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Fergie On Rooney Smoking

Wayne Rooney was pictured on a night out with his mates last week and a lot of fuss was made of him smoking and urinating up a wall.

Some people even likened that behaviour to Anderson writing off his car after leaving a nightclub at 7am.

Following United’s 7-1 win last night, Sir Alex Ferguson was asked about Rooney’s antics.

“I am not getting into that,” said Ferguson. “He has only been training for six days but he impressed me. He will need more training before he plays full games but I will have to play him against Chelsea to bring him on in time for the game against Newcastle. By that time he would have played an international too, which could be a good thing.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. aig alex is god says:

    Agree with SAF. he will deal with it if at all he wants to in his own way. Wayne looked ok. Tried to get involved as much as he could but scoring a goal still eludes him. Hope he finds his range soon.

  2. FloridaManc says:

    Wazza was on holiday. As long as he brings it on the pitch for United, I can give a fuck all about what he does off of it.

  3. Callum says:

    It’s unlikely to be a 40-a-day habit, is it. Probably is in Berbatov’s case though. 40 cigars.

  4. willierednut says:

    Much ado over nothing. Of topic, Liverpoo are being taken over by the Chinese goverment, well they always sing “You’ll never wok alone.

  5. Giles Oakley says:

    When Fergie says he’s not getting into something it’s almost always because he’s dealing with it behind closed doors. When he’s not bothered about something he just brushes it aside without putting up the shutters, so my guess is that he’ll have words with Wazza. It won’t be a major bollocking, but he’ll let him know he’s aware of what’s going on and he won’t want more of that sort of thing.

  6. cantona7 says:

    what Sir Alex meant was “It’s not your problem, Mr Reporter, and you wont get any story from me about that”

  7. Costas says:

    Agreed with Giles Oakley here. Fergie probably will give him a warning in private as he should.

  8. romeo says:

    Everyone does things they should not be doing every now and then.. Rooney is no exception..
    Remember Best anyone?

  9. United 4 Life says:

    Hey guys, i wana make my way down to wembley on thursday to see rooney play, as the 3 times i’ve seen united live hes been injured!! do you guys think hes likely to start against hungary on wednesday? Thanks guys

  10. CroneKills says:

    @willierednut LMAO! Touchè…

  11. aiaiyaya says:

    hopefully that’s not his habit. wazza’s no superman, everybody knows what happens when you make it your habit. the last thing i want to see is united without him..

  12. TheRadLegion says:

    I’m really pissed with the media. I said this a while ago after England went draw with the US. I said that the media would not pick Green, they would pick Rooney as their scape goat. I was right all along.

    It was a poor public display I agree, but the media took it beyond the next level where you and I almost felt that it was totally unacceptable behavior. He smokes and did it at 5 am, so why this is a life-threatening issue, I have no idea. If he does it week in week out -or even once a month- AND during the season, THEN I would have something to say about this. But he doesn’t. The media and all these people apparently would more than happy to forget how discipline he has been at United.

    Ever since I got married and have a kid, I rarely play video games. But last weekend I stayed up until 4 in the morning playing RDR. And it felt good. People need some release and I think Rooney is pretty much the same as you and me. Let the boy does his thing and as Oakley said, Sir Alex will be the first to rebuke him when necessary.

    A month after world cup, people outside the United camp, is now sort of believe that England’s fail is due to Rooney. It’s amazing how crafty and sneaky the media shifted focus from the whole team to one player. I’m just tired to convinced my co-worker and my cousins that there were other 10 players who DID not perform that days.

    From this point on, for the media.. everything that Rooney does and will do, will be less meaningful. I honestly think he did great yesterday against the Ireland XI. But of course, when you hate something so much, a tasty wine can be a sour grape.

  13. FletchTHEMAN says:

    England did not score because they were set up wrong, they don’t have depth, and the FA schedule to many games. Most of the boys are running out of steam in world cup years. Also, the press talk about our Wazza because there is no one else of similar quality. I mean, no one will talk about Heskey because, well, it just sounds pathetic.

