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Fergie: I Spoke To Pep About His Future

Pep Guardiola is one of the most wanted football managers in the world, with Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal all reportedly keen to bring him to their clubs.

Sir Alex Ferguson has been asked what his opinion on Guardiola is and our manager has revealed that the former Barcelona manager insists he’s not ready to come back in to management yet.

Ferguson flew to New York, where his son Mark lives, after our game against Sunderland. This is the second time in the past few months that Ferguson has met with Guardiola when visiting his family in America.

“I spoke to Pep a little while ago and he said that he has no interest in getting back into management at the moment,” he said. “His record is fantastic; the trophies he won at Barcelona were quite exceptional and that is his CV, he wins trophies. Barcelona have always had that style and played attractive football. He increased that by putting a new work ethic into the players in terms of their work rate. They work extremely hard to get the ball back and if you combine that with their possession it makes a fantastic team.”

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  1. WeAreUnited says:

    “If you ask me what is my ideal scenario, it would be Guardiola to manage us for 4-5 years and Ole to take over after that.”

    and you ask why in this manner? why Ole, well I think everyone knows that he could be our Pep Guardiola, who has the ManUtd experience.

    That’s why, nobody says, he could be our Mourinho.

    I have said it all, this is for me, I agree to disagree with you guys. peace.

  2. Toms says:

    I think Mourinho is more likely to stay a decade than Pep is to stay 4 years.

  3. Jay says:

    If I were a top player and Moyes or Ole were at the helm I would not be filled with confidence. A top manager can attract great players, how would our current players feel if Moyes or Ole were appointed? We all saw how Rooney reacted when he felt we were not signing world class players. Our players are winners why would they take instructions from a manager who has never won a major trophy or a manager who has only won a trophy in an inferior league. Can you imagine how they would react if we went through a bad patch. Mourinho is a great manager, although people call him arrogant he gets results, regarding the youth policy when was the last time you saw Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid promote youth. Even at Real Madrid some of the youth players are 25, Ozil, Di Maria and Benzema are younger than some of Real Madrid’s youth team. Guardiola is a fantastic manager too, to win two champion league trophies in the space of 4 years in this era is a great achievement and if he can replicate his success at United that would be great.

  4. Micheldu9 says:

    You plastic idiots haven’t got a clue.he said he fancies arsenal.but you are brain dead plastic morons.

  5. samuel - united WE stand says:

    He didn’t play any part in building porto. Porto and benfica are giants of football. Like i said, the portuguese have the best scouts, that certainly aided mourinho. Inter had a great team but at its prime, he didn’t really lay down the platform for continious growth. Left the club with ageing players, didn’t make an attempt to get younger players into the team, inter are paying for his short term mentality and negligence. His successor can only be as good as the squad left by the previous manager, they need that new younger spine to carry on and that’s not been the case with mourinho, managers at inter have had to embark on a huge scale of rebuilding.

    Like i said, he’s no master tactician. I would say jurgen klopp is tactically more astitute with lesser budget added with no melodramatic baggage brings with him.

    United is a different challenge compared to other clubs. There’s a philosophy already in place and has to be followed. The idea that his arrival will bring guaranteed success is inaccurate, he may well get found out. Anyway i will cherish this moments with fergie.

  6. Red Devil Canuck says:

    Micheldu9 – if he goes to Arsenal, won’t he just leave for Man Utd, City, or back to Barca after a few years like everyone else at Arsenal?

    The only reason Wenger’s still there is because they’ve promised him as many kids as he wants ;)

  7. King Eric says:

    Dan Young – Xavi has NEVER been average pal. As for Pique he is not in my opinion the best CB in the World. Nowhere near. He never has to defend and when he does he is all over the shop.

  8. King Eric says:

    Marq – Ha. You beat me to it mate on Xavi and Pique. Just read your comment.

  9. King Eric says:

    samuel – Belting post at 18.51 pal.

  10. King Eric says:

    MICHEL – Robin Van Persie. Nuff said. Cheers for that .

