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Fergie: Macheda Has Real Chance Of United Career

Federico Macheda equalised for United at 2-2 in today’s win over FC Seoul. He took the ball around the goalkeeper brilliantly before slotting it in to the back of the net.

Sir Alex Ferguson was very pleased with the goal and reckons that Macheda will be in our first team group of strikers this season.

“The goal Macheda scored was excellent,” said Ferguson. “The lad has a real chance. His movement is very good and he does well when he gets onto the shoulder of the last defender. He took his goal very well. It’s pleasing to see our strikers scoring – obviously the main players are Rooney, Berbatov and Owen and I’m very comfortable with that. But if Macheda continues his progress then it gives me a big advantage. An extra player like that will do us the world of good.”

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  1. Gotta hate tiny tears says:
    this is crazy rooney and giggs i think is the only united players i know since 1985 of been a football fan
    has i ever heard so much buzz and watching the kid understandable buzz around a 17 year old

  2. ash says:

    he should play in the world cup. he is talented and dangerous striker. if he plays like this i think this season he wil score 10-15 goals . and in 2-3 years he will be the real big thing like ronaldo,rooney and then guys dont be surprise if stupid perez bids for him.

  3. Micky says:

    I’m not really rating him…. yet.

    I think there’s too much praise being heaped on him and he’s not really done anything to warrant it yet.

    Great goal against Villa, but he needs to score more of them this season to prove he really is up to the job.

  4. Macheda is GOD says:

    i’m missing these games @_@ ffs

  5. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    ya missed a great game today out of your boy
    p.s. did you leave a video response one one of emilys videos

  6. mancstan says:

    He is showing great promise, and I am happy with him being in the 1st team picture this season.

    Rooney, Berba with Owen for a couple of years (who may score a shitload), giving the lad along with welbeck a bit of breathing space, things looking good.

  7. venu says:

    That boy Macheda!!! Good goal, no way he is 17!! If we can develop and keep him, Roo, danny, macheda will be a pacy and strong ball playing attack!!!

  8. manyooooooooooooooooo says:

    ma chedaaaaaaaaa is italian pele dnt others we should start roo berb and macheda with owen on bnch

  9. Red Dave says:

    he better not start saying he wants to play for Real Madrid too over the next couple of years
    the groans will be louder than the last time one of the players we brought to fruition fucked off

  10. Buildabonfire68 says:

    The way he took his goal today reminded me of Rud, fucking lethal.

  11. herdino says:

    i was wondering why g.rossi didnt have chance as much as kiko..he was doing more astonishing prformance during his time in reserve time….i hope kiko can emulate rooney n play more games ths season..

  12. boam6 says:

    Rossi wasn’t strong enough for the epl kiko is showing great talent hope he can fulfill it I think he is twice the player of wellbeck

  13. herdino says:

    @boam6,i agree wiv u..hes so skillful though..

  14. Manu of ManU says:

    Macheda is good n young but ManU has a bigger season ahead given chances,he can prove his worth. All that l xpect this season’s Berba’s. Da psychological pressure of his 4 last season seems being wished away. He looks confident and stable. Which gives ManU confidence of clinching EPL 4 da 4th time. Keep faith.

  15. Sharath says:

    We have 3 good strikers (Oven or Micky if he is fit), the fourth would be either Macheda or Wellback.
    Welback was very good in his runs have to see. Anyway it would be another long season.

  16. irishred#1 says:

    my dog ate my rabbit

  17. willierednut says:

    Kiko = natural scorer.

  18. Chris mac says:

    Macheada is the real deal a great young talent who has a big future ahead of him.

  19. SULLY says:

    Hero in the making.

  20. Isaidso says:

    @IrishRed#1 – WTF lol, your dog ate your rabbit – what type of dog do you have? Rotweiler? Are you being serious mate?


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