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Fergie: I Have To Apologise To Fans

Following United’s League Cup exit at the hands of Crystal Palace, Sir Alex Ferguson has apologised to the fans.

Despite the winning goal being scored from an offside position, the fans would have expected more from the players who started, even though they weren’t the first XI.

“I’m so disappointed,” said Ferguson. “I have to apologise to my fans and all the players who weren’t playing. We never expected that. Any time we go on the pitch it means a lot to Manchester United. We have our pride to protect and our history to protect. Every time we walk on the pitch it’s important. We didn’t see that tonight. Nine internationals out there. So that was a big disappointment.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Redlife says:

    I’m not meaning to be funny but Park a great servant as he is, he sometimes has trouble with his first touch from a simple pass. He often slows the play down and that’s not what we need. He and others are not good enough, they are squad players at best.

    The other problem is not just the mdfield. The midfield has taken a big hit, but who the hell is making runs and creating space up front? nobody other than Morrison last night. Federico isn’t good enough, loan him out and see how he does. Why platy Diouf?? crap. Sorry but i was a better striker than him and my first touch on my weaker foot was better than Parks stronger foot.

    The whole team is turgid and not fluid and i blame SAf. He changes it far too much and no one can get into a grove with the other players around him. It’s worth keeping a settled team for Europe and The League and rotate in small european games and other cups. We lack enough players who are threatening and creative. Who do we have Rooney, Nani and Cleverly and that’s about it. We need threats from all over. Valencia does a job but is always going outside the left back, Young needs to step up and Carrick isn’t that type of player. Anderson doesn’t have it mentally and The little pea is a goal hanger with poor link up play. We need greater improvement from our existing players or at least 2 high quality players to add some edge to our play. How many times did we test their keeper in 120mins? about a handful, if we’re being generous.

  2. Red Keighley says:

    I probably will not add anything that has not already been said about last night’s abject display. My heart dropped when I saw that Gibson was in the team. He’s not match fit and NEVER will be a midfielder of the quality that UTD need. He should be sold as soon as possible!
    So why didnt we give more game to Pogba and Morrison last night? At least they brought some energy to the midfield and yes they are not the finished article but I would rather take the risk of having them on the pitch rather than playing safe by selecting Gibson and Park (and that didnt work anyway as we lost the game!)
    See link suggesting that Shitty are sniffing round as Pogba is stalling on a new deal – not surprising as he hasnt been given the football opportunities that he might have had at another club.
    Talking to other fans last night the overwhelming view is that we have the worst midfield of any of the top 6 clubs. I laughed at the suggestion that we were looking at Charlie Adam during the summer but he would walk into our first team now. We have to sign a top quality midfielder in the January window and it really doesnt matter if he is CL cup tied because we are not going to win the CL anyway. But what he might do is ensure we win our 20th PL title and prevent Shitty winning it.
    Diouf and Macheda (who is still living off the goal against Villa!) will never have the skills to be top class strikers and should also be sold at the earliest opportunity.
    I am glad SAF apologised to the fans and in my view the players should donate their weeks salary to charity as a recognition of how much they let the fans down last night!

  3. byron1970 says:

    We’re 5 points off the top of the league and I expect us to be through to the champions league knock out stages this time next week, after giving us all the obligitory few heart attacks of course. Plus we still have the f.a. cup to look forward to. It’s being a disappointing few weeks but sometimes I think some fans forget what the bad times were really like. That’s not to say I don’t think we need a couple of world class midfielders, I do. We’re all entitled to disagree with the boss, opinions are the very nature of supporting a club, but one thing Sir Alex doesn’t have to do is apologise to me. Let’s not forget we’re getting some dodgy decisions as of late. Not complaining about them really cause we’ll get them our way on another day. We actually played quite well against Benfica and Newcastle but it’s just the way it’s going for us at the moment. Very disappointed over last night but that’s as far as it goes for me.

    Sir Alex is a genius, end of story.

  4. parryheid says:

    Could be that some fans remember only too clearly the bad times and have no wish to return there.Could be they have better eyesight than a lot of us and maybe see a possible return.Not saying that’s the case but could be.

  5. marshlr says:

    The Boss apologized because he picked the wrong team..why Evans, and why captain?. As a lifelong United fan growing up in Manchester watching the Busby Babes, I would rather thank him for all the great victories we’ve had over the last few years. However, I’m beginning to believe he is under a lot of pressure from the Glaziers not to spend to compete with the likes of City. If that is true, we won’t attract big players or win major trophies…time will tell; but I still wouldn’t go to Eastlands if you gave me a free ticket!
    Mancunian in L.A.

