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Fergie: No Question Over Ben’s England Future

Ben Foster already has his eyes on next summer’s World Cup, despite not even being Manchester United’s #1 yet. Our second choice keeper is aware of the challenges he faces in getting more football so that he can get in to the England squad.

Sir Alex Ferguson has claimed time and again that Foster has the quality to be England keeper so will obviously be more than willing to give the keeper opportunities to prove himself. However, he doesn’t underestimate Foster’s task of taking the position of ‘one of the great goalkeepers of all time’.

“I have said it before and I will say it again, there is no question in my mind that he will be England’s goalkeeper,” Ferguson said. “There is nobody better. I am absolutely convinced of that. But he has two challenges. One is to take the position of Edwin van der Sar, who as everybody accepts, is one of the great goalkeepers of all time. We have to hope and pray that he stays free of injury and consistency will be everything for the boy.”

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  1. Alpha_RS says:

    I don’t think Foster will displace VDS as Uniteds No.1 goal keeper this season.

    I have a feeling that he will get his chance next year when perhaps VDS will retire along with Giggsy, Scholes, and GNev.

  2. aig alex is god says:

    sorry.gotta disagree.he is nt good enough.he has had sme great games,but his kicking is not good under pressure and he has to learn quick decision making from VDS

  3. aig alex is god says:

    but wen u look at the clowns England have got,maybe sir alex has a point

  4. Snoopy says:

    Ben need to injury free and have more game to play…
    I think he need to be MU first choice goalkeeper first….

  5. daveob82 says:

    I think Foster has every chance of replacing VDS this season.
    The excellent clean sheet record was down to the defence and not VDS….. how many games throughout that period ended with a single shot on our goal!!!! As great a keeper as he was/is I think VDS has reached the end of the line…this was shown by some shaky performances toward the end of the season…
    Foster needs time on the field and I think this will be his breakthrough season………..

  6. Mikael says:

    Ghtt: Great link, haven’t seen it yet so thanx!

    Comparing him with VDS is a hell of alot different to comparing him with the other english goalkeepers. He’s not in the same class as VDS in his prime (yet) but let’s face it… VDS isn’t either. He’s a great keeper still but I think it’s time for Foster to get more games to prepare him to take over. He’s a bit nervy sometimes but games will probably take that out of him. I have great faith in him (probably because SAF has it) so I hope, and believe, that come the end of this season he will be first choice and next season he will wear the #1 jersey

  7. javac says:

    He’s still a developing goalkeeper, but time may be running out for him at OT. When Edwin goes, if Ben’s not at the top level, we will just sign another keeper who will be. He may find himself always no. 2. He’s British and for me I hope he come’s through, and we could do with another Englishman in our team… We’ve only got 7- 8 first team English starters. lol.

    just read this quote : Ferguson said: “We actually watched (Petr) Cech, I watched him myself twice, and I thought, ‘nineteen years old, he’s a bit young’.” When asked if he was the ‘One that got away’ Ferguson replied: “Yeah, but at the time I was looking for someone to replace Peter Schmeichel.” This is the problem for Ben. The world never stops spinning and you have to make the most of your chances.

  8. Manutd forever says:

    @aig – confidence comes with playing games week in week out and playing with the likes of vidic and rio . I believe given a good run of games will improve his handling of ball and the communication with the defenders which will increase his level of performance.

  9. aig alex is god says:

    @manutd forever

    hope so.i hope he makes the cut but he has been inconsistent so far,but as u say he has nt gt consistent run of games.however he has to learn from VDS.

  10. keano99 says:

    FUCK england ireland scotland and wales. THE REPUBLIK OF MANCUNIA IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

  11. Devilton says:

    I have my doubts about Foster. His durability and quite frankly his nerve. It’s all well and good playing for Watford, and in carling cup games but how would he do in Europe against the really good sides? I like that SAF has confidence in the boy, but then again you have to believe it’s more to do with giving him the incentive to get better then actual indicator of ability. Foster still has a not of convincing to do to get the #1 for Engurland, and for United.

    Hope he can live up to it, because recent history shows only 2 keepers in the last decade have been able to live with being the #1 at united without getting crushed under the weight of expectations.

  12. davetian says:

    Still think he should be going out on loan this year to a club playing in Europe.


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