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Fergie: Nani Has Improved Since Ronaldo Left

Nani opened the scoring in the Community Shield match against Chelsea last weekend and put in an all-round good performance. Sir Alex Ferguson reckoned that whoever chose Ricardo Carvalho as man of the match over Nani “obviously weren’t watching the game”.

The young Portuguese winger is in need of a good season and despite best bud Cristiano Ronaldo leaving, he seems as committed as ever.

“My future is at Manchester United, of course. It is a privilege to be at a club like this. I won one more title last season and I am very happy to have won it for these two consecutive years. I was born to play football and I feel fine, although I did not play much. I will not leave Manchester United,” Nani said in June. A couple of weeks later Nani’s best mate was sold to Real Madrid, something which could have had a negative impact on the player. However Nani seemed more than happy to move on. “Cristiano’s departure is not impossible to fix,” he said. “He will be missed but United have other players who can replace him.”

The manager reckons that Nani has matured since Ronaldo has left.

“He seems more settled now,” Ferguson said. “I don’t think he was in Cristiano’s shadow; he was a good friend and looked up to him. But once he knew Cristiano was leaving, he probably thought to himself, ‘This is my chance now’, and the boy has been doing very well since then.”

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  1. Costas says:

    MOrning everyone. I hope he is right. Nani has a vital role to play until Valencia settles at the club!

  2. Jorgen says:

    Morning Costas. He has vital role to play even after Valencia settles as well. Nani has a greater potential than the beforementioned player so if he can become a little more stable in his performances we have another worldbeater on our hands! Maybe he cant reach quite as high as Ronaldo, but who really knows?

  3. stretfordendole says:

    It’s a big year for Nani, but the words he’s saying and the display for the most part in last weeks game show that he’s up for the fight this season. He’s a real talent and maybe without the infulence of Ronaldo he will grow into the player we all want him to be.

  4. aig alex is god says:

    good morning costas and everyone else

    nani has to prove himself this season.he and valencia can be a threatning combination on the wings with their pace and dribbling ability.pvalencia should not have too many probs in settling down.if crossing of both players is good we are in for a load of goals

    Valencia had 85 crosses at Wigan last you can expect that to be well over 100 this year

  5. Costas says:

    Morning AIG. Yes Nani is needed throughout the season, not until Valencia settles(which i agree won’t take him long). I can’t wait to see us start a game with both of them.

  6. aig alex is god says:

    my first choice 11 wud be


    Bench.Foster,o shea,rafael,anderson,scholes,giggs,owen

  7. daddycoder says:

    come on nani! this is your season! rise up and be counted! united til we die!

  8. Costas says:

    That’s very close to my team as well AIG.


    Good morning boys.

    And so it begins………….

    Nani has a big year ahead since Ronnie left but then again they all do dont they? I think that the player who really needs to show his true worth more than anyone else is Berba – I am sure he will.

    Valencia gives me every confidence that we will not miss Ronnie (too)much as his pace and ability to cross has impressed so far. Nani has been a joy to watch so far and looks like he means business more than he did before.

    I think the goals will flow from all our front men and most of our midfielders. Vida will get a few more this season aswell and John O Shea will of course score for us against the Dippers.
    As for little Michael Owen, just sit back and watch him become our top scorer this season and the bargain of the century for Sir Alex.

    We are the team to beat – noone has been able to take our trophy away for the last three years and I do not doubt for one minute that we will win it not only this years aswell but the one after that making it five in a row and a fitting end to Sir Alexs mighty reign over all he surveyed.

    Optimistic enough for ya………………

  10. Charles says:

    Valencia delivers crosses and nani scores from the midfield, a perfect allround united.