  11. StatesideAussie says:

    I admire and respect Pep as a person. As a coach, he took a very good team and made it better. But there are question marks. The biggest is his lack of experience at any other clubs. That wouldn’t necessarily matter, except for one thing: Barca play a very distinctive style of football, one that is extremely technical, and it took them years to develop and hone. Barca’s play depends heavily on key players like Iniesta, Xavi and Messi. All three players have been with Barca since the ages of 11 or 12 (Messi might have been 13 when he joined from Argentina), and have spent their entire careers there. From the very earliest ages, they were drilled and coached in the pressing and tika-taka style that Barca deploy; and the club’s coaching staff are very open about the importance of this sort of training from such a young age. Anyone who thinks this could be replicated at another club without a similar level of investment is, I think, kidding themselves.

    Pep didn’t start this — indeed, he was one of the players who himself came up through the Barca youth system. I believe that Barca’s style could only be replicated (to the same degree) at another club through years and years of dedicated coaching, starting with players now in the youth academy. And even then, the outcome would not be certain.

    Alternatively, Pep could seek to coach a team with a different style. But he has absolutely no experience at doing so. To take him on that basis would be a massive gamble.

    Beyond that, there are other question marks over Pep. One, he has a pathcy record in the transfer market. Someone mentioned earlier that Pep “added his own style of football by getting rid of players who thought themselves bigger than the team (e.g. Ibrahamovic)”. It is true that Pep unloaded Ibra. But it is also true that it was Pep who bought Ibra, and that the deal must rank as one of the most spectacular (and expensive) failures in modern football: Pep bought Ibra in 2009/10 in exchange for Samuel Eto’o plus 49m Euros. He lasted one season before he was first loaned, then sold, to AC Milan for less than half what Pep had paid (and that doesn’t take into account Eto’s value). Nor is the only bad deal that Pep did.

    My other question is whether Pep has the bottle for the job. Yes, I understand managing Barca is a pressure-cooker job. But then, so is managing United. While I don’t know what went on behind the scenes in terms of politics (which will always be a problem with a club that has Barca’s structure), from a distance it certainly appears that Pep wasn’t up to it.

  12. Proverb says:

    Nice! Get him in sir alex, I kinda like the little spaniard, we could get neymar too ;)

  13. Andromeda says:

    There comes a time in Manchester united history where we all repeat one statement and thats”Fergie and the post Fergie’s era” and thats of course whe he call it a day..just a little futuristic reality check for all faithful united fans:))no matter what happens and who comes we will stick to our tradition…anybody who tries to fill Fergie’s boot should also stick to those traditions, no matter where he came from or how many trophies he won…the club will always be greater than anyone:)

  14. slim says:

    I think its quite daft expecting anyone to commit himself for 10 years, pep won’t do it,neither will TSO, even ole won’t do that.
    We will be just like every other club when the great man calls it a day. Well have to experiment like everyone else. It worries me sometimes,that the gaffer is not gonna be here forever but its going to happen and all we can do is prepare for it as best we can. United will never die. How I cringe every time I hear someone bump their gums about our demise when SAF steps down. Nothing of the sort will happen. Fergie will still be around in some capacity. Love the EPL ,Xmas games to make up for those dreadful internationals couple of months back.
    Can’t wait to see kagawa back, I’m sure Fergie is gonna play him with Rooney and van. persie. So far loving the way the season is shaping up, there’s been some tangible improvement throughout the squad, really good stuff

  15. Ugandan Red says:

    Hmmmmm Pep, at United with the secrets of Barca. Total world domination

  16. wayne says:

    Lol stupid fucking Gooner the rumor tha Pep wanted to go to Le Arse was total bollocks,need to open your eyes son Le Arse are ave.No elite manager is going to Le Arse when the club won’t pay anymore than 125 k a week in wages.Anyway Wengers contract runs till 2014 by that time you lot will be out of Europe and hovering around 8th
    Gooners have become the biggest bunch of deluded cunts out there

  17. MarkoWire says:

    Hold on why are people replacing Fergie. I haven’t heard anywhere that the great one is hanging up his gum? In fact the truth is he will carry on as long as he is healthy. There could be another good 5 seasons in him yet. Although Pep would fit in nicely as Fergies understudy. They could learn off each other and create something really special at OT. Then only when the time is right Fergie can leave his club in good hands. Not sure Pep would go for that but it would be an awesome partnership.

