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Fergie: Owen Will Be Back Soon

The official Manchester United website reports that Owen Hargreaves will return to Manchester on September 23rd to complete the final stage of his rehabilitation to get him playing again.

Sir Alex Ferguson has spoken at length about the process of bringing Hargreaves back, whilst concedes he thinks Rio Ferdinand will be back a week later than the player predicted.

“We’re in dialogue all the time with Owen and the physio who’s conducting his rehabilitation in America,” Ferguson said. “He’ll come with Owen for a week for the change-over so we can jointly understand the treatment and rehabilitation he’s been doing. That’s straightforward. The difficulty is getting him back into football work. I say difficult because we’ve not seen him all this time. We’re relying on information we get from the States. We’re certain that his fitness work will be good, we just have to gage the right time to bring him into football training. You don’t have a player out for a year and then just throw him straight into the fire. The important thing is to get him back playing to his level, which is a very good level, because he’ll be a great addition to us.”

Edwin Van der Sar and Rafael da Silva have both been ruled out against Arsenal and we’re still a few weeks away from seeing Rio back.

“It’s nice for him to let us know when he will be available,” Ferguson said sarcastically after being told about Rio’s prediction. “We think it will be longer than that. It will be a week after that.”

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  1. Paul the red says:

    Hargo will be like a new signing if he is fit

  2. aig alex is god says:

    owen.we love you and miss you.please come back soon.prayinh there are no more for rio good to hear that he wants to be back soon but we should be careful coz i read Evans will undergo surgery on his knee wen rio will be back.

  3. aig alex is god says:

    oh dearby owen i meant Hargo and not micky owen.I knw thats obvious but still want to make myself clear

  4. Tony Starks says:

    It doesn’t sound overly optimistic with Hargreaves, looks like the new year at the earliest if he is to be back… that is if further problems don’t arise.. Come on Hargo we need you back man!

  5. Alpha_RS says:

    Rio should come back when he is fully fit.
    Next thing we’ll be in a situation like in the Champions League Final again!

  6. King Eric says:

    Great news, Even if he comes back half the player he was!!

  7. keano99 says:

    “oh owen hargreaves u are the love of my life, oh owen hargreaves i’ll let u shag my wife oh owen hargreaves i want curlly hair too”

  8. willierednut says:

    He’ll back at ot on september, dont think he’ll playing for a while but good news to see em back, we do lack that type of midfielder.

  9. MUFC the Religion says:

    who else wants curly hair?

  10. TK99 says:

    What a great news that is ….We really miss you Hargo so much and we desperately want you back.Hargo alongside Ando will give us power and strength in Midfield . In my opinion the reason we lost last year to Barcelona was the absence of Hargo.

  11. lidija says:

    i hope hargo will be OK, with all the love ,energy and positive vibrations he’s receiving from us fans- he must be OK, as for Rio – we need him,but what’s this “Ferguson said sarcastically”!!?????

  12. aig alex is god says:

    @king eric

    Hargo is a very determined player.he will take some time to get back to his best but i am damn sure he will get back to 100% and as good as he was earlier.the midfield will look complete with hago in there.By christmas he should be fit and starting games.

  13. denton davey says:

    aig @ 11:48 – Xmas is a bit optimistic; my thought has been that he will be very slowly integrated into the first-team squad in the new year so that he is available – and fully match-fit – by mid-January or February, in time for the knock-out rounds of the CL.

    And, yes, it will be like a new transfer. With Hargreaves, Anderson, Fletcherinho, and Carrick, I don’t think we’ll be hearing any more bullshit about “the weakest midfield among the top four”.

  14. aig alex is god says:

    @denton davey

    Maybe i am being a little too optimistic.Essien was out for less time than hargoa nd needed 3-4 months of training to get back to 100%.actually i just want to see him back.that is good enough for me

  15. monkeytennis says:

    I think the sarcasm is coming from the fact that ferguson would have already known about rio’s progress and was less optimistic. He wasn’t literally thanking him

  16. nagraj says:

    hargo is a crock..

    should’ve signed palacios

  17. fooart says:

    Double Owen will be our secret weapon in winning Champion League Again…

  18. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    you’ll know in the next 5 days how quickly owen is coming back and how sharp they think his is
    if there is a signing in the next 5 days then its bad
    if theres not then its good

  19. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    another chant
    owens got a load of medel
    owens gots a load of flair
    owens got a doggy accent
    and he’s got black curly hair

  20. fooart says:

    Ronaldo says he left Old Trafford with Alex Ferguson’s blessing and the United boss even shared a joke with the forward, who spent six seasons in Manchester.

    He added: “He said ‘congratulations’. I think he knew it was the right time for me to move on and I think he acknowledged that I needed to go.

    “He joked with me and told me that with all the offensive players at Real Madrid, I’d end up playing as a central defender.

    “That was just his way of saying ‘good luck, son’. I did not get a chance to say goodbye to the fans but I hope they know that I enjoyed every moment playing at Old Trafford.

    “I would like to thank them. Even in the most difficult times I always felt their support.”

    This guy is making it harder to forget him in Red Devil shirt…Legend…Pls come back one day…

  21. Gotta hate tiny tears says:
    owen owen owen owen
    owen owen owen
    owen owen owen
    in attack in attack
    help united to servive
    score 1 score 2 score 3 score 4
    keep the title hopes alive

  22. vidicgonnagetye says:

    Hope theres no more setbacks for hargo. Great player!
    PS. I’d let him shag my wife!

  23. 20legend99 says:

    Hargo’s a fucking demon,
    He wears a curly hat,
    And when he saw my woman,
    He said I fancy that!
    But I don’t really mind it,
    Since he’s chosen red and white,
    He’s Owen fucking Hargreaves and I’d let him shag my wife!

  24. jamie says:

    Wouldnt hold my breath on this one.

  25. Fze123 says:

    our midfield will be much much stronger when he comes back. i reckon he’ll start playing december/early january. it’s a good thing fergie’s not rushing him. oh, how much have we missed him. he is so vital to our midfield.


  26. alinaabbamancesterutd says:

    We in Nigeria are always praying to see Hargo back again,wish him succsfull return.hargo is the messiah !!!


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