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Fergie: I Want Tevez Happy Because He’s Important

I want Carlos Tevez to be offered a permanent contract by Manchester United. He hasn’t been great this year but he’s already proven to us what he is capable of with his exploits last season and I think he is worthy of a place in our squad.

I’ve sided with him for much of the season, believing the club should have stuck to their promise of getting the situation sorted by Christmas. It is unfair to leave him hanging and not give him the stability of knowing he’s staying at the club.

But then he came out talking to the press about other clubs. I let it slide because I agreed with his frustrations. But then he did it again this week. Whilst I think he is fully entitled to be thinking about other clubs, given the lack job security he has with us, I think it’s out of line to go to the press.

The only thing that was saving him from my total annoyance was the possibility that the club weren’t telling Tevez they wanted him. Clearly they weren’t reassuring him with actions, given that a new contract wasn’t being sorted out, but I hoped the manager had been letting Tevez know how important he was. If they weren’t then maybe it was more excusable for Carlos to speak to the press.

Sir Alex Ferguson claims today that this hasn’t been the case.

“Whether the games he has played are important games or not is a different question but he has played in quite a few big games,” said Ferguson. “I don’t want him to be unhappy because he is an important player for us. The difficulty is when you have got the options I have got – I bought another striker in with Berbatov, as well as having the option of playing Ronaldo as a striker – you create problems for yourself because all good players want to play in every game. But they can’t play in every game in this league – it is impossible. I think he genuinely wants to stay here and that is something we are trying to work towards. I have told him that repeatedly. And there is not much more I can do.”

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  1. jcolas says:

    I’ve said b4, once his rights aren’t owned by a third party hopefully he’ll get a contract.

  2. costas says:

    I believe that he will get another loan deal and then 2 years down the line he will be looking for a club again.It’s a never ending virus.No one would pay Joorabchian’s asking price.Hopefully we will work something out that is also beneficial to the club.

  3. das says:

    if united pass on tevez, is the asking price for him 20 mil or is it the 32 mil? because for 20 mil, a player of tevez’s caliber is a fair price that some teams might pay for (but probably won’t happen)

  4. costas says:

    I think the price is 26 million.His worth is 32 million.We gave 6 of those for his 2 year loan deal and if we want to buy him permanently we have to pay the rest of the 26 million.

  5. Kaza says:

    That kia joorbchian is a rat. i cannot believe that fifa can allow these things to happen. I feel sorry for carlos and hope that we can sign him permanently.

  6. jon jonson says:

    1) his agent is all about money…no wonder why

    2)”And there is not much more I can do.”…when the boss said this what more can we hope

  7. denton davey says:

    Of course his agent “is all about money” – that’s what they get paid to do.

    My own gut feeling is that Carlitos is gone; not only in SAF’s plans but also in his own sense of belonging. He wants to play; he’s not going to dislodge Rooney or Ronaldo or Berbatov and now there are three youngsters who are home-bred (Campbell, Macheda, and Welbeck) along with Manucho. Basically, Carlitos is now “surplus to requirements”.

    But, I’m not crying for this Argentine – he’s been well paid for his two years at UTD and he’ll get some further fat pay-days in the future. My guess is that if Maureen stays on at InterMilan then he would make an ideal partner for Ibrahimovich. Moratti, the Inter owner, is very rich and has a long history of buying Argentines. He’d fit it right away in Milan. It’s a better option than the FascistVirus; Barcelona might be a good fit, too.

    To my way of thinking, Tevez’s timing with UTD could have been better – he should have come to OT a year earlier instead of going to West Ham but the third party ownership issue scotched that. Too bad – UTD could have had BOTH Carlitos and Javier Mascherano. But the West Ham debacle meant that we lost out on Mascherano and Carlitos didn’t really have long enough to form a deadly duo with TheBoyWonder.

    IF I’m right, then I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Tevez replaced by L’il Mikey Owen – a real fox-in-the-box; assuming that he’d accept a role like the one that OGS used to perform.

    I am also not anticipating seeing Carlitos get much game time in the next few weeks – I think he has burned his bridges with SAF. These comments must probably be the last straw.