  11. javac says:

    @ READ CAREFULLY WHAT I Said, No, not enough optimism enough for me! lol. You forgot to say that Ben will become the number one for United and England, and that both Wellbeck and Macheda will become world cup stars for their countries as England win the World cup by beating Italy 3-1 in the final, (Rooney, Owen, Wellbeck and Kiko scoring the goals). Such negativity from you! ;)

    Anyway, jokes aside, I totally agree, especially on Owen. I have real confidence this season; for all competitions. I can’t say why, considering I was Ronnie’s number one fan, even despite his larking around, yet I really believe that we have the hunger to try to win all, and the talent to win most comps. The new guys are well up for making a point, (Tosic and Obertan will be huge this season. Just cos Obertan is missing through injury he seems forgotten, but the kid can dribble at high speed, (like me dribbling in a f1 car!). On the left wing he will be awesome, and will surprise a few when he starts. I think Nani and valencia may rotate and Tosic, Park, and Obertan will fight for the left spot towards May.

    Anyway, the season’s not yet here, so why all the excitement? It doesn’t start till Sunday! ;)

  12. Readbeard says:

    Morning all.

    I really got pissed off with Nani year; more often than not he was just a liabilty (giving the ball away, shots/crosses ending up in the stands etc.).

    That being said, I’ve been really impressed with the way he has applied himself since Ronaldo left. There was never any doubt that he had talent but this now seems to have been coupled with a sense of purpose that he needs to contribute to the team performance and not just showboat at every given opportunity. It’s a bit early to make a full assessment, but the early signs are encouraging.


    @javac – quite right mate…… in fact the queen decrees that United are in fact > england and as such will be representing us in the World Cup from now on and that the Pope has agreed to allow Macheda his desire to represent Manchester United on the International stage without forfeiting his rightful place in the afterlife with King Eric, Bestie and Giggsy in the Heaven first XI with Sir Matt as Manager and Sir Alex as his trusty assistant.
    Ole on the bench and Jesus starting up front hahah.

  14. FergieisGOD says:

    I’ve always liked him, yeah he was poor last season (along with anderson, the reason’s have already been discussed) two flying wingers is something to look forward to this season. He has looked sharpe, has one HELL of a shot on him and sounds very committed to our glorious club. Commitment is all we ask for.

    I wish him luck this season, him, anderson and velencia they are the clubs future.

    3 nil or 3 -1 tomorrow rooney berba and one other.


  15. javac says:

    a good read here –

    Mentioned about us trying to buy David Hirst. Anyone remember him? He’d have been good signing but look who we got instead…

  16. Kings says:

    I hope he has a good season as I like the guy, I was extremely pleased when we signed him back in the summer of 2007 along with Anderson. Hopefully he will weigh in with some goals this season. I thought he was man of the match last Sunday, fuck knows how Carvalho got it. Mind you the announcer at the game was getting excited when announcing the Chelsea substitutions and talking in such a dulcite tone when announcing the United substitutions – says it all really.

  17. frodoisdead says:

    i was so negative towards nani last season, but now i feel like he is going to be a hugely influential part of our season. he obviously has the quality to succeed, he just needs to work on his decision making.

  18. cantona7 says:

    come on Nani, you have stolen my heart since that Arsenal “showboating”, please dont disappoint me. I believe you can be even better than Ronnie because Ronnie will not improve anymore..

  19. Giles Oakley says:

    Like Cantona7 I loved Nani’s ‘showboating’ against Arsenal. It was wonderfully skillful, wonderfully funny, and wonderfully wonderful.

  20. The Redmod says:

    we all know what Nani is capable of and i hope Sir Alex has is right again(he normally is)i really believe that Nani will come out of Ronnies shadow.I also believe that you will see more of a team passing game with devastating results…(Arsenal best footballing team….my arse)..

  21. TonyBee says:

    Showboating aside Giles, would you still play him against the top sides ….. The Arse are not the team of years gone by and I really feel that if SAF got a decent offer for him he would be shown the door.

  22. King Eric says:

    TonyBee – No I disagree mate. According to various sources United DID receive good offers from teams such as Inter and Barca. The fact is Sir Alex really belives that Nani will step up this season and become the player he has promised. I do to.

  23. denton davey says:

    King Eric – I believe in Nani, too. But, my “belief” ain’t worth bugger-all whereas SAF’s is paramount.

  24. Micky says:

    Nani will step up to the plate this year.


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