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Fergie: Owen Stays Here

After Aston Villa and other clubs have been linked with a move for Michael Owen, Sir Alex Ferguson has said there’s no way our ickle scouse bastard is going anywhere.

“He is looking really good,” Ferguson said. “He has trained really well this week. People may have forgotten just what a good player Michael is. He’s had a nightmare time with a bad hamstring injury but now he deserves a change of luck. If he can stay fit, I believe he has an important part to play for the club between now and the end of the season; there’s no doubt about that. He still has a great engine. There has never been a problem with him since he came to United. He is great to have around. He conducts himself well and is a great example to the younger players. I know a few clubs have been thinking about him for a possible loan arrangement but it will not happen. He is definitely not going anywhere.”

Aside from all the scouse stuff, I find Owen’s personality quite annoying. He’s got a great sense of self-importance, he’s whiny and is very defensive when people mention the fact he is injury prone.

But that aside, I honestly think he is a good influence behind the scenes. He’s a total professional who is massively grateful to have been given an opportunity at our club.

Maybe we’ll see him given a go today?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. TonyBee says:


  2. TonyBee says:

    Just to piss that twat from the other day……..

  3. mufcmyreligion says:

    I know what a nob he was!

  4. Samuel - united WE stand says:

    Owen days at united are numbered, 31 now and has had far too many injuries, i think he’ll do ok this season but don’t think he’ll be given a new contract. hernandez welbeck, macheda and possibly diouf will be taking his place.

    He complains about not starting but he lacks a great all round game to be a certain starter but as impact sub, he is ruthless.

  5. Manchester Is RED! says:

    how many pages is the illustrated history? thinking of getting it as a present for a fan

  6. Giles Oakley says:

    What, Manchester is red, the illustrated history of Michael Owen? Two pages: ’4-3 Mate’, and the League Cup Final. Wait for the next edition. Could be lots more pages…’

  7. Costas says:

    It’s really sad that at times I completely forget Michael is still our player. With Hernandez’s arrival and Kiko getting more shots, it makes sense that he would play less, but I still have a ton of respect for him for being there when the options were more limited. Hopefully he still has something to offer until the end of the season.

  8. willierednut says:

    He’ll be off in the summer.

  9. kunal says:

    i think he should be given more chances in the first team
    even though people say he does not have a good all around game i think his play is a bit like park cause he plays short simple and sometimes intelligent passes
    not a 60-70 yarder pin point ball or a defence cutting through ball but plays simple and safe
    however if given a run of games his confidence and all around play will increase

  10. kunal says:


  11. Kings says:

    If he can chip in with 15 goals this season, I’ll be happy. Key thing for us is to have all our players fit and available for what will be a hectic period. Get as many points on the board in the next week and a half, then smash the vermin in the FA Cup 3rd Round.

  12. kunal says:

    and why is scott venting out his pent-up anger and frustration of one scouse bastard(rooney) on another

    owen has scored more than rooney in open play in lesser starts………………

  13. Zelh says:

    his united days are over.
    we have way to many talented strikers.

    I would rather know if hargo stays or not..

  14. bchilds says:

    Meh, not bothered if Owen walks out the door in January on a free. Would much prefer game time being given to Hernandez or Macheda and Welbeck and Diouf if they come back in the summer. We have to concentrate on youth, the aforementioned players will be able to contribute to United for years to come, Owen simply won’t.

  15. Dandivine7 says:

    I believe He would get one year extension. We keep talking of Kiko and Chicha but lets face it Owen would be helping influence in helping them develop. If Gary Neville(no doubt a legend) has a chance with the team, why not Michael? I strongly believe He will have a positive spell with United before He leaves. Lets just support Him

  16. Dec the red says:

    scott thats a bit harsh, i think mickey owen is a top guy

  17. Dela says:

    Funny how quickly people forget about player’s contribution. Obviously we all remember his gorgeous finish in the 4-3 battering of City last September, but also remember the guy beat Wolfsberg in Germany with a stunning individual display, scoring a hat-trick and also scoring against CSKA in the champs league. He scored in the Carling Cup final and then pulled a hamstring.