  8. King Eric says:

    When they named the squad for tomorrow on MUTV Carlos was not named. Is this the case or just a mistake on MUTV’s part? Anyone?

  9. King Eric says:

    denton – NOT Owen. No way.

  10. jcolas says:

    King Eric: According to, Tevez is not in the squad. But 3 keepers are?

  11. jcolas says:

    Squad: Van der Sar, Foster, Kuszczak, Rafael, O’Shea, Brown, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evans, Evra, Ronaldo, Nani, Carrick, Scholes, Fletcher, Anderson, Giggs, Park, Berbatov, Rooney.

  12. wazza says:

    King Eric: Tevez has to be in the squad for spurs unless he is injured

  13. Drew Vader says:

    If he leaves I just hope to Pete its not to another english team. I will seriously be scared shitless to see a pissed off Carlos return to OT looking to show SAF just how wrong he was. And it would be a sad sad sight to see him celebrate a goal against us in another teams kit.

  14. Drew Vader says:

    And I hate how SAF keeps talking about the need to rotate the squad but I hope we don’t see that tomorrow. I honestly think we need our best 11 out there tomorrow to get the win against Spurs. Then they have a full 3 day rest before the Gunners so the lads just need to suck it up and go balls out for the next few weeks.

    If we actually think Hull can take points off of Pool tomorrow we’re insane. Hull are shipping goals left and right at the moment so I would bet the house on Pool getting a win. Which means if we drop points we’re right back to where we were and they’re breathing down our necks again.

  15. n667 says:

    Imagine him walking out in a dipper’s jersey next year??

  16. Sash Sylvarre says:

    I like Tevez and I’d really like him to stay for a few more years, he’s terrific. But to be honest we have a lot of strikers. The younger players, especially, are immensely talented and while they’re not yet at the level where they’re pushing to play regularly, I don’t see Welbeck or Campbell going out on loan next season. And in light of that, I fear Carlos might not be staying after all, due to the price we have to pay to get him permanently.

  17. corea says:

    There is no need to panic. Maybe i’m not that close to the team but Carlos is playing here on loan. If he leaves he will play here for 2 years ONLY. Why worry about the possibility of him to play for scousers ? But i honestly think it won’t happen.
    And i don’t share the opinion of crying about the players we didn’t get. Ok, i will paraphrase. I don’t like to cry for players like Torres, Mascherano who play for the rival’s clubs. I dislike Mascherano attitude. Many anti united supporters hate Rooney, Ronaldo etc. I am happy we’ve got Rooney, Hargo, Ronaldo etc. There are some players that i would’ve liked here, but no one is from the clubs like real, scousers, chelsea and arsenal. but sorry, maybe Arshavin ? ) maybe i am not that sincere ? ) not quite. but if Arshavin isn’t here (there was a possibility) that’s the way it should be or meant to be.

    if Carlos goes to Liverpool so it goes. Disgusting but he just won’t do it. If he did it would end the issue, no ?

  18. corea says:

    Happy birthday, Scott?!!!!!!!

    Happy days and happy wins! And keep the great work here. Great blog.

  19. vidic will get ya15 says:

    just read in the sun that kaka wants to sign for us, is this jerno shit or is there some truth does ya think??

  20. wonitx3 says:

    I have heard a few rumours about Kaka wanting to come to England but only paper talk…nothing concerete as far as I know.. Would that be the sweetest thing ever if he came to O.T after turning down the massive down the road!?

  21. costas says:

    This squad info is buffling.Tevez might be injured.Or worst case scenario,and what i have been deathly afraid off,SAF is beginning to leave him out.Either way,we should have had a 3rd striker in there.

  22. theboogeyman says:

    Happy birthday,Scott!!
    I personally feel Carlos is leaving,but I like costas’ idea of another 2 year loan spell before he returns to Boca.

  23. Drabik says:

    Vidic will get ya. It’s gotta be just paper talk. For starters, its ‘a source close to Milan’, and secondly they are quoting £70million transfer fee, plus £35million wages. Maybe they meant Man City, I don’t think we would double our record transfer fee for a player we don’t necessarily need.