  6. James21 says:

    We are 5 points behind a team that has an open cheque book, a team that has speant millions in three seasons. Not even Abramavic can outspend Monsour. Take Monsour out of it and Utd are Top, Crisis? What Crisis I don’t see one.

  7. CedarsDevil says:

    Ya whatever, just Fuck Off

  8. Gandalf says:

    Fergie didn’t really have to apologise for the result, but he probably felt so awful after watching such a display of performance – he thought it right to apologise, which I hope will give a kick up the arse for some of the low performers. I’m sure the hairdryer will be out in the week.
    Hope this can galvanize the team to perform better.

  9. Redlife says:

    I’m with everyone else, SAF doesn’t have to apologise for anything, especially a bad game. I just wish he was ageless or had a younger clone. We’re going to miss him chewing his gum one day, it will be one of the sadest days our club will see when he leaves. Long may he continue.

  10. MIDDYRED says:

    SAF, you really do not have to apologise for anything. During your time at OT you have brought us untold glory, trophies, magical moments and some world beating teams. However, my old friend, every dog has its day and i am afraid you have had yours. Now just do the honourable thing and retire before you turn this club into a laughing stock. The writing is on the wall already with some of your bizarre team selections and player purchases. e.g. £20 mill for De Gea ? Who on earth sanctioned that purchase? He is just one of many flops you are bringing to OT, not only that you seem to be losing the knack of managing the decent players we have. Sorry my ole mate, but sometimes the truth hurts. I for one do not want to see our noisy neighbours wiping the floor with us and picking up all the trophies whilst we can only stand and watch. Do you remember saying that City would win the Premiership “not in my lifetime”? Dont make it a self fullfilling prophesy! Your work at OT is done Sir. Thank you and Goodbye.

  11. Mursyid says:

    I expect people will slay me for what I’m gonna say, but I just think SAF are chopping and Changing too much. We’re into a critical period but we’re still don’t have a constant, stable and strongest starting 11. Each game there’ll be changes. I just think that we need stability, we need a sort of understanding in our starting 11.

  12. WillieRedNut says:

    Oh Middy! I wouldn’t know where to start with your post mate. So bad, and inconsistent, it could quite possibly be up for the worst post of the year award. I would enter the debate, if United were mid table, or bottom half. But we’re in second place! If we don’t qualify for knockout stages of the champions league, questions will be asked. As they should. I think we’ll get through. Then it depends on the draw. 5 points behind a City team, that have been blowing everyone away, isn’t the end of the world. But for a ridiculous decision last Saturday, we’d be within 3 points. One fucking win! As it is, we’re 5 back. I know it’s tough seeing city playing good football. It will be hard watching them win leagues. It was always gonna happen, though. They’re spending big money on transfer fees, but also on wages. We can’t be in denial anymore, about City’s threat. Think of this though? It could’ve been the dippers? Perish the thought, eh? IMO, Sir Alex has paid his dues. He’s earned the right, to walk away from United on his terms. I won’t enforce my opinion on anyone else. It does sadden me though, that some United fans don’t feel the same way. Each to their own, I guess.

  13. smartalex says:

    MuddyRed – You dirty bastard! Sneaking around RoM, pretending to support United so that you can launch sneaky attacks on our boss. You should focus on your own Klan, King Kenny needs you.

  14. Chris_the_Red says:

    Just read that City are in for Pogba if he can’t agree a new contract. Would be gutted to see that happen. The boy has looked awesome for the reserves but a little shakey on the couple of occasions he has make the step up to the first team. A few games against the lesser lights of the premier league should give him his feet. He has great potential

    Any thoughts on his liklihood of him making the dreaded move? If it is first team action he wants City isn’t the place for him. He would be sitting in the stands counting his petrodollars with Hargreves and Nasri (who should have listened to Evra and been a key player for the Champions) – a terrible career move but too many players only seem interested in money these days.

    P.s. lets play Morrison until Ando and Cleverly are back – the creative spark we are crying out for!

  15. King Eric says:

    Middyred is a fucking cunt and always has been. Fuck off you ungrateful bastard. Wum.

  16. StatesideAussie says:

    I read shit like muddy red’s post and then I wonder: if that’s how some cunts react to a manager who for 25 years has scaled unimaginable heights and brought this club more success and glory than anyone could ever have dreamed possible, then what the fuck chance does his successor have? Fuck me rotten. What a fucking scumbag.

