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Fergie: I Knew Tevez Was Leaving When He Didn’t Return My Calls

Sir Alex Ferguson claimed today that he had been expecting Carlos Tevez since January after making an offer which was never responded to.

The manager claims he had called and text Tevez to try and sort out a deal but the player never got back to him. It was around the time that Manchester United played Inter Milan and Tevez’s international coach, Diego Maradona, spoke to the press about how the striker should consider playing for Inter Milan.

However, Ferguson believes we got value for money for the years that we did have and wishes him all the best for the future.

“I half expected that a long time back,” said Ferguson. “Maybe in January because I spoke to him and gave him an offer, I think it was on Inter Milan night and he never came back to me. I rang him on holiday, texted him twice and he never got back to me, so he had made his mind up. But he was a good player and he did well for us. It was a good arrangement for two years where we could assess the situation and he assessed us and he obviously wanted to go somewhere else and we wish him well.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Dan B says:

    Fergie = Class

    Tevez = Little whinging pr*ck

  2. Micky says:

    Ignorant Argy cunt.. I’d chop my bollocks off and eat them raw to have Fergie call me and that prick can’t even be arsed answering

  3. daveob82 says:

    deserves to go to the Wastelands…..
    Sparky will slot him into his 0-0-0-11 formation nicely…..

  4. daveob82 says:

    I reckon we petition Sir Alex to give Micky a ring… ha ha ;-)

  5. fze123 says:

    dissed the club, lied to the fans, disrespected fergie and didn’t return his calls. an almighty cunt.

    fergie, how can you even wish him luck!?

  6. Micky says:

    I’d do it too!

  7. willierednut says:

    Tevez sucks big time.

  8. champione says:

    tevez is a pure tit

  9. Mic says:

    You half expect it though don’t you, Tevez isn’t a United fan, he looks out for #1, he had an ace first season for us and instead of being signed, we took on another striker, and stood by him through thick and thin, whereas Tevez could score 4 goals in a game and then be benched. Respect works 2 ways and sure Ferguson has done wonders for United fans and we’d give our right arm to play for him, from Tevezs point of view as a player wanting to play game in game out, a fan of Boca not United, he thought he was disrespected and acted like a brat from then on. I think we all need perspective on that matter.

  10. cantona7 says:

    i dont want to comment on Tevez cos i think it’s enuff of him.

    but i read in the Sun that SAF is done spending for this summer… huhu

  11. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    this is all lies tevez wanted to stay but united never made an offer for him
    he pleaded and begged but all sir alex did was disrespect im by leaveing him on the bench inplace of berbatov.then he was disrespected one more time by being dropped to the bench at the champions leage final even thou he’s better than every other player in the team before been kicked out of manchester united kia joorabchian told me

  12. G-The Red says:

    So if this is true, Tevez tried to play the fans against Sir Alex, did that goal celebration and spoilt Fergies end of season speach with the Fans singing Fergie sign him up knowing full well that Sir Alex wanted to keep him. What a complete tit. Another thing if he signs for the bitters he’s going to be playing alot less than the 51 games he played for united last season as they’ll only be in 3 competitions.

  13. herdino says:

    SAF shows his class..i think he wouldnt say this kind of things 10 years ago, he becomes much more wiser lately with his comments..

  14. Gudjohnsen says:

    Tevez will get competition even though he moves to the wastelands. City are supposedly in talks with Adebayor too and they’ve already signed Santa Cruz. Besides, City play much fewer games than United since they’re only competing in domestic cups, nothing abroad. If you’re not picked for the starting eleven over there you might need to wait whole 7 days before getting a chance to start again….

  15. urval87 says:

    Ultimate slap to Tevez.
    SAF graceful even after the things Tevez said about him.

  16. I Am Not A Man says:

    fergie wishes him all the best because he is gracious. he has taken the moral highground making tevez look worse still.

  17. willierednut says:

    Not returning SAF calls how low can you get, of topic good luck 2 johnny hartson the big man has cancer my team in scotland was rangers but i always respected hartson.

  18. rc7 says:

    Nice one, mate!
    The President of England is a fool who knows nothing about football.

  19. Costas says:

    That’s it Fergie! Expose him!

  20. Tony Starks says:

    Micky – respect!

    but there is always two sides to every story! we have never seen/heard Tevez directy say any of that stuff attributed to him

  21. Trevor says:

    Through time the true story comes out!

    For me, after reading all this, Tevez will get the biggest boo in all time from me when he returns to Old Trafford!

    He wanted to sign time and time again but when he had the offer , said no thanks!!

