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Fergie: Paul Should Stay On

After Paul Scholes’ shock decision to come out of retirement in January, Sir Alex Ferguson has claimed our veteran midfielder should carry on for another season.

“I haven’t discussed Paul’s future with him but on the evidence we have seen at the moment there is no reason why he shouldn’t (stay another year),” said Ferguson. “When I said to him last year you’ll give me 25 to 30 games it wasn’t enough for him. But I think he may look at it differently now. He knew right away when he went coaching with the reserves and took part in the sessions he could hack it. He came to me and said he’d made a mistake. The evidence we are seeing now is he is right. His form has been fantastic.”

After having a conversation with the manager last year, Scholes decided he was going to retire because he didn’t think he would play in enough games. He’s clearly realised that playing in no games is worse than not playing in enough games. He has played just a month’s worth of football but has already scored more goals than he did all of last season. Based on his contribution so far, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be playing again next year.

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  1. denton davey says:

    Maybe the solution is for SIrRyanGiggs to play forever but for TheGingerNinja only play half-seasons !

  2. MG says:

    It’s safe to say if United win nowt but there is always me in Football manager and James on Fifa

    Long live United


  3. North Stand Tier 2 says:

    He’s our best midfielder, and with the rest he had, has looked very sharp since his return, getting in the box more than ever