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Fergie: I Knew Fans Would Support Loyal Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Prodigal Son, welcomed back to Old Trafford lovingly at both the Villarreal and Middlesbrough matches. His song was sung (although it must be noted, not as frequently as it was last season) and fans rose to their feet when he was subbed on or off the pitch.

Before recovering from his injury, Ronaldo claimed he would be loved again, and he was right. Sir Alex Ferguson has claimed Ronnie could even eventually become as loved as Eric Cantona.

Today though, our manager has stated he always knew Ronaldo would be welcomed back, following five loyal years with the club.

“The fans know he’s been here for five years, he’s shown his loyalty to the club – he’s hardly missed a game in all that time – and he’s scored all these goals,” Fergie said. “He’s entertained us to incredible levels and the fans don’t forget these kind of things. They supported him after the World Cup thing with Wayne Rooney and I knew they would support him again this time.”

Has Ronaldo been loyal to United?

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  1. A MAN UNITED FAN says:

    not 100%
    he did disrespect sir alex
    but if sir alex can forgive him
    who the fuck am i

  2. Ronaldo7 says:

    Loyal yes…Anytime he puts that United Jersey on he plays to win. However he did handle that summer transfer BS badly. He is young so we need to remember that.

  3. Molotov1 says:



  4. james f says:

    Well said Molotov.

  5. Yunus says:

    We should 4giv him,he is fabulous player.

  6. FailsworthDevil says:

    United will come good i have no doubt…

    CR7 wil give his all… he must do if he still wants a move to keep everyone interested in him..

    Im not sure he will leave United now though.. like he said… sometimes an opportunity happens, and if it passes prob wont happen again.. and i cannot see him leaving for anywhere else..

    We would all be happy to see CR7 at OT at the age of 33 ..

  7. Sully [South Africa] says:

    A MAN UTD FAN – Brilliantly said mate… Got to agree with you!!! Ronaldo’s the cream of our team… Simply sublime

  8. Kevin says:

    Youth doesn’t fit in this case, he is 23. I can tell you, as a recently turned 22 year old, that he can make this kind of decision and I am sorry but by 23 you should be able to break down a situation, foresee the consequences, get advice from an agent, coaches, other players, and be able to make a decision.

    His actions prove me right, he made a decision. He decided that United did not fit his needs and he wanted to make a “dream” come true by playing at Madrid. My problem is I don’t agree or respect that decision. While its his choice where to play, admitting your dream team isn’t the club who has given you everything you have needed and/or wanted and helped nurture and develop your talent over the past 5 years. I cannot respect a man like this and can’t force myself to do so. I would support him if he recants on that decision and shows, with his actions, he wants to remain at United for a larger chunk of his career.

    With that said he has my constant support as long as he is in a United kit on match day. I will support him through this season, I will cheer his goals, yell for him when he is on the receiving end of a bad tackle, and do everything I can to show support to United. I may not like it that he is at United, but he is and United supporters support United. We support the players that help make United great and those who have. If he helps us to more success I will support him, but once he leaves our team I will no longer support him. That’s at least how I feel about it.

  9. Hardcore Harry says:

    I read somewhere on another site that Ronaldo was the equivalent of a “footballing fuck buddy”….we know he’s not going to stick around, and he might act like a bit of a prick, but whilst he’s with us we might as well use him for the one thing he’s good at (being a world class footballer).

    I don’t like him and I don’t think I ever will, but as long as he’s helping my team to win, i’ll be happy for him to stay. Once he’s gone, he’s gone.

  10. nagraj says:


    Yes, normal 23 year olds can; but footballers are thick, very very thick

  11. Tom F says:

    I just compare the whole thing to two women.

    You could be in a happy relationship where she does everything for you and what is best for you but when the sexy Spanish lady walks in the room and starts flirting with you, you take notice of her more and more. You start to want to be with her and sometimes wish you weren’t in a long term relationship.

    When ‘sexy Spanish lady’ flirts everytime you see her, your ego gets so big that all of a sudden you think you can do better than the loyal woman you are already with. Then her Dad comes around your house and threatens to kick yer heed in, so you go back to the loyal one after all and learn to look the other way.

    What the hell am I talking about?

  12. ManchesterMonkey says:

    ^haha that cracked me up up fuk buddy and 2 ladies completely true though haha :)

  13. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    I agree with alot of what you say Kevin, I think alot of us are still unsure on the whole Ronaldo situation, but time will sort that out, whatever happens. Still, every time he, or anyone else, puts on a United shirt, Im behind them 100%, as are you.
    Tom F, any chance you have any pictures of that ‘sexy spanish lady’? She sounds like the type of girl that could brighten my day – work sucks. At least its friday, and we have the first goal rout of the season coming tomorrow against Gary Megsons uninspiring over physical band of merry muppets. 4-0, and our seasons up and running…


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