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Fergie: Hargreaves Still In America

Following the World Cup 2006, the view of Owen Hargreaves in England shifted, much to the annoyance of Sir Alex Ferguson. He had been trying to land Hargreaves for some time and new that his impressive performances on the biggest football stage was only going to make Bayern Munich less reluctant to sell him and push the transfer fee up.

His club fought long and hard for him although finally settled for a £17m transfer fee, which meant Owen got to join the only team he wanted to play for.

“At first they didn’t want to sell me, but I made it clear, my intentions, and I’m glad they accepted this summer and it went through with the transfer I asked them to do,” Hargreaves said upon signing for us. “United have, such a fabulous history of players. To be part of this kind of club is a dream come true.”

Sadly, Hargreaves’ United career has been plagued with injuries, which have resulted in having operations on both of his knees. Ferguson recently revealed that he would be back in September, much to the delight of our fans.

Understandably, the German press were hoping they would get to see Hargreaves back in the Allianz, but Fergie had to let them down at the press conference in Munich today.

“He won’t be playing,” Ferguson said. “He’s still in America, actually. We were hoping he’d join us here but he’s still undergoing his rehabilitation. Remember, it was a major operation in both knees. He’ll come back once he’s fully fit but we won’t be rushing him.”

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  1. CROoney says:

    *feel sory

  2. doncobaino says:

    still think that united missed a trick when they didnt sign palacious from wigan, he wouldve done the hargreaves job quite well. and for £11 it would have been a bargain…

  3. manutdchampions2008 says:

    Yea Hargreaves was a great signing oh he is injured again keep the delusions coming there were better players with value for money than hargreaves.

    exiledred ribery went to bayern, torres went to liverpool aguero went to atletico madrid. You saying those 3 clubs are a better attraction than united. If so then we should question the size of man utd. Because bayern liverpol atletico are nowhere near as big as united. Fletcher is actually uniteds best midfielder. And by the way Anderson is very much out of position he is not a CM player. Carrick is ok he is not up here with lampard gerrard essien alonzo mascherano. People hate my comments because I do not rate berbatov that is why, and perhaps this current team is not as great has many think they are I have seen better united teams playing better football, like the 93 team 94 team the 99 and 2000 sides.

  4. 20legend says:

    Football has changed since the 90s. It used to be a team game but now its a squad game. The 94 side would probably destroy any other team out there, but this squad has won a lot of trophies, gone to consecutive CL finals and won 3 consecutive league titles with possibly a historic fourth on the way. So the current squad is every bit as good as United fans think. No one here has a problem with someone having a different opinion. But I find your attitude towards the team and the manager disrespectful. No matter how you feel, at the end of the day as a supporter you are supposed to SUPPORT your team. I don’t think you slagging off the team and the manager at every opportunity is supporting the team. That is my problem with you and I’m sure lots of people have the same problem. No one likes a whinger.

    A lot of the players mentioned such as Carrick, Hargreaves and Young were not ready to move to United. Carrick would have disappeared if he moved here from West Ham, he needed to develop his game first. To do that you need to play games and he wouldn’t have got enough at United. As for Torres, we tried many times for him but he didn’t want to move from Atletico. The reason he went to Liverpool is coz of all the spaniards there. Aguero wasn’t and probably still isn’t ready to move to United. Ribery had played for 7 clubs in 7 years before he moved to United. That’s the kind of record that makes you unwilling to take a punt on him. He was overpriced at 25 million euros in 2007 and anything above 30 million euros is too high a price for him now. Don’t forget he has had enough injury problems at Bayern.

  5. sanj says:

    20legend- spot on. it would be ridiculous for us to have a problem with you merely because you don’t rate berbatov. every single post of manutdslagger2009 is negative and ‘we should have signed _____’ or ‘we should have done this’, etc. etc. 20legend has it totally nailed on the head when he says we find your attitude disrespectful. if you are only going to slag off our current squad, then go ‘support’ another team. it is 2009, it doesn’t matter if our squad is better or worse than any previous squads. it is what it is, get behind them, or f*ck off. as 20legend said, ‘nobody likes a whinger.’

  6. exiledred says:

    manchesterunited2008 – I never said that Utd werent as big as other clubs. Its just that foreign players don’t see Utd the way most British-born players do. That’s life – something to do with the rain and a diet of fish, chips and mushy peas. Personally I don’t see the problem but maybe I’m biased… :-)

    I hadn’t picked up on your dislike of Berba but the guy is quality mate. Fergie’s admitted that we haven’t yet played to his strengths and I sincerely hope Berba gets to prove a whole bunch of people wrong this season. I just think people need to accept him for his obvious qualities and not moan about the fact that he doesn’t want to run around like a headless chicken. Remember that Cantona was actually told by Fergie *not* to tackle. Now I’m not compring Berba to Eric but it takes all sorts of players to make a great team/squad.

    At the end of the day though it’s all about how your convey your opinion. In the same way that when I’m at OT I hate to hear people around me criticsing the players. It doesn’t help so why do it? Go home and moan at the wife, kids, cat – whatever. But ultimately support your team. There’ll be people on this conference who’ve even cheered for Ralphie Milne. Trust me when I say that took some doing :-)

  7. sanj says:

    i stand corrected, ‘no one likes a whinger.’ wouldn’t want to misquote.

