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Fergie: Kiko Is Special

Two substitute appearances, two winning goals, Federico Macheda is an overnight star for Manchester United fans.

Following our 2-1 win over Sunderland this afternoon, Sir Alex Ferguson has praised Macheda for his quick-thinking and goal instinct.

“He has got something special about him, the boy,” Ferguson said. “I haven’t seen the goal, but one of the players said he actually tried it. He side-footed it as it came to him. It’s that quick-thinking that goalscorers have got. He has just got that instinct.”

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  1. wazza says:

    Berba has his own style of playing.Fergie has changed his position to a withdrawn striker & like yesterday, Tevez was leading the line.Berba is playing more like an attacking mf

  2. costas says:

    @gotta hate tiny tears :I am also a wrestling fan.Well my favourite wrestler Bret Hart said something like this on his induction:

    “As times goes on you realise that success is based less than you think on what you learn and more than you think on what you have inside you from the start.”

    In other words,Kiko was born with this killer instinct.Personally i put him in a different class than that of Rooney and Cantona.I put him in that of Ole Solskjaer.Rooney and Cantona were players that created a buzz when they came to United.Kiko and Ole have been coming slowly and quietly through the ranks before suddenly exploding on the big scene.Cool vid by the way.Your daughter will be leading the Stretford End for generations to come.

  3. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    costa man i agree with you(apart from bret hart) hbk

    just i ment just a new player on the scean that has the hopes of a team lifted

    6 long weeks went bu then this guy gets sent on at villa and next thing ya know we are gonna win the league

    like rooney last day of the tranfair window

    like that wonderful december morning the king had arrived

    its a simple boost

  4. costas says:

    I get what you mean.I said it yesterday.Until the 90th minute against Villa(even at 2-2) you felt like the season was going nowhere.Danny had just missed his glorious chance and you felt that was it.Then, Kiko’s strike comes along and finally it’s like there is new breath in our bodies.We could get knocked out by Porto but as i said above,for me the priority is the title.And if we do end up winning it,we can thank this boy who won’t even get a medal.Typical FA shity bureaucracy.I wasn’t following United when the KIng came.But i certainly was when Wazza did.And i saw his first game live.You knew from then what was coming.HBK hey?Well no one is perfect.Great match at Wrestlemania this year though.Best of the decade.

  5. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    do you not have to play in just 7 games for a medal??

    or am i way off

  6. costas says:

    I think it’s 10 but i may be off myself.I remember Smith and Kuszczak getting some sort of special medal for getting 9 games in the 06-07 campaign.Hopefully it’s less than that.But i really hope that we don’t need Kiko in 5 more games to save out butts.Maybe score 3 or 4 past Portsmouth and then put him on for 20-30 minutes to enjoy himself.

  7. costas says:

    Apparently SAF has had a long talk with Ronaldo about his approach in the last few games.Yesterday he looked a lot more focused mind you.I don’t believe for a second that Ronaldo is facing the prospect of not playing against Porto but nothing like a bruised ego to get players refocused.

  8. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    he did track back a few times when he came on yesterday

  9. Kings says:

    What’s happening with Tosic by the way?? hasn’t featured for the last couple of months.

  10. wazza says:

    ya he did track back yesterday quite a few times.fergie had surely spoken to him before the match about his on field attitude

  11. costas says:

    Kings i wonder this myself.He was ok in the FA cup game against Tottenham.The same goes for Fabio but at least he has played in the Reserves.And whereas we have not been short on wingers making Tosic’s task difficult,i can’t understand why it’s always Eckersley on the bench instead of Fabio.

  12. King Eric says:

    Kings – Tosic is currently on a programme to build his strength up according to SAF.

  13. costas says:

    It’s a good programme to.Alan Smith went through it 2 years ago and he took Roma apart.

  14. Kings says:

    Scott – If Macheda plays in the rest of our Premiership games this season, and we go on to win the title, will he be able to get a medal if we appeal, baring in mind he wouldn’t of played the minimum of 10 games to be eligable for one? The same way in which we did to get Smith a medal for the 2006/07 season.

  15. Halo says:

    I can answer the Macheda query. He wouldn’t normally be eligible for having played less than ten games, but these things are available to appeal, ie Alan Smith. I believe that substitute goalkeepers have also been given medals as they are still part of the squad.

  16. Kings says:

    Thanks Halo.

  17. OTRed says:

    Ahhh, Fergie and his most used two words: “the boy”.

    Anyway, players can get special dispensation like Larsson.

  18. costas says:

    I hope he gets one.This 10 games rule is a bit harsh.Every player plays a part.In 03 Ricardo the goalkeeper didn’t get a medal but he made an important penalty save in the run in.

  19. Sam Froze says:

    Yeah!! I love u too man!! Thanx for the rescue… He is the luckiest 17 teenager in the world at the moment. Jz imagine, scored twice in your first 2 appearance for da biggest club in the world, in the biggest and most prestigious league in the world….. Keep it up man.. Dont get carried away easily


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