  17. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    That post from the dickhead at 23.07 is appauling. We would be top dogs by a country mile if it wasn`t for the billions from the middle east. I want to see how this challenge plays out, rather than metaphorically handing the title to someone else.

    There is no doubt we need to sort out the centre midfield problem. We are weaker there, we lost Scholes to retirement and whilst he is irreplaceable we didn`t bring another body in to fill the gap. I`d stick Jones in there whilst Morrison and Tunnicliffe develop. Once they do stick Jones back at centre half. Pretty much how we brought Fletcher through as a right winger then moved him into the centre.

    The manager is bringing through HOME GROWN players who live/grew up around the Manchester area. In this modern age, thats genius. How many clubs in the world let alone England do this? Especially with the restrictions put in place in regards to young players (in that its easy to get a player from France as in Pogba but not London). Players such as these play for the shirt.

    I despise the vermin, and up until dogleash said Evra shold be punished if nothing is proven against Suarez had respect for him as a manger. However why do you think he`s trying to bring scousers through the youth system? Once again I reiterate, these types of players give you that little bit extra that can`t be taught, can`t be paid for.

    I do believe there is a restriction of trade put in place by our owners. However I still prefer the policy our manager is using. Bring through the youth then add the finishing touches with a signing or two. Last season was somewhat of a false dawn, but since it was 19 we all (rightfully) ignored that and enjoyed it. It was an achievment that was beyond every Uniteds fan wildest imagination only possible on Championship Manager. Fergie made that a reality.

    We are in transition, however we are in better shape this period than from summer 03-06. In 2 years a lot of people who have made asinine comments during this time are going to feel like a right pack of cunts.

  18. StatesideAussie says:

    NRD … ” In 2 years a lot of people who have made asinine comments during this time are going to feel like a right pack of cunts.”

    Spot on. Some cunts need their heads looking at. They apparently think that when Paul Scholes retires, there should another little Paul Scholes waiting to fall off the assembly line, all glossy and brand new, still shrink-wrapped in plastic inside the original box with a lifetime warranty (Parts and Labor). And if there isn’t, why then we should jump in the Range Rover and head down to the local Tesco’s and, well, just buy one, right off the shelf, complete with a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee (or Your Money Back, no questions asked). Hey, if we’re lucky, they’ll have a Buy One Get One Free offer, or BOGOF, which is not quite right, cause what these cunts should do is fuck off.

    This is an exciting time to be a United fan. We are witnessing the birth of a new team. It will be a roller-coaster ride, full of thrills and spills. It will test our faith, and some have already been found wanting, but those with true belief in their hearts will reap the rewards!

  19. The Big Red says:

    @ stateside
    “This is an exciting time to be a United fan. We are witnessing the birth of a new team. It will be a roller-coaster ride, full of thrills and spills. It will test our faith, and some have already been found wanting, but those with true belief in their hearts will reap the rewards!”

    well said buddy, well said

  20. Utd4life says:

    There was no need for SAF to apologize. Some might say that his apology shows his class but I still feel that his apology was unnecessary. I have seen performances far worse than last night. As far as I’m concerned SAF can field a bunch of monkeys for the next match and I will still support him. He can do what he wants with the team because he has earned the right to do so. Manchester United would not be where it is today if it weren’t for Sir Alex Ferguson. Call me blind or whatever you want but that is how much I trust the great man.

    @Stateside.. “This is an exciting time to be a United fan. We are witnessing the birth of a new team. It will be a roller-coaster ride, full of thrills and spills. It will test our faith, and some have already been found wanting, but those with true belief in their hearts will reap the rewards!”.. Well said Sir. Its a pleasure to read your posts. Please keep them coming.

  21. smartalex says:

    This is an exciting time to be a StatesideAussie fan. We are witnessing the birth of a new Hemmingway. It will be a roller-coaster ride, full of thrills and spills. It will test our faith, and some have already been found wanting, but those with true belief in their hearts will reap the rewards!

    Damn the kangaroo court for jumping to conclusions! We believe in StatesideAussie!

  22. rohan19 says:

    Muddyred shows how fickle today’s fans are.
    can’t see a crisis anywhere. we’ve lost two games this season. fuckwits. we still have a better chance of upstaging city than most. let clev come back from injury then decide

  23. voice of reason says:

    Performance like those will not win you hearts, but as a supporter you stand behind your team. Every man has his good times and bad times, why can’t a team?
    Besides we don’t have a god given right to win everything. Our success is down to Sir Alex. Spare him those criticisms please. Be a better supporter, a better man.

