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Fergie: Our Young Players Are Very Encouraging

“If you don’t put them in then you can’t know what you’ve got…if they’re good enough, they’re old enough,” was the message of Sir Matt Busby, a legacy which has continued through to present day. Whilst having experienced players in your squad is important, you should always make room for the development of youngsters.

Sir Alex Ferguson has said he is very impressed with the young players we have coming through at the moment.

“The area I am most encouraged by is the young players,” said Ferguson. “Numbers-wise we have quite a load of them. Federico Macheda and Danny Welbeck are developing very well. We also have the Da Silva brothers and we think Darron Gibson is going to be a top player because he has come on fantastically well. Then you have Nani and Anderson who are only 22 and 21.”

Ferguson reckons having the experienced Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville will bring a positive influence to these young players.

“That nucleus of experienced players, who have gone through all that has happened over the years, have so much to pass on,” he added.

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  1. Macheda is GOD says:

    True,But this is rooney’s year.


    They are gonna win the league for us many times in the years to come – Welbeck is a quality player and a Manc.
    Macheda has the same natural gift that 2OLEGEND had, right place right time, quick feet.

  3. Kings says:

    Hopefully we will see the emergence of Petrucci this season.

  4. aig alex is god says:

    rafael,fabio,welbeck,petrucci,macheda,da laet,evans are all young lads with amazing potential.i m sure they will all make a big career at OT.under the guidance of Ole they will develop well.

    Macheda is God
    Agree mate wazza will shine this season.My tip to become the best player in the league this season.confident that he will form a lethal partnership wid Berbagod

  5. frodoisdead says:

    i agree with kings about petrucci. he is the youngster i am most looking forward to seeing break through.


    Would love to see Rooney played regularly and played in his favourite central position with all his metatarsals intact. I still think that Owen will score more goals than anyone else but if Rooney or Berba prove me wrong then I wont be crying myself to sleep that is for certain.

  7. aig alex is god says:


    Owen will play 30-35 games all season while berba and rooney will play in excess of 50 games.that means wazza and berba have a better tip is rooney to score most goals for us(will finish 2nd behind torres)and berba to get most assists in the league.

  8. woolie says:

    Couldn’t agree more kings i’d love to see petrucci have a run in the carling cup. also would’t mind if ravel morrison was on the bench get him around the first team squad


    aig – you could be right mate. It all depends how Fergie uses the subs, if we are already winning by a couple he may take off Rooney or Berba and put Owen on. If we are tied 0-0 or 1-1 and need a match winner he may put Owen on. It is a wait and see job mate. I could be right, there is a first for everything. LOL.

  10. denton davey says:

    aig = don’t be so quick to “count out LittleMikey”. The plan is to use him sparingly but that plan is subject to change on two accounts: first, an injury to one of Rooney/Berbatov; and, second, lacklustre play from Berbatov if he won’t play BOTH centrally and forward.

    The kids are alright ! Both in terms of quality and quantity, the future looks relatively secure. BUT, the next step is the big one – going from prospect to player is a step that a lot of guys never make. So, while the guys mentioned all look like good prospects there is no guarantee that they will make the next step. My fingers are crossed and I am hoping for each and every one of them but that damned reality just pops up !

  11. manyooooooooooooooooo says:

    rooney rules

  12. ojijo says:

    I do agree with all that has been said but i still do think that we are short of good and combative central midfielders,anderson,fletcher who else?Gibson is not a utd quality player.was it reported that we had signed a certain miguel Tevez?we really got exposed against birmingham(midfield wise)and give us a play maker please fergie,we are getting pretty too predictable


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