  24. costas says:

    theboogeyman actually i was referring to Joorabchian loaning him to another club for 2 years.And when that club didn’t pay the fee,he would loan him somewhere else.There is no way we can get him on loan again.I don’t think that Joorabchian will ever allow him to sign up permanently for another club.He will lose a lot of money from these loan deals.And they called Ronaldo a slave.Cunts.Happy birthaday Scott!Hopefully United will give you the peferct present.

  25. vidic will get ya15 says:

    drabik, ya probably right, paper talk usually starts spouting shit this time of the season. sells papers i suppose. and would be alot of money for a class player but would he cut epl?? be nice see him in a red shirt playing at eastlands though, that would really piss tha bitters off.
    Costa’s perfect present for scott a manucho brace and a good win for us tonight :) .
    on another not feel a little bit sorry for lampard, as much as i think he a twat its abit harsh slaggin him off for being a shit dad on the anerversery (cant spell lol) of his mums death

  26. wazza says:

    happy b’day scott.have a blast at OT

  27. furrball says:

    i want him to be here as well but circumstances arent looking good and it just isnt happening, it’s going to be really difficult and everyone’s getting frustrated which just exacerbates things. where’s macheda by the way?

    on something else altogether,

    in case anyone hasnt seen this

    absolutely awesome

  28. Don Pablo says:

    Sad to say but Carlitos is gone. And its a slow painful exit. Anyone read the article on MEN where Stoichkov and Dublin urge Berbatov to get stuck in and prove his worth. Good reading.

  29. costas says:

    Stoichkov and Dublin Don Pablo?Talk about odd couples!

  30. Don Pablo says:

    They were talking separately costas. Stoichkov had written an open letter of sorts to Berba in some Bulgarian newspaper and Dublin was commenting.

  31. costas says:

    Oh ok.Thanx.I really want the lad to step up tonight.If Tevez is not in the squad,we depend on him and Wayne to kill Spurs off.

  32. corea says:

    i think i need to go to the pub to watch the game. i’m feeling a little nervous. CMon Berba!

  33. corea says:


    how are you ? do you if Scott answers the questions in his facebook ? i feel a little embarrassed /

  34. costas says:

    Hey Corea.Everything is ok.Putting my faith behind Manucho.If Scott naswers the questions in his facebook?I wouldn’t know.I have never been there to be honest.

  35. corea says:


    are you interested in buying smth from his shop ? i’m wondering if he will be able to send it to Russia. fuck/////

  36. corea says:


    are you interested in buying smth from his shop ? i’m wondering if he will be able to send it to Russia. but he doesn’t answer.

  37. costas says:

    Me?Not interested at the moment.Why don’t you check the contact tag on top of the page.Ypou could get in touch with him through that.

  38. corea says:

    thanks. my friend. i thought the facebook message would be enough :(
    if he won’t answer through it i’ll give up.
    i don’t think it is appropriate attitude from the seller towards the buyer.
    anyway again happy birthday. maybe he is too occupied and anxious at the monet to answer my question. (((

  39. costas says:

    Maybe he left really early to go to Old Trafford Corea.I haven’t seen him respond to any topic in ROM today.Oh and Manucho is on the bench but Hull are holding out at the moment.

  40. TonyBee says:

    What the fuck is happening at OT..??? 2 ZIP down to fucking Tottynam…..come onSAF wake the fuckers up !!!

  41. John Ferry says:

    Great game for Tevez today. He didn’t score but he changed the momentum of the game as soon as he stepped on the pitch. I’m not sure how this happened, but the Tevez-Rooney-Ronaldo-Berbatov conundrum was solved today.

  42. javan says:

    I think we saw what tevez has to offer yesterday,as,as soon as he came on the tempo was much higher and quality was better.
    However he would be a very expensive OGS-type.ç
    Im 50/50 on the Tevez subject.
    I really appreciate what he offers and the fight and drive he gives,plus his combination-play with rooney and ronaldo was vitally important,but i cant see him playing many games whether he stays for good.
    And has been mentioned a few times that utd are still keen on bringing Benzema to old trafford,then i would like to see that become a reality.
    BTW,does anyone know how tosic is getting on?
    Plus ive been seeing and hearing alot about Ravel Morrison…hot prospect on its way!


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