  14. Pryce says:

    He’s a grown man! It’s not like he’s smoking crack! He obviously smokes behind closed doors, doesn’t seem to
    effect his play! I bet ferguson smokes aswell!

  15. willierednut says:

    The only shocking thing about the picture in Scotts thread is the shirt Rooneys wearing, come on Wayne, sharpen up lad.

  16. eddieTheRed says:

    I’m more worried about Wayne going out drinking with David Haye; I hope stupidity isn’t catching!

  17. parryheid says:

    He could have a fag at half-time if he likes,I’d be more bothered if he was snowdropping ladies underwear.

  18. UnitedTeamForMe says:


  19. RedScot says:

    Smoking is so addictive, dont you know it carries a goverment health warning.
    I thought he looked a tad of the pace in Ireland.Hardly surprising after laying on a beach in Barbados.Having fun enjoying himself , kicking back.Spending time with his family.
    He will get back up to speed.
    I cant see what is wrong with a Fag now and again, if that is your pleasure I just dont partake of that activity. lol

  20. stretfordend ryda says:

    footballers have always smoked, dwight yorke, berbatov, sheringham, rio, not to mention the 1960 to about 93 era’s it was pretty normal for a footballer to be seen with a fag

  21. muchio says:

    i thought last time barthez was also caught on smoking..and he was dropped at the next game..i dont know wether its true or just a rumour..but still i reckon the boss will have a private word with rooney…Still, the boss knows what to do..he always protects his players..

  22. schmadmir says:

    Agree with most of thje comments here; Fergie will give him a warning and make no more fuss about it.

    Let’s move on, please!

  23. jellybean says:

    nah, redscot- you just partake in smoking other things :D

  24. BringbackCharlton. says:

    I am sorry ‘RadLegion’ but urinating in the street at any hour is disgraceful in my book. Smoking a cigarette on its own may not be life threatening, but was it ‘on its own’ or is it a habit? If so he has got a problem. In two to three years time his lungs will not have the same capacity as they had. His legs will not be able to run as fast as present.

    Then you have to concern yourself with his drinking. Bottles of Vodka and when he met up, in Las Vegas, with our boxing champ they drank bottles of brandy!! Plus champagne.

    Now adding this up and his lifestyle is something we should all be concerned with. There are so many great and good footballers who ended up alcoholics. There have been so many great and good sportsmen and women who smoked and suffered from the effects of that habit, sadly.

    Then you have to sit back and analyse the wise words of the manager SAF. I believe that Rooney appears to be able to get away with any misdemeanour. He effectively has Fergie wrapped around his little finger. This will, I am afraid, all end in tears for fergie, for Rooney and for the rest of us for Manchester United.

    If one player is seen as getting preferential treatment then team spirit will decline rapidly.

    I wonder what Lee Sharpe and Ryan Giggs make of Rooney’s behaviour and SAF reaction???

    It is time for the true supporter who wants Rooney to be at the top of his game to let Rooney know that his behaviour was and is a disgrace. That may shake him up and see sense. Sadly he now believes he IS Manchester United.

    Goals from our Little Pea and our golden Italian and others may cause Rooney to have time to reflect on the subs bench more this season. It is a rotation policy now in operation so he, as a member of the team, must be treated evenly.

  25. Famoustee says:

    Rooney should see himself as special man.dis time arround…majority are expecting a better form.

  26. Oyesanmi lawal says:

    Let’s all hail his(Rooney)dominance throught is playing as a united player.wayne has been a very sharp strike since his arrival in old trafford……so let’s kindly 4give him(wazza)4 d non-chalant attittude he has displayed.coz nobody is perfect……ONE UNITED!!!

  27. RedScot says:

    @Jellybean Hi there, lol I posted with a little innuendo, tongue in cheek.
    There is a double message in there.Its a piss take at the Fag thing.With my message that I adore Wayne as well.


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