    Can’t tell u when but soon Manchester United will once again rule club football. But for now all the glory hunters should go and support some oil money club. There are a few out there.

  24. voice of reason says:


    You make a good point. Sir Alex is a genius in his far thinking.
    We talk about lost loyalty in modern football and I believe that too many foreign players in a squad can be a problem. Sir Alex himself will attract players not just the name Manchester United. When the gaffer changes, players might be reluctant to sign. So in this sense the home grown and youth players are important.

    What we are seeing or ignoring is in fact a genius with his one final genius move. We have a lot of talents coming through. Not all will make it, sometimes ones we least expected may make it. But these are the players who will form the backbone of our team in the future.

  25. CedarsDevil says:

    Pity I missed out on the fun….sigh….. But I see that cunt was well and truly put in his place, what a scum bag

  26. NBI Red Onion says:

    we need roy keane to put fear of God into united players his snarl would double performance.

    vida killer on pitch, sweetie off it, he needs to have a word in an ally

    SAF doesnt have to apologies some of our players do, they all train together, it’s not like they have no idea of how the other person plays, some players are just really not United std – Gibson, Berbatov…

    On the plus side, some clearly are, Ravel Morrison

  27. King Eric says:

    Stateside & NRD – Top posts lads.

  28. WillieRedNut says:

    It’s only tests your faith, if you’re a fickle cunt. I know one thing though, I won’t stand idly by and let the dregs on this blog attack our manager. Blaming Fergie for letting city win trophies? Stupid comment. If he goes, do you really think the next guy will make City’s billions disappear? Stupid people. We’ll see when Fergie does retire, and a few lean years ensues, that will separate the good time fans, from the see through one.

  29. WillieRedNut says:

    *good fans*

    Damn typos!

  30. James21 says:

    Yeh pack your bags Sir Alex and do one.The Old man has finally cracked. Svens Free.

    Seriously are you just trying to wind someone up? Had it not occured to you that Sir Alex might have picked that team because of our Champions league situation? He knew palace would be Physical and to risk Rooney, Carrick, Fletcher, Nani or any 1st teamer for that matter when we have a European away tie against a team who can also qualify. He knows the cost to the club Financially if Utd were to not qualify and he loves the champs league, wants to win it 3,4,5 and so on times. Shit he didn’t even risk Lindegard for gods sake. Sir Alex would win the league with any of the top 5 – 6 teams. He’d win the lot with Shittys budget. And I’m cerain he’d get Fulham, West Brom and dare I say Wigan into the top 8
    Come on surly you are winding someone up.

  31. MIDDYRED says:

    I have supported ManU since 1999 and never miss a game if its on the telly, but i can see it all falling to bits just lately. Especially some of the ‘home grown’ players that are being signed up for relative peanuts on the off chance they might come good. I admit some actually do play with the Fergie spirit, but on the whole the majority are merely mediocre players. I know times are hard at OT , but where is this supposed ‘war chest’ of over £200 M we were promised. Surely £40 m or spent on a world class mid fielder would have been the better buy rather than £20M on an unproved goalkeeper who, buy the way, is gradually getting to be a by-word for whoops. As i said in my post, i am standing up for the truth even if it does hurt.

  32. WillieRedNut says:

    You’re not standing up for the “truth” You’re standing up for your sort of truth. As for De gea, no doubts he will prove everyone wrong. If you don’t believe in that signing, then you don’t believe in Sir Alex Ferguson’s judgment. Too many armchair fans these days for my liking. Stick to giving opinions. But don’t for one minute, think you know better than a genius like Fergie. If you propose to do so, you lose all credibility. Sorry, that truth will hurt.

  33. James21 says:

    Whats falling to bits we are 2nd in the league, 5 points behind Shitty who can buy anyone they want.
    As for De Gea I can’t believe what you’re saying he improving with every game.
    Your post is 1000 miles away from any truth and its utter nonsence.

  34. CedarsDevil says:


    You are a fucking cunt of the highest order, ‘supported’ United? You do not know what term means you fuck wit, do us a favor and piss off back to your shit hole you fake cunt….

    Truth? Ya the truth is that you are a WUM, i.e. a cunt i.e. a hateful bastard and its United you fuck face not Man U

  35. CedarsDevil says:

    Why on earth are you guys giving this fuck bag the time of day with half decent responses? Just tell him to fuck off, fucking scum bag

  36. CedarsDevil says:


    How rude of me, did I say Fuck off? If not then fuck off

  37. StatesideAussie says:

    lol@Cedars … now, why don’t you tell us what you REALLY think! hahaha!