    That’s the thing, the guy had surgery that ended his season after pulling a hamstring in _February_ and has had some recurring problems since. But even at that, he came on as a sub against Bolton and scored with his first touch. Don’t remember? Headed the ball beautifully into the far top corner? Game finished 2-2, could have lost it.

    The guy has had a problem with injuries but he’s not the first player to have to put up with that. Guys here like to name drop the youth players as replacements for Owen… like macheda and hernandez who were both part of a team that got decimated by then-bottom-of-the-league West Ham only weeks ago in the Carling Cup. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hernandez and I see the potential in Kiko but to argue that United should throw away a natural finishing genius like Michael Owen (who cost the club NOTHING in the first place) instead of letting him play out a role for the last few years of his career at United is insane.

    But then again I suspect much of the calls are made by fans who (if they could have..) would have dropped Berba, Ando, Carrick and a lot of others who had bad spells by now. I guess it’s a good thing that it’s not up to them at all. Fergie being proven right in case after case including the three previously mentioned names, and by Michael’s vital goals last year already, he’s already proven right there too, but trust me, we haven’t seen the end of the Michael yet.

  18. Mannings says:

    Can’t wait until he goes. He grabs the odd goal here and there, but he doesn’t really contribute that much and it’s still disgusting seeing him in the number 7 shirt.

  19. Dela says:

    @Mannings, he doesn’t “contribute that much” because he doesn’t get a chance to play that much. But when he does eh has proven he can score important goals. I don’t understand your comment about the shirt number. I think you might have your priorities out of whack mate…..

  20. Red1990 says:

    Never doubt the old master Ferguson, all of you’s WHO thinks Owen is finished Will have to eat their words And swallow back their own spit. Come On little Mickey kill those scouse bastards On the third round!

  21. supertramp says:

    everyone here talking abt owen is too small to diss him.

  22. Red Devil says:


    Fantastic post mate…….
    Although to be fair to Scott…. he does get defensive when asked about his injury record. AND Scott also mentions that he is a good influence to have around….

  23. Thabsheer says:

    we have to play 2 extra games now … we need every leg we can get with all the possible injuries that can happen as we saw last season i think we are lacking numbers in mid though a couple of injuries n u’ll see rooney on the left wing!!!!

  24. wruth03 says:

    Scott normally I find your comments to be very fair but this time you are a tad unfair. For one thing Owen is not nor has he ever been a scouser. To be a true scouser you have to be born in the city of Liverpool. Owen was born in the city of Chester at the Countess of Chester hospital and has lived virtually all his life in North Wales. I feel you are a bit anti scouse because of Rooney’s behaviour. I do not for an instant blame you for feeling angry and let down by Rooney as I will find it very hard to forgive the way Rooney treated the club and it’s supporters very much as you do. However Owen is not Rooney and he has never spoken out against the club or it’s supporters. One other thing isn’t it a little contradictory to say he is a good example to the young players yet you claim that he is “whiny”. Personally I do not blame Owen for being defensive about his injury record as what do we really want or expect him to say? Would you prefer he said yes I am an injury prone waste of space and have no right to be alive. Well sorry Scott but that is just not going to happen and rightly so. You also say that he has a great sense of self importance well I have never heard him say he is better than anyone else he is not a Ballotelli thank goodness. Actually I do wonder how the City fans can defend Ballotelli as he really gets up my nose with his sulky arrogant attitude.

  25. willierednut says:

    People can say he’s self important, but the man has scored over 40 goals for his country and has won the European player of the year award.

  26. wruth03 says:

    Very well said willierednut. Like you said Owen has scored forty goals for his country and been a ballon d’or winner so he would have something to be self important about. Actually that is the reason I find Ballotelli’s atitude so irritating he ponces about with that sulky attitude looking down his nose at everybody thinking how superior he is. When in reality he has achieved very little, I believe Jose Mourinho couldn’t stand him either. Well really I wonder why!!!!


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