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Fergie: I’d Pay £60m To Bring Ronaldo Back

Whilst David Gill has insisted there is money to spend this summer, Sir Alex Ferguson is talking about getting value in the market again.

Our manager insists he wouldn’t pay £60m to get Lionel Messi from Barcelona to United, but that he would fork it out for Cristiano Ronaldo.

“I’d pay £60 million to take Cristiano Ronaldo back but that’s about it,” said Ferguson. “The market is inflated. Agents get in touch with our chief scout and say this player will take a drop in wages from £10 million to £8 million. And it’s only £42 million now. So work it out. You bring in a player for a £40-odd million fee, then you take in their salary, with the euro against the pound, and the tax rate here, so with a five-year contract and wages they’re talking about £8 million a year. So instead of £42 million, it’s £82 million.”

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  1. Costas says:

    Yeah I read that the other day. Unfortunately, Real won’t sell him for 60 million. It’s not like he has been a failure for them and they are looking to cut their losses.

    I understand that the market is inflated, but it was also inflated when Real signed Zidane in 2002, but we managed to sign Ruud and Veron. At some point or another, we might have to use that money for a player that will take us to the next level.

  2. mhihrh says:

    Who wouldnt??. he is worth every penny of it. Only he, Messi and Rooney are worth that amount of money. Nobody else even comes close, certainly not zlatan ibrahimovic for whom barca did pay 60 million or kaka who cost nearly 60 million

  3. Fze123 says:

    Fergie will have to spend big this summer to bring in one or two players he probably has in mind. I am sure he will not ignore our need for a AM and a young GK.

  4. Walter Mitty says:

    While it’s in our AM and GK departments that our need is most glaringly obvious, a proven striker would go some way towards alleviating our over-reliance on Rooney (as seen from how our season collapsed in the two weeks after he busted his ankle in the last minutes of the first Bayern game). Ronaldo would fit the bill (and then some), since he’s adept – to put it mildly – anywhere in midfield or up front.

  5. hurr says:

    Ronaldo? Not gonna happen. Only he has been able to justify his purchase this season unlike Kaka, Benzema and Alonso. Not sure about Arbeloa though. How many times now has he saved their asses and kept them in the title race? Even last night he was their only standout player.

  6. NicoGarcia says:

    Fergie sign him up!!

  7. man united says:

    well you nevere know. one reasoni if mourhino takes over at real madriad. roanldo might not want to play with him. and mourhino might not want hinm in his style of play. and mourhino and fergie are grat friends as well. i was at the sunderland ganme yesterday we sang are hearts out for the lads. i was depressed in the frist few minutetes but i canme around when we sang diego song it chereed me on a small a bit. i belive theres going to ne a big protest next sunday after the ganme. we were discussing in the pub yesterday that we will stay for about an hour once players leave the pitch the prtoest will star so bring your anti galzers banners if you are going on sunday

  8. wayne says:

    how many big money transfers over the last 2-3 seasons have panned out very few,i agree with sir alex its better signing a up and coming talent and taking the chance he’ll develop and takes pride in putting the shirt on than some over priced rentboy who doesn’t give a fuck about the club

  9. Tony Starks says:

    Did anyone read Essou-Ekotto (sp?) Interview in the Guardian (Saturday)?

    The guy spoke truth when he said no player cares about the shirt? They are all playing for money. So it’s foolish to say we want a player who will pay for the shirt – who is that player?

  10. bengalisoldier says:

    i do hope fergie sign him up i hve no doubt tat ronaldo want 2 cum bk man utd nd wear his num 7 shirts

  11. Jonny says:

    How on earth can Gill promise any money for transfers when a £70 million loss would have been made last year without Ronaldo’s transfer? Not to mention the debt which isn’t exactly getting any smaller.

  12. Tony Starks says:

    O and why do fans buy season tickets and expensive merchandise? They hope some of it will be spent on players…

  13. manchester says:

    Sure. I wouldn’t mind him coming back! Besides, the guy was reported saying the other day he wasn’t going to stay there forever, still in touch with sir alex and united, is a big fan and watches united on the tv all the time when he can. The debt isn’t getting better – but as even the great Fergie knew he couldn’t keep Ronaldo forever when he wanted to move.

  14. kel says:

    All we want is some experience 24-26 players and worth 20m. It’s not asking much eh?
    Now i wonder do our club become a nursery for players? We never sell players and never buy experience players. I’m not asking the manager to sell but if he’s not good then we should sell?

  15. Slim says:

    IF SAF can pay 60m for ronaldo i reckon he will have no problem spending 20-30 million for a player. As far as i’ concerned thats all i can ask for. 60 million is shit load of money. The player in question will have to really special and to good to pass up. As of yet i cant find a player in the world worth that much.
    with the exception of that argentine fellow in barcelona

  16. asite says:

    for me to speak, he is a perv. i hated him the minute he walked out on us.
    60m is a big waste on him

  17. Passe_Mouraille says:

    Ronaldo won’t be coming back anytime soon. Firstly The circus isn’t a selling club and he hasn’t exactly been a failiure either. It’s crazy to think that he has already sold over 100million shirts! I was one of them who doubted and laughed at madrids claims that they would be able to get the 80m back simply on shirt sales…
    Do you think Fergie will spend this summer? personally I’m not that sure he will, perhaps the odd signing but certainly nothing spectacular. With VDS, Scholesy and giggs staying for another year I just don’t see it happening.

  18. redscot says:

    @Passe_ Mouraille Spot on he wont be returning, and yes you hit on the Nail with the shirt sales,can you understand the point of Tevez in the same context and one of the reasons he was shipped, hardly the mug you want to see posing in a United top is
    I think he will spend but there may need to be a few departures firstly and lets see how the World cup pans out and what happens there.

  19. willierednut says:

    Fergie wouldn’t pay 60 million for Messi, pull the other one Sir Alex. Ronny won’t be back, he’s had his time at United.

  20. CROoney says:

    a bit late now to complain , isn’t it fergie ?

    you had no problem of dealing with berba’s agent

  21. bengalisoldier says:

    messi nt gona cum 2 united wud luv 2 c him playin 4 man utd

  22. willierednut says:

    CROoney – Berba’s agent is a nice guy, Kia looks like gizmo, bright light.

  23. middyred says:

    And suppose giving Berbaflop in part exchange? That should knock a couple of grand of the price!
    And i suppose he also would like to buy Tevez back. ? WTF .Doesn’t SAF realise we are fkcin SKINT? AND i’ll believe Gill and his promises of ……..£100,000,000 when i fckin see it. He should be a politician.

  24. redscot says:

    @ MiddyRed…. Mate I dont want to rip into you ok.I am a real happy lad. If you are looking for a reaction and this Berbaflop nonesense knock a COUPLE( AS IN TWO) grand of the price, think that through.You are seriously thinking anyone takes your comment seriously after that.
    More like MaddyRed.
    Whisper it helps not to comment when as high as kite on some drug. But pass them around. MIGHT get yer logic.

  25. Gudjohnsen says:

    Fergie will be looking for value signings, like he did with Antonio Valencia.

  26. possepossebon says:

    Wouldn’t say no to having Ron back, but never at 60 million. We’re second in the league by a point without him and that Argie midget and a back four for nearly half the season, I’d say we’re doing just fine without him.

  27. Bangladeshi Red says:

    Get the Glazers Out, and the value of the market will be back ;)

  28. wtf says:

    get messi hes amazing!!!


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