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Fergie: Nani And Young Were Disappointed

Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that there were plenty of disappointed players on Wednesday night when they learned they would not be playing against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu.

Ashley Young and Nani were particularly upset as neither of them made the bench, with Ryan Giggs the preferred substitute winger.

“There were a lot of disappointed players,” said Ferguson. “Nani and Ashley Young – international footballers – I found it hard to explain to them I was leaving them out. I explained to Chicharito that Robin van Persie is our main striker and we wanted someone to join in from a deeper position. Whenever Chicharito plays, he delivers. He has 14 goals, he will score more than 20 and will have opportunities.”

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  1. rory says:

    would really have liked to see him come on the last night but hopefully will have a part to play at OT because for me he will DEFINATELY score against Real if given the chance! Come on United!

  2. greenhoff77 says:

    Nani and Young were disappointed ……………”GOOD”
    Nani seems to be disappinted all the time

    im disappointed hes still a united player

    his performances have been woeful at best this season

    and before you all start about him being injured even when he isnt injured he seems to put in as little effort as possible.

  3. kesman says:

    Nani is still an important player to us

  4. kesman says:

    Nani is still an important player to us

  5. greenhoff77 says:

    Nani CAN be an important player for us ….im not saying he cant be ..

    im simply saying his performances in a United shirt have not warrented him being pick ahead of others.

    im surprised hes still at the club. I thought he may of gone in the Jan transfer window.

    then again it may of been wishful thinking.

  6. DreadedRed says:


    You’re talking shite. Nani does NOT “seems to be disappinted all the time.” His performances have NOT “all been woeful at best this season.” He does NOT “put in as little effort as possible.”

    You on the other hand, HAVE been woeful on this thread. Your claim to be a “united fan, deep seated and loyal” is certainly debunked by your declaration that you are “disappointed he’s still a united player”

    Loyal? You display no loyalty at all.

  7. WeAreUnited says:


    what do you know?

    Nani has started playing good and performed well recently. And he was missed, but then it’s a squad game and Nani’s situation and season has been below par so it’s understandable.

    But Nani is one of those who changes the game instantly, you didn’t see Ronaldo all the time, btu he scored when mattered and Nani is capable of doing that!

  8. wayne says:

    mentioned this on the Wellbeck thread keeping everyone happy is a big part of modern day management something Sir Alex excels at and prime examples of 2 managers losing the plot this season has been Bobby Manc and Maureen to negative effects
    This has been a lost season for Nani hopefully he’ll get playing time and come good when it matters

  9. RedRiverRed says:

    “I explained to Chicharito that Robin van Persie is our main striker and we wanted someone to join in from a deeper position. Whenever Chicharito plays, he delivers. He has 14 goals, he will score more than 20 and will have opportunities.”

    It’s been reported that Chico’s upset at not being played lately–not just in Madrid. The fact that Fergie mentioned him too tells me that there is something to these rumors. His love for the game and for the club might be genuine, but he’s a competitor–one of the most competitive guys out there, in fact. You know he hates warming the bench.

    And as for the boss telling him that he’ll have his opportunities, I’m sure Chico remembers that the same was told to the Berb.

  10. jay says:

    Nani stiLl top player united got a lot of shit like carric antonio n rooney plays. Shit most ot the time rvp musnt play 90min gv chito a chance fergi too old for the game nani is the best winger nw

  11. Don_Paulio says:

    Nani hasn’t been at his best for some time however his last performance on a united shirt was brilliant. Valencia on the other hand has been shocking all season. I would have preferred nani to him at the bernabeu

  12. Jay says:

    Players can love the club but if they are not getting playing time they will leave Hernandez is no exception. It’s even more important for Chicharito to be playing regularly as he is the focal point for the Mexican team. He has been playing well and then all of sudden he is dropped, I could see why he would get frustrated. For now it is easy to placate Hernandez because he hasn’t made a fuss yet.

  13. kel says:


    Dont anyhow say please. If you dont like him keep your mouth shut. Hes been disappointed whole season? I didnt even hear him mention anywhere! Every players has the right to be disappointed where they like to play. Nani is good and missed on Madrid match. Didnt watch the match??

  14. NBI Red Onion says:

    SAF is prepared for Henriquez to replace Pea, if needed, we are not short of striker.

  15. Ander8 says:

    My problem was what was that 1 footed,daft valencia doing,seriously sir alex has an agenda against nani,u dnt keep u best winger out of the team 4 no reason,yes nani has been awful but bet me if he played as much as valencia then he will b unplayable by now,still has more goals than valencia in his worse season

  16. chibuzo says:


  17. cclay716 says:

    he was meant to be the next ronaldo a bit far fetched but i have seen him produce some spectacular stuff

  18. greenhoff77 says:


    “Dont anyhow say please. If you dont like him keep your mouth shut”


    not once did i write i dont like him, i would never say that about any man utd player
    and over the past 40 years ive seen so bad players and most of us have.

    i am meerly expressing an opinion and it seems that my opinion isnt the same as some of you
    and again …i have not said to any of you to “keep your mouth shut”

    Nani right now for me is down the pecking order we have signed Zaha. so now we have Valencia, Nani Young and Zaha, …… who will be the two who will miss out?

    on performance of the season so far Unless Nani does something spectacular i can see him being left out.

    i hope he does turn it around and comes back, but i just done see it in him

    THIS IS JUST……………………………. MY OPINION.

  19. greenhoff77 says:

    Well im a bigger man than i thought ……………lol

    Nani well done for last night great goal, good vision for the second and a man of the match award

    now ffs …………keep it going :O)


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