  8. rampant reds says:

    I’m a massive fan of Hargreaves but I think we should plan for life without Owen. He’s now out till xmas! Hasn’t played for a year and a half and will take a month minimum to really get match fit. We can forget seeing Hargreaves at anywhere near his best this season.

    Tendinitis isn’t an injury it’s a disease which can never be fixed just managed. I love Owen but you just wonder why we paid nearly £20M for a player with Tendinitis.

    Fletcher has done well and is a decent replacement but I wouldn’t be surprised if we now see Fergie get the cheque book out. We need a true DM to allow Anderson (although an offensive player, played holding mid ever since arriving at OT!!) and Carrick to get fwd and score more goals! Trust me we need them to without CR7′s goals.

    Know everyone has mentioned him but De Rossi would be a great addition.

  9. manutdchampions2008 says:

    this is my full thoughts on the current team.
    exiledred the reason why I am unhappy because in the future I do not see this team really dominating the game or winning many trophies when the midfield and attack the balance and strength is not right if players do not improve. To be honest since the 07/08 season the team does not have a lot of goals in them. The midfield is very poor indeed, it lacks the dominating CM that will play week in week out like keane did.

    Also there is no one to take scholes mantle and giggs, Carrick Fletcher Anderson do not dominate games like when united had keane scholes and butt in their prime. Anderson is not CM player he made his name has a second striker at gremio and porto he is way out of position, Hargreaves who knows when he will be back. Scholes is almost at the end of his career. And that leaves us with only 2 really what I call proper midfield players who can consistently play week in week out in Fletcher and Carrick.

    On the wide areas who is rampaging on the wings and putting the fear into defences like ronaldo done along with sharpe kanchelskis and giggs in their pomp. Tosic Valencia they have a lot to prove if they are good enough. Park I am sorry is not good enough for united we are talking united here, giggs no longer a wide player and the French winger united just signed was sent on loan because he was that bad.
    Upfront Rooney and berbatov are too similar, it is the same has gerrard lampard the mix is not right. None of them runs the channels bebatov does not get in behind defences, and Rooney is the same, Rooney is at his best when he is playing second striker we have seen that for England. Rooney has suffered playing with link up players. Cantona always had a striker that would fit his style, that’s why cantona has always played brilliantly because he has played with that out an out striker like andy cole and sparky. Rooney needs that type of forward if we are going to see the best of him again. That’s why Ferdinand and vidic work so well to different types of forwards.
    Bash me people that’s the real truth on the midfield and attack the balance is not right.

  10. manutdchampions2008 says:

    let me resay that.That’s why Ferdinand and vidic work so well to different types of defenders.

  11. King Eric says:

    Manutdslagger1999 – You are becoming a joke mate frankly, how fucking negative can you be? Is there any player you like? Are you even a United fan and not a dipper. How come you posting in the middle of the game? Did you even see Valencia play tonight? The lad looks quality. As for saying this team won’t win trophies, aside from Ronaldo and Tevez who we have replaced with a better striker in Owen it is the same team that has won the last 3 titles and been in 2 Champions League Finals. Disgraceful from a “supporter” in my opinion.

  12. manutdchampions2008 says:

    King Eric yea I saw it but still without ronaldo the team overall lacks goals especially in tight games

  13. Marq says:

    Enough said, manutdchampions2008 knows best and he is even better than Sir Alex. To manutdchampions2008, triple champion is too easy, getting to 2 CL final is also a piece of cake considering what a weak squad we have. So lets nominate manutdchampions2008 to be our next manager, he has an eagle eye for talent and reckons we will be able to sign the Fifa Player of the Year 2020 now on a cheap. We will never miss out on another World Player of the Year ever again with manutdchampions2008 in charge. One day manutdchampions2008 will surpass the likes of Ferguson, Busby & Shankley as the greatest manager of all time, with an eye for talent that far surpasses any scout in the world

  14. exiledred says:

    manutdchampions2008 – some good points in there but I’m still scratching my head to think why we’ve managed to win 3 titles on the spin and reached 2 back-2-back CL finals with such a poor midfield?!!? Yes we got outplayed in this year’s CL final but we were without arguably our best midfielder. Let’s see Barca without their best midfielder: Iniesta or Xavi…..

    Fletch has come on so much that I often wonder whether we’d rate him more if he was a foreigner and we’d spent £20m on him. His work-rate is phenomenal and he’s adding that box-to-box aspect to his game of late. His distribution is improving and he’s even getting the odd goal. Remember he’s only 25 – his best days are still ahead of him.

    I think the only midfield player out there who would interest me right now is Essien – or a fully-fit Hargreaves :-)

    I’m guessing your a “glass is half-empty” kind of guy right?

  15. sanj says:

    HAHAHAHAHA fantastic, marq. and king eric, i think you’re right, he must be a dipper.

  16. sanj says:

    i cannot wait for the team to do well this season, only for micheal/manutdslagger1999 to return as a new name, only to spit the same drivel and continue his whingefest.


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