    What more does he want!

  22. boam6 says:

    The thing that annoys me is how people including myself chanted fergie sign him up wat a knob I feel how he disrespected sir alex and our sacred team the guys a twat and I will speak his name no more!

  23. ROJO RED ROT ROUGE says:

    Tevez is a snake
    His agents on the make
    lets kick him off the pitch
    The judas argie Bitch !

    Lets let him have it next time we play him, sing your hearts out boys!

  24. Tony Starks says:

    I don’t think Tevez is a bad person, his mind has been manipulated so much by his money grabbing owners, such a shame

    Anyway this chapter is history

  25. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    anybody hate liverpool and man city
    well your not the only one

  26. Dave_Pistol says:

    Thats class i cant wait til my son can sing, or even speak for that matter

  27. Tony Starks says:

    I hate everyone except United!
    (and Barca!)

  28. wayne says:

    tevez isn’t too bright and obviously very immature its a shame because he did play his heart out to bad he couldn’t leave with class

  29. Jack says:

    i was watching a interview the other of day of his owner..we did make a bid but we pulled out in the last minute, tevez DID NOT turn us down.
    and for people saying fergie disrespected him blah blah for leaving him on the bench? rubbish, someone has to sit on the bench how isit disrespecting him?

  30. mctavish says:

    Scott the Red
    delete the carlos tevez file an lets not waste our time talkin bout this little piece of shit anymore

  31. King Eric says:

    Gotta Hate – It is a good job we know you on here otherwise your first post may have got some stick mate!

  32. Gotta hate tiny tevez says:

    king eric maybe i should of used my other name on this when i posted it

  33. theboogeyman says:

    True,King Eric.
    I see you’ve changed it to Tevez from tears again,GHTT.
    OK,I’m off to sleep,goodnight all.

  34. theboogeyman says:

    That was about your comment regarding GHTT.
    I wanted to say this too:Up yours,Judas bitch.Never disrespect Sir Alex.

  35. Kings says:

    So much for being treated badly. Fucking lying little cunt. Enjoy jostling for a starting berth at Citeh with another possible striker signing in cheating cunt Adebyor.

  36. 11reds says:

    Tevez is a cockroach as I have always said.
    Two United videos that will bring tears to many fans’ eyes Leave your comments too! Thanks

  37. King Eric says:

    Off topic – I see that horrible scouse cunt Fowler says the dippers WILL win the league this coming season. Johnson, Rafa, Rush, Fowler etc. They are full of it in the close season, lets see where they are in May especially with them about to lose their playmaker! Why don’t they just shut up, do they never fucking learn? You never hear our lads or ex players saying things like this. They just pick up their medals at the end of the season. Jokers.

  38. sean_m11 says:

    Breaking news – Tevez signs for 5 yrs at City subject to medical.

  39. Kings says:

    King Eric – saw that mate. Fucking coke snorting fat cunt. Probably on a come down when he said that.

  40. shmoo says:

    now the truth has come to light, i can honestly say i fkin hate the little bastard.. no more argies plzz, greedy fkers:(. cant wait for vidic to chop the little twat down in the derby..!!!!

  41. Tony Starks says:

    No need to bring Nationality into this.. Just because John Terry is a idiot doesn’t mean all English people are like that

  42. 11reds says:

    Cockroach has mutated into Shitty Cockroach Lol ;)

  43. tom roberts says:

    I tell you what Mr Scott, what a real shithouse you really are! Did some of the comments from the Blues come too close to the truth for you?. You have to delete them, what a real pisspot wanker you are, in fact change that to what a real load of pisspot wankers all Utd fans are.
    No wonder you support them you really suit each other-tossers. The balence of power is shifting, get used to it.

  44. Tony Starks says:

    ‘The balence of power is shifting, get used to it.’

    Aah… Nothing like blind optimism!

  45. willierednut says:

    Fuck your blue moon its now a red moon 34 years and counting tom dick harry wat ever your name is.

  46. ChaosRed says:

    look at all you people hating on tevez now pitiful…Those who question fergie telling him to sign tevez are cunts

  47. Marq says:

    - For the last time, Tevez played as much as Berbatov and Rooney, he was never disrespected. And don’t get started with the 4 goals he scored against Blackburn, Macheda scored 2 vital winners and still got benched! And all this after he snubbed Sir Alex in Jan! Now who’s the villian here. I’m sick and tired of anyone defending Tevez now

  48. Mezza says:

    ahhh fark, wrong topic…. was ment to post the above comment in Tevez Is A Cuntface…im off there…


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