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Fergie: No Complaints & Ronaldo Chuffed With Reception

Fergie on Ronaldo

“He dedicated himself to getting fit and his commitment to the club,” Ferguson said. “It (the crowd’s reception) was important for Cristiano. I think he realises what a great club he is at and how loyal the fans are. He will take great encouragement from that.”

Fergie on Villarreal game

“We made a lot of good chances, we played really good football, we played with speed,” he added. “It was difficult for a couple of players who were playing their first games. It was a big ask for them to complete 90 minutes. Maybe in the second half it opened up because a few players were starting to feel it. I have no complaints. On another day we could have scored four or five. They are a very experienced side, very competitive team. They defend determinedly.”

Fergie on Chelsea game

“It is a big game, they are all big games now,” he said. “We have to reach our peak – it was the same last season, normally October you’ll see us much, much better.”

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  1. Anant says:

    why oh why cant we ever have a decent pre season ?!

  2. Tre says:

    It’s the United way, Anant. I thought we looked very lively and it seemed a goal was always just a moment away. We lack that razor edge but the signs were encouraging, maybe Sunday’s game will see us breakthrough in front of goal, run out 3-0 winners.

  3. OTRed says:

    @Anant: Pre-season as in??? We had a decent pre-season by all means, didn’t lose any game and put out OK performances, what wasn’t good about our pre-season??? I don’t like Fergie’s last sentence, its almost like he’s saying “Hey don’t expect us to win the Chelsea game, but we’ll be back in October like we always do”

  4. Arsene wanker says:

    Ronaldo’s situation remembers me of my ex girlfriend,”treat you like shit and you cant stop loving her”really sad.

  5. suhayl says:

    get upto speed in october maybe too late on both fronts…we need upto speed now


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