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Fergie: Kenyon’s Move To Chelsea Wasn’t A Loss

Peter Kenyon, the man all United fans love to hate (and even some of the Chelsea fans!). If ever there was true example of the mercenary nature that modern football has brought about, Kenyon fits the bill. A supposedly dyed-in-the-wool United fan, Kenyon jumped ship the moment Roman Abramovich showed up at Chelsea with more money than the small minded weasel could comprehend.

The decline of United was in process and it appeared as though Kenyon had made the right decision to forsake his boyhood club for the rent boys.

Until the tide turned.

The title was won by eight points when Chelsea failed to beat Arsenal, meaning the following weekend’s game when United travelled to Stamford Bridge was for nothing. Chelsea gave our players a heroes welcome, applauding them on to the pitch. Kieran Lee, Kieran Richardson, Tomasz Kuszczak, Chris Eagles and Dong were amongst the players John Terry gave a Guard of Honour too. Classic.

Whilst this was a victory over Chelsea and two fingers up at Kenyon, the climax of the Kenyon affair was delivered in Moscow. Forty years after Kenyon was at Wembley with his father, watching United lift the European Cup for the first time, he watched his boyhood club, the one he ran out on, claiming victory against his current employees. What a moment.

Sir Alex Ferguson has reflected on this, comparing the actions of Kenyon that night with Sir Bobby Charlton.

I imagine the moment was incredibly moving for Charlton, seeing the current United stars winning the European Cup forty years after he did the same, and fifty years after his pals and team mates died in Munich, chasing the same goal.

It was fitting then that Charlton was the one to lead our team up to collect their winners medals. However, when a medal was offered to him, he declined.

“Charlton was saying: look, this is not my night,” Ferguson said. “This is the players’ night. There would have been a lot of understanding if he had worn the medal because, 50 years on from the Busby Babes, he had every right. But he was thinking of the players and the football club. And that is Bobby Charlton.”

In contrast, Kenyon was straight up there, collecting his runners’ up medal, an embarrassed grin on his face.

Ferguson certainly doesn’t think much of him though, even claiming to be happy he left, as it meant David Gill was able to take his place. When asked whether Kenyon’s move to Chelsea was a blow, he was quick and firm to answer.

“No,” he said. “Definitely not. Peter Kenyon? He wasn’t a loss. The best thing that has happened recently has been David Gill.”

Peter Kenyon, you’re a wanker! You’re a wanker!

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  1. Stephen says:

    It sums Chelsea up really, no history, greedy and classless.

  2. PIt says:

    Oh I loved that scene in Mosco!

  3. Kings says:

    The three most memorable highlights of that evening:

    1. Winning the European Cup
    2. Seeing that cunt Terry miss his penalty after all the arselickers were lauding him.
    3. Seeing that slimey cunt Kenyon pick up his runners-up medal.


  4. spencer says:

    He is an utter moron and a judas. Apparently, he has no friends at Chelsea. Serves him right.

  5. wiuru... says:

    SAF has it spot on ….

  6. Ste says:

    David Gill is much better than Peter Kenyon. Glad the blad twat left us. No loyalty whatsoever.

  7. Red-Manc says:

    im not a big fan of David Gill if im honest, but when you compare him to that rat peter kenyon, Gill doesnt seem half bad.

    people like kenyon are everything thats wrong in football these days and beating chelski in Moscow was a kick in the balls for that ugly bald slimey bastard ;)

    but kenyon like we told you in Moscow “always look on the brightside of lifee….”

  8. suhayl says:

    UTD = class tradition history honour
    RBOYS = artificial superficial lottery class no tradition no history and classless greed

    SIR BOB = one of the greatest players ever…utd legend…appearance maker…top scorer…england cap 100+ cap winner + top scorer….+ babes survivor + world cup european cup winner. Top ambassador and legend alround the world to millions billions. Declines medals out of humility and honour and respect

    JUDAS = fly by night suit..greed glutonous judas who’d sell his own kids to make a buck…prawn sandwich twat…fuckin class a prick paper filer…keenley grabs his loser medal….


  9. SINGH7 says:


  10. dvdpower21 says:

    What a brilliant picture!!!! Kenyon and Terry with their losers medals round their necks (Terry still crying like a girl) walking away in the pissing rain. Couldn’t happen to nicer people.

  11. Drew Vader says:

    I once met Sir Bobby Charlton in Dallas Tx of all places. It was fucking brilliant. I was a tad drunk and went ape shit when I saw him, my girlfriend was mortified. I tried talking to him about possible line ups for our game against Arsenal that was going on the next day, (we won 2-0 thanks to Rooney and Park) and he interrupted me and said, “your manager knows what he’s doing” and even though my gf said she thought it was rude, I quickly corrected her and said that he was spot on and I shouldn’t have been questioning the decision to play Saha over Ruud in the first place.

    I love telling that story…..

  12. jon jonson says:

    this man wont be missed because he will f**k things up after united


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