  18. Rajo Bujang says:

    Between mou and pep just like comparison messi and ronaldo. Mou and Ronaldo already proven in different league. But pep and messi only barcelona. I like Mou and Pep are candidate manager of United. They both have excelent CV. But in term of youth policy, i choose Pep.

  19. bRed says:

    King Eric’s post @ 20:31

    LOL – short and succinct

  20. LexxytheRED says:

    If am to choose from the two. My choice will always remain Pep any day of the week regardless of what anyone says. Am bothered too about SAF stepping down but its bound to happen and the earlier the better

  21. BayoRed says:

    “hanging up is gum” Hilarious!! :)

  22. BayoRed says:

    I am one of those who believe Moyes could step up and do the job. He is very experienced in the Premier league. Managing United would mean he has to chalenge for titles rather than 4th place or finishind above Liverpool but I think that wouldn’t be difficult with his experience. He would have the quality and a bigger purse. The suggestion that he would buy average players just doesnt hold water. If he could believe me he would have bought Van Persie too but “hello” he is at Everton.

  23. BayoRed says:

    Mourinho is as expensive as Christiano Ronaldo, wont be surprised to see the pair at City.

  24. BayoRed says:

    I hope we draw Milan in the CL. An early challenge (not RM) could do us a world of good and we would take some lessons with us to the quarter finals.

  25. parthi says:

    Real Madrid v Manchester United

  26. Micheldu9 says:

    Plastic morons,I went to plastic Trafford a few weeks god.the singing was like a school choir.

  27. DiegoForlanDK says:

    I for one would love to see David Moyes coming in. I think he and United could benefit from each other well. He knows talent when he sees it, he has the ability to bring out the best in players and he progress and grow as a manager with us.

    The thing that works against him is that he lacks a winning record. Correct me if I’m wrong, but his best result with Everton was his runner-up place in ’09?

    I just want to work outside this Mourinho or Guardiola bubble. They’re not the only talented managers out there, not at all. Let me remind you though, that of the two, Mourinho is the only one who successfully has brought a lesser talented squad to medals. Guardiola has only worked with a top-flight Barcelona, which certainly, in many ways isn’t easy either. But as Fergie says, winning makes everything easier.

    Moyes is a good candidate in my mind. He knows the English mentality, and he has the passion and right management style in my mind. I definitely think he would be able to compeat nationally – but can he grow and win European medals?

    Another massive candidate is Jurgen Klopp of Dortmund. Of course, he isn’t solely responsible for the great Dortmund side we’re seeing at the moment, but he clearly has the talent to make everything culminate. Tactics, spotting talents and managing the club – he’s shown it all. And he’s got a winning record. Two-times Bundesliga winner and a win in DFB Pokal (The german cup). Only question is: Why leave? I’d love to see him step up to the challenge, but I don’t know if we really have a line on him.

    Finally, personas such as Carlos Queiroz, Frank de Boer or Solskjaer are all in contention as well. But can Ole make the jump from Molde to us? That sure is one big jump.

  28. FrancTheManc says:

    Pep managed the best team in the world, he installed a winning formula which had been taking the best part of 8 years to grow that team; they were team mates from youth which you could say was the reason Pep ‘won’ all those trophies.

    The truth is, he was working with the best players who’d formed the best team. You could say Tito Vilanova will win many trophies too then.

    Put Pep in a Premier League team and see how good he really is, let’s not all make noise about Pep, everyone’s judging him based on his Barca stint before legging it when Real truly turned up the heat and things fell out of place.


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