  38. CedarsDevil says:



  39. MIDDYRED says:

    @Cedars devil , from whatever country you live in, as i said THE TRUTH HURTS. For instance, why oh why has SAF got one of the worlds best strikers playing in a midfield holding position, when he is internationally recongnised as one of the worlds best strikers? Why, when Berbatov was the premierships top striker, did he suddenly drop him in favour of some little mexican (, ok, a decent poacher,) but then destroyed Berbatovs career by sticking him on the subs bench week in week out. (just look at him now ffs) Why, if it is true, has he not spent on a DECENT midfielder when he is supposed to have a ‘war chest’ of over £100m ? Whilst i do not profess to be a tactical genius or for that matter a financial genius, the facts seem to speak for themselves. Take it as you want , but if you cannot see as i do , the general demise of a once famous football club going down the pan then you you surely are looking at the world through red tinted glasses. I rest may case.

  40. WillieRedNut says:

    Surely you’ve got beer goggles on? General demise? wind it in lad. You don’t know what hard times are fella. Premiership generation fans have been spoiled rotten. Watching since 99 says it all to me. As i said in a previous post, a few years in the wilderness will sort the glory seekers from the hardcore. From Gods mouth!

  41. StatesideAussie says:

    Willie … yeah, it’s hard to escape the feeling that some of our fans have been spoilt rotten. It leads to the curse of unrealistic expectations. Pretty soon, if you’re not winning the PL every year, plus at least one other trophy, then you’re sliding down a hill of shit and it’s time to change everything — sack the world’s most successful manager, offload the players and go out into the market with a blank check. Fuck me!

  42. King Eric says:

    MIddyred – If things are that bad then why is our youth team winning game after game? The future is bright son. FA CUp Youth winners bulging with talent. The defence started last night with the next batch. a 4-0 hammering. Its the long game pal, not the here and now with Fergie. Ha. Since 99. Wow you really have been fucking spoilt.

  43. King Eric says:

    Furthermore cunts like you would have jumped ship back in 95. Won fuck all and sold three of our “stars” only to replace them with “shit kids”. You would have been foaming at the mouth. What was your attitude between 03-06? Fergie losing it and all that bollocks? That man at 70 is still as sharp as fuck . Just listen to his interviews. He knows every detail from every game, even 20 years on. The man is building his next side right infront of you and you are too fucking blind or ignorant to see it. How fucking dare we not win the title EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Mug.

  44. WillieRedNut says:

    StatesideAussie – Cheers mate. Really saddens me, that some United fans would like to see the back of Sir Alex Ferguson. Yes, we can be critical of his formations and selections, but wanting him out, cos City are winning a few games? I ain’t having that. As Cedars says though, maybe we should serve these type of fans. Ungrateful, doesn’t begin to tell the story.

  45. StatesideAussie says:

    My biggest nightmare isn’t that our great club might not win the PL this year. Or that we might fail to win it for 2 or 3 years running. I don’t have nightmares about SAF retiring. Or about who his replacement might be. Nor do I have nightmares about our ownership. Or players leaving. Or losing to Barcelona again. Nor even that Shitty might temporarily aspire to our podium, as other pretenders like the rent boys and the arse have done before them.

    My biggest nightmare is that the club will end up on the management merry-go-round where there’s a gaffer being sacked and a new one appointed after every “poor run” of a half-dozen matches. That’s what scares me the most, because it leads to a “spiral of failure”, where you can’t build success because you have no stability, and you don’t have stability because everything always fails. Failure leading to chaos and instability, which lead you back to failure, around and around in a shit-storm of doom.

    And that’s where the attitude of cunts like middyred leads to, with their stupid combination of “instant gratification” + “impatience” +”every year must be better than the last”.

    Anf you know what? That’s the same attitude that got us into this economic mess too, with fucking “portfolio managers” and investment bankers and chief executives and shareholders who are never satisfied with steady profit, always got to make more and got to do it NOW to satisfy their insatiable greed, even if the dumbest fucking moron on the planet knows that endless year-on-year growth is a fucking impossibility, and that the pursuit of it can only lead to disaster.

    Rant over. I’ll be out of town today and won’t catch the Villa match until tonight. I hope we do well and win. I hope that when I come back here I won’t have to read any more pig’s swill from cunts like middyred.


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