Manchester United are through to the quarter-finals of the Europa League following the victory over Rostov.

Sir Alex Ferguson, who won two European Cups, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and UEFA Super Cup, has claimed in an interview with ESPN that United should do everything they can to win the Europa League.

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Having never won the Europa League before, Ferguson believes that having another European trophy to add to the collection is worthwhile, aside from the fact it will also give us entry in to next season’s Champions League if we fail to finish in the top four.

The thing is, we’ve never won the Europa League. We’ve never won UEFA Cup, what it used to be. And we’ve got a great draw. I’m not saying it’s a certainty, but they’ve got a great chance.

It gets you into the Champions League, too — it didn’t used to but it does now, and so that’s a great incentive.

If you win a trophy, it’s important. It’s a European trophy. It doesn’t matter that it’s not the Champions League — it’s still a European trophy. And if you win it, you get into the Champions League. The incentive is greater to do that.

And your CV gets bigger. If we won the Europa League? Fantastic. Add it to the European Cup, the Cup Winners’ Cup, the Champions League — It’s bigger and bigger. We also want to be the most successful club in England.