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Fergie: GNev Leaves Legacy For Every Young Player At United

Sir Alex Ferguson has sung the praises of Gary Neville in light of his retirement.

“Gary was the best English right back of his generation,” said Ferguson. “He is an example to any young professional; hard-working, loyal and intelligent. As a United fan born and bred, his fantastic career at Old Trafford has cemented his place in the affection of the club’s supporters everywhere. His impact on the club in general has been huge; his presence in the dressing room and leadership qualities have been an asset to me as a manager. All the young players who have sought his advice on many matters, particularly on contract issues owe him a great debt. As a young boy he had the will and determination to succeed as a footballer and that character remained with him throughout his career. That’s the legacy he leaves every young player at Manchester United.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Ryandunny says:

    Is there any Irish people on this site. Because the guy who asked me to write a piece for his Utd book has been looking for other irish people as well to contribute…anyone interested?

  2. Doghouse says:

    He might have retired from football, but he’ll always hate scousers. The man is a hero.

  3. Red Dave says:

    It’s been a pleasure and privilege to witness Gary’s great career from youth team centre half to regular England rightback. His tackling, positional sense and above all his absolute determination in every game to win the game for United and us the fans earn him total respect. Is there anything better than a Mancunian making it to the very top i.e. playing for United? Well done Gary, heartfelt thanks and I hope you stay at United in a coaching or other capacity. Good luck son.

  4. TonyBee says:

    Bloodred@ as Head of Religious Affairs on KRAP TV (retired) and well known for talking shite thank you for your comments …..
    and as for taking The LORDS NAME IN VAIN… Shame on you

  5. smartalex says:

    A serious site for serious people. Seriously.
    Bite that Cherry! EEh HA! Virginal juices overflowing, golden chalice raised high!

    S U M M I T….M Y….C O M M E N T

  6. RedFilip says:

    Words can not express what is Gary Neville to Manchester United and vice versa. The most loyal footballer ever to grace the Earth. Without a doubt the one half of the elite group called ” England’s Best Right Back “, sharing that privilege with Duncan Edwards , who is the other half.
    UNIQUE !
    LOYAL !
    RED !
    LEGEND !
    Drowning myself in tears and sorrow, still in denial and hoping that all this is just a nightmare that will never come true. But, even though I still can’t believe it, I am shocked and in awe, even though I wish he waited to retire together with Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs, or at least at the end of this season just to pick up the record-breaking 19th trophy, to be the one to show our title to the whole wide world, we all have to respect his decision.
    Already dreaming of Gary Neville being given a coaching job instantly, with immediate effect !!!!!!
    My personal Hero, and my most favourite player ever,
    I love you !!!!!!
    I wish You all the best in life, SIR GARY NEVILLE !!!!!!

  7. willierednut says:

    City 1 1

  8. shmoo says:

    go go zigic !!!

  9. United4eva says:

    Gary Neville=Forever red. A little bit of the club’s spirit has been lost today. I hope the dressing room maintains its desire without him, Giggs and Scholes when they go.

  10. BloodRed says:

    hahahaa sweeeet lads.
    ps @ ryandunny, im irish

  11. Ryandunny says:


    Would you be interested in like writing a piece…. like your first match…favourite player…why United?

  12. willierednut says:

    2 1 City

  13. BloodRed says:

    cool man, i could do that!
    link me to were ever you want me to post it or send it to :)

  14. Collyhurst Red says:

    5 cheers for Gary Neville,
    hip hip…..

  15. Ryandunny says:
    True passion!

    Brilliant news…
    Send it to and I’ll send it to your man writing it!

    Include your name and age on it as well!

  16. redrider says:

    Can’t take this…

  17. willierednut says:


  18. Zelh says:

    RedNev should hold up the 19th title.
    just because he hates scousers so much.

  19. willierednut says:

    Peter Venkman scored for Spurs. He turned to the crowd and said, who you gonna call!

  20. mikekelly12 says:

    Right time to go…… Great servant, great lad and a proper red. Good look for the future Gary.

  21. T. says:

    Strange to be sad when the club is 5 points clear at the summit and the Minnows in babyblue droped two points against Birmingham.

    It´s a Pyhrrus victory. WE can´t afford to see more legends retire now. Gnev, good luck with whatever u do in the future. U have been my best inspirational spirit to hate the scousers of them all!

  22. The United Way says:

    I hope Gary is there when we lift number 19

  23. hammons says:

    Without question a professional role model. … Someone said that Nev was not a great servant, and then another say “finally.” – some of our fans are really ungrateful….

