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Fergie: Kiko and Chicharito Are Staying

Sir Alex Ferguson has spoken about his plans to keep Javier Hernandez and Federico Macheda at Manchester United next season, which suggests the likes of Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverley will be loaned out.

“I need to keep Macheda and Hernandez,” said Ferguson. “There was a lot of purpose in the way they played their football. To play for a club like this is not just about talent. You need something else and they’ve got something else. I am pleased with that.”

One thing I noticed we were lacking at times last season was pace. Only when Nani start hitting great form and Antonio Valencia become settled did we see how much of an impact the speed Cristiano Ronaldo possessed had in our ability to attack.

Hernandez was the fastest player at the World Cup and Ferguson thinks his style can combine well with Wayne Rooney.

“If we are talking about a combination with Wayne, I think we would need to adjust a bit. They are similar types of players,” he added. “We will assess Hernandez really well and make sure we can bring him to good consistent form. There are still little things to do but not a great deal. One he gets used to our training I think he will be OK.”

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  1. Tonka Norris says:

    Obertan deserves a run in the side. I hope he gets a start in the CC. He looked elegant last night until he was hurt. He’ll find it tough competing with Vanenzia, Nani, Welbeck for a place but he ought to get the chance. Don’t loan him, SAF!

  2. anthonyunited says:

    I think it’s clearly obvious that cleverly has got real talent but the problem is that he us way too inexperienced and gives the ball away way too often. I think he should go out on loan to a PL team and come back to us for keeps the year after.
    With diouf I agree with most people and say 110% he should go on loan, he hasn’t got anywhere near as much talent as either hernandez or macheda not to mantion the fact that we already have 3 senior strikers, Rooney, Berbatov( should be kept as sub) and Owen.
    Whereas for Welbeck I just don’t see all the fuss, I don’t think he is good enough for a big team like Manchester United and I don’t think he will ever make it big with us. The real positive thing about h is the fact that he is quite tall but that’s about it. But if u really feel he has what it takes then loan him out but don’t sell him.
    Gibson is already established, Macheda is already established, hernandez is the new big hit signing, smalling seems promising and obertan has got amazing ability with his pace tricks. And his vision, all that need to be sorted is the end ball which to be fair to him isn’t actually as bad as people make out to be.

  3. Ash says:

    Obertans final ball is rubbish reaaly.I dont think so.If you didnt see the match between wolfsburg and united where owen scored a hattrick,obertan driblled past the defender and gave a good pass to owen which owen scored.Mate obertan has only been a year here.You need to give him chance.
    Everyone should understand we are building a squad so we should give them chances.

  4. Chicharito14 says:

    @moscow is in heaven.berba is here to stay and he might be on the starting 11 because SAF said chicharito and rooney are similar players.

  5. Chicharito14 says:

    @moscow is my heaven.berba is here to stay and he might be on the starting 11 because SAF said chicharito and rooney are similar players.

  6. YorYor says:

    Ronaldo’s final ball was far worse in his first 2 seasons. Poor crossing + bad timing + countless unnecessary stepovers. That was one of the reasons RvN got really pissed off with Ronaldo.
    But Ronaldo started coming good in the 3rd season, and we saw his best in the 4th and 5th.
    Nani’s final ball is still not as consistent, but he is starting to get it more often than not. He should be getting better this season.
    The same goes for Obertan. He’ll need time to gel with the team and of course, get bored with trying to be exciting.
    I would say give him one season of 30-50% matches, and he’ll really cause a selection headache for SAF. I’d much rather see Obertan on the flanks than Welbeck.

  7. Fze123 says:

    Ronaldo improved his all round play because he was given a long run in the team. This is something Fergie won’t give to Obertan just yet, next season, with Valencia and Nani in the team. He’ll probably be given the odd start and a few sub appearances, but that won’t be enough.That’s why it would be better for him to go on loan, to a mid-table PL club, where he can play consistently, improve and get used to prem football. I want him to do well, just because I would like to see him go on loan, doesn’t mean I am not giving him a chance. He won’t get time to express himself much in this current team because of a reason already mentioned. It’s not like I am writing him off, ffs, I want him to get a bit of experience elsewhere and improve his decision making, his final ball, etc.

  8. Ash says:

    I know obbie wont get that much chance but we dont have that many wingers.It would be wrong if we again depend on giggs to do the work.We already have sold one winger in tosic.Suppose nani or valenci gets injured then who would you play as winger JOHN OSHEA.We dont need to loan obertan or even cleverly,They can learn a lot from scholsey and giggs.I think diouf would be the one who would be loaned out.

  9. The Real AB says:

    These two have got a really bright future in front of them. But I think they will be a bit part players as far as BPL is concerned, but will start the Cup matches (CC and FA Cup).

    Obertan has to stay with us. He is capable of that bit of magic that is needed in tight games.

    If we don’t sign any Midfielder then I would like to see Cleverly stay :P

  10. bettathedevilsweknow says:

    Regarding the loan players…is the loan deadline the same as the transfer deadline? and can the loaned players be called back at ANYTIME? any help with my ignorance pls?

  11. pawaka21 says:

    please keep cleverly. he is the new scholesy to me.

  12. lucas says:

    Please please keep Cleverly.. he will be good use this season! we need Attacking midfielder , he is the exciting young player who can fit in that row!

    We do not have that sort of offensive player apart from Scholes in younger days.. please keep him!

    Obertan too ! Cleverly and Obertan to stay!!

  13. ZD Red says:

    Cleverly seems likely to be sent out. We have a lot of midfielders in line in front of him, and I doubt he’ll get much playing time except in the Carling Cup – IMO he’ll develop much better if he plays regularly instead of the odd reserve/CC games. He might get a run in the squad next season (2011/2012) if Giggs & Scholes decide to hang up their boots.

    And as for United being one of the most hated teams in the US – no surprise there. When I moved to the States, I was hugely disappointed by the number of Chelsea shirts I saw on kids. And at the pub I frequent to watch matches, almost all are Chelsea supporters – probably something to do with their league wins in the 2000s… most even have the nerve to refer to our recent league wins as “buying success” and are glad that “order has been restored to the PL”. Actual quotes, mind you. The Chelsea mind-scrubbers must have worked overtime across the pond!

  14. RedScot says:

    Yer A fucking waster Ferguson, yeve got nae fucking idea. A fitbae man. Yer aff yer heid mate.
    I see yer getting my texts again you big Scottish Taggart, there’s been a Murder, aye we wiz robbed last season. Thats done ye auld waste of space. Get yer heid out o Tribal football and Fancast and other Goal. com. I telt you that Hernandez was the fastest cunt on the playing field.During the world cup. och yeah were probably pisht, no takin Texts fae yer Auld muckers.
    Mind yer aye on the Ball Fergie, you saved the Glazer with your scouting system a few Bob.
    Pst Dont send out Danny to Sunderland to sit behind Bent and play for them in the Carling cup etc. you get my point!


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