Rio is a classy defender and whilst there was the big serbian hard on in here that Vidic was the better of the two I always sided with Rio. To me Rio is the reader and organiser, he is the Steve Bruce, Vidic has lesser organising skills and in my opinion doesnt read the game as well is more like the Pallister. Together they are formidable.
    BUT. I have a real hatred for overly outspoken footballers and celebraties who believe thay are all that upstairs because they can kick a pigs bladder into row Z. His Tweets and contract stalling (past and present), his embarassement for the last weekend and then choc ice remarks have severly soured my like for the man and thus respect. I wouldnt be too down heartened should he leave, I would thank him for his service but I believe on the right side of the central defence pairing we have two who can play that role in Smalling and Jones (even Carrick should we have an adequate replacement in midfield).
    I would have loved for Rio to have a place in my heart as I have for Stevie Bruce and his nose but alas he is only half the character and half the man.

  32. Rohan_19 says:

    Rafa wooton evans buttener

    Nani cleverly anderson young

  33. DreadedRed says:

    Come on United!

  34. Rohan_19 says:

    Rafa carrick evans buttener fletch clev kagawa rooney rvp chicho

  35. ARUN says:

    officaia team de gea rafael evans carrick buttner cleverley fletcher kagawa rooney van persie hernandez

  36. Rohan_19 says:

    The first one is the line-up i wanted..
    Second one is the one we got..

  37. Rohan_19 says:

    Johnstone ferdinand giggs nani young welbeck ando

  38. Rohan_19 says:

    Rooney to captain

  39. ARUN says:

    great team nani and young on the bench as well . lets go out there and WHACK THEM

  40. Marching Red says:

    Dammit! No Wootton even on the bench… does anyone know if he got injured?

  41. Rohan_19 says:

    Carrick at CB the only worry … We should do fine though..
    Also thought nani might’ve played this one with rvp rested and kagawa at the tip of the diamond..

  42. Goat Peticoat says:

    Good team, I like it. I think Sir Alex has got it right and particularly like Carrick in defence with Fletcher covering Caricks job. Love the 4-3-3, Love Cleverley and Kagawa together.
    Im predicting
    Manchester United 7 – Braga 1

  43. ididnotzeeit says:

    SAF trying to put the group to bed with that line up. Should make for some entertaining football up front. Let’s just hope the lads don’t need to ship a few early goals to get the sense of urgency going.

  44. daemondada says:

    StR. Perhaps you have noted the dearth in traffic on your blog. Believe it or not,I inadvertently placed a curse on your website when I called on posters,regular and irregular alike,to boycott the blog on account of your laissez faire attitude towards folk who come on here slagging and swearing at SAF and our Club while simultaenously coming down heavy on even bona fide Reds who mistakenly copy and paste spam and even on Cedars who stood up for a mate. Very poor taste on your part. Borrow a leaf from the fellow who runs the Pool blog. Kop or summat. He NEVER suffers gladly ignorants who only come on his site to spew the bitter bile they have locked up in them. His moderation of posts is legendary and so hands on. Perhaps he does not have a twitter account to divide his attention. Believe it or not, the quality and quantity of top posts has slumped like the Depression. Never worry, I hereby lift my curse and request all ex RoMers to come back on board. We must have all hands on deck as we now head into the season proper. Plz,next time,have more class especially when dealing with regulars and do frown upon folk who have no constructive input for our dear great Club except to come on here whenever things don’t go according to their high and mighty expectations to bitch. And your welcome and sorry for all inconveniences and losses caused you unwittingly.And the Reds go marching on!

  45. Goat Peticoat says:

    lol, you twat.
    Give me a curse you gippo twat
    Ill curse you from now on in with the curse of stenching goat bollocks that can turn road killed badgers stomachs.
    Dont you mean that N58 has been a total flop and those that left want to come back. They are always more than welcome to come back and to my knowledge were never asked to leave. But please my friend this is a forum for people to chat not to bullshit with hocus pocus bum fudgery, its as silly as Romney for president.

  46. daemondada says:

    Well my dear Goat Peticoat, if it’s any consolation I’ve never ever been on ND58 so can’t tell for sure if they are fixing on coming back to RoM. And,as I said, It’s up to you to believe or not. I never said I placed a curse on anyone. At least not to my knowledge anyway. PS: You never know, Romney might just blow you outta the water! Stay safe and keep on posting with less swear words. Remember the minors. Help the war effort to get RoM’s traffic back up!

  47. redbilly says:

    Fuck me , what a start.

  48. redbilly says:

    well done pea

  49. redbilly says:

    ohhhhhh well done Evans


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