    There Will Neville Be Another Gary

  24. torontored says:

    T, it’s not a “Pyhrrus victory.” it’s not even a “Pyhrric victory” because it’s not a victory at all. It’s a sad fucking day .

    Fuck all victorious about losing a legend – but he may be the next reserve /youth manager and he will impart his passion and hardness to the next generation.

    Will always remember him for running to the scousers and kissing the badge

    Absolute legend !

  25. Wednesdayx says:


    That was proper nice, enjoyed it <3

  26. dannysoya says:

    WHAT A PLAYER!!! you have earned my utmost respect. still wish you scored one last minute goal against Liverpool and stick the finger up at their nasty faces but no matter.
    and now the most important member of the class of 1992 left to retire. Giggsy. he will be retiring in 2023. HAIL THE GREATEST FULL BACK IN PREMIER LEAGUE HISTORY!!!!

  27. Balaji says:

    I just wished he had retired at the end of the season, probably playing the last league game and lifting the trophy. He will be missed by all, especially for the leader in him.

    And please, scholesy, not this year! We wont be able to take it.

  28. denton davey says:

    TorontoRed @ 1:04: “Absolute legend !”

    Steady On ! Abusing the term “legend” does no one credit.

    RedNev was a terrific player and, so it seems, a great teem-mate but, let’s be honest about this – he was simply not in the same class as Roy Keane, Eric Cantona, Paul Scholes, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Jaap Stam, Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra, or Wayne Rooney, all of whom were his team-mates in a long career filled with trophies and glory, glory.

    Gary Neville was the epitome of a “trier” who got every last ounce of satisfaction from a fairly limited skill-set (“limited” in relation to really great players) AND he was a fighter.

    I will especially remember his unbridled ( ? orgasmic ?) joy when Rio’s header beat the scousers and – even more so – his withering contempt at the FA for fining him for showing exuberance.

    Let’s hope his enthusiasm rubs off on the next generation.

  29. gazzer says:

    It’s a bit childish I know, but right now I’m the LAST message here!!!

  30. gazzer says:

    Just saw Denton’s message above and couldn’t disagree more.
    His fight and integrity is what makes him a legend. And he did get almost 90 England caps!!
    I don’t care who had more talent and skill – that doesn’t win you games.
    And character has to be part of it too, otherwise we would admire Gerrard and not be so disappointed by Rooney.

  31. gazzer says:

    And while I’m thinking of it, don’t you just love Inzhaghi? His goal celebrations are a treat too

  32. wayne says:

    G.nev has been retired for 2 years already but just announced it today so I find some of the comments just a tad dramatic,he’ll still be at utd I’ll put him in the legend bracket because it appears our buddy costas has done a disappearing act

  33. denton davey says:

    gazzer @ 3:23: “don’t you just love Inzhaghi? His goal celebrations are a treat too”

    Absolutely – SuperPippo really let it all hang out.

  34. Stustu123 says:

    his hatred of liverpool made me love him even more. the scousers hate him but only because it hurts that hes won it all.. a true great!!!

  35. james says:

    Tik a bow Andy Gray and move over for a proper professional!

    I can’t wait to see Gnev on Sky when United beat the dippers!

  36. kk says:

    If Gary isnt then I dont know who a legend can be. He was first choice for club for all that time till injuries struck, now for someone who has clocked those many apprearance and being first choice not just make a 5min cameo he has to be as good as the best striker, keeper etc. I can see your choices but am intersted to know what makes Jaap, Rio, Vidic and even Rooney better than RedNev? Legend is attached on opinions so that’s your take. Mine is that he is a legend, glamour or nor, flair or not he bleed for the club and he helped us to most of the accolades we have.

  37. King Eric says:

    denton – Hi mate. Hope you are well . Disagree pal. Of course he is a legend. One club man and put his heart in every game. A legend in my book.

  38. james says:

    denton – Gnev is United through and through. He has played with the very best in his career and has won many many trophies. You never heard of contract talks with Gnev breaking down and the way he celebrated against the scum that time cements his name in Uniteds history as a legend!

    I would have hated him if he had of been anywhere else but he was an integral part of the Fergie Boys! Scholes, Pnev, Beckham, Giggs etc etc

  39. smartalex says:

    Gary Neville. Living Legend!

    To those who disagree. Are you even a tenth of the Red that Gaz is? If the answer is no, you are an insignificant selfish sour sycophant who pretends to love United to gain friends.

    Gary Neville has given his life to United. Gary Neville is a legend.

  40. willierednut says:

    Gary Neville is a legend, end of. 600 games for the club he grew up supporting? LEGEND!

  41. willierednut says:

    denton davey – He’s not in the class of those players? In terms of his ability, maybe not, but he gave his all, when on the pitch, that’s all you can ask for as a fan. I might get destroyed for this, but Ronnie isn’t a United legend. Great player, but no fucking legend.

  42. King Eric says:

    willie – No mate I don’t think you will get destroyed for saying Ronnie isn’t a legend because he isn’t really is he? brett1985 will disagree probably!! Only joking Brett.

  43. denton davey says:

    kk @ 11:25: “. I can see your choices but am intersted to know what makes Jaap, Rio, Vidic and even Rooney better than RedNev? Legend is attached on opinions so that’s your take. Mine is that he is a legend, glamour or nor, flair or not he bleed for the club and he helped us to most of the accolades we have.”

    For me, a “legend” is a player whose skill creates entertainment that transcends the ordinary actions of professional footballers. kk is not the only one who wants to bestow “legendary” status on a guy whose grit, determination, loyalty, and “one-clubness” are without doubt exceptional. I disagree with that. I’m not down on RedNev – he was a terrific player but he was not a great entertainer – excepting, of course, his fantastic response to Rio’s headed winner against LiverPoo and RedNev’s spirited dismissal of the FA’s reasons for fining him for “over-exuberance”. On the field, RedNev gave everything he had but that’s what made him into a professional in spite of his comparatively-limited skill-set.

    About Cristiano Ronaldo – let’s leave aside his lack of “loyalty” and just look at his on-field game. The guy was magical. For two years – 2006/7 and, especially, 2007/8 – he was simply other-worldly in his play. HIs petulance in 2008/9 left a bad taste but he was still the man whose goals often rescued the Reds and was a key part of a third successive EPL title-winning team. Some of you guys might not agree with me but SAF surely does – despite CR7′s departure, he has had nothing but complimentary things to say about him. And don’t overlook the fact that along with Georgie and Sir Bobby, Ronaldo is the only other UTD player to have won the Ballon d’Or.

  44. smartalex says:

    kk a different viewpoint. Rio Ferdinand’s considered opinion.

    “Gary is the best right back in Premier League history. He’s going to be a loss to our dressing room. He is loyal, funny, dedicated and talented – a true United legend. He gave his all for the club he supported and won a load of medals.”

  45. smartalex says:

    ‘Lou Macari (United midfielder, 1973-84) “Without a doubt, Gary Neville has been one of the club’s greatest ever players, certainly in the top ten or twenty”.’

  46. smartalex says:

    ok? kk. ko!

  47. willierednut says:

    denton davey – I think you’re wrong on this one mate. It’s not just about flair players, players like RedNev are in some ways, more important to clubs/teams, than the headline players. I respect your opinion, but I think you’ll be in the minority on this one. On Ronnie, if he had of stayed for another two years, then I would’ve said he’s a legend. He had one unbelievable season, and two very good seasons. His actions in his last season, tainted his status, like Rooney has done this season. No legend, but a wonderful player.

  48. denton davey says:

    WIllieRedNut : 14:24: Ronaldo was “No legend, but a wonderful player.”.

    OK, I’ll grant you that BUT when he was wonderful he really was super-special. Too bad he had other issues. He could have been right up there with Georgie Best as the most exciting player in UTD’S gloriious history.

    About RedNev – I think that Steve Bruce got it right “Not the most telanted, but he wasthe most dedicated”. I get the idea that RedNev did a lot with a little in terms of physical assets and skill but, for me, there’s a line to be drawn between “legend” and “merely terrific”. I’m hard-core about this.

    Having said that, I think that Gary neville would be far and away the most interesting guy to speak with among all the UTD players of the last twenty years; even more so than Keane-o or Eric Cantona. Gary strikes me as passionate, Intelligent and thoughtlful and he speaks clearly, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets the great man’s nod to go into coaching with TheLads.

    As has been said, only a few have natural talent – most terrific players have to apply themselves to their craft with real dedication which is why so many youngsters fall by the wayside.

  49. willierednut says:

    denton davey – Right on about Keano, you would’ve got much out of him lol. Were as, with RedNev, you probably would get him, to shut up. Two top legends.

  50. Red Devil Canuck says:

    TonyBee – Yup, I’m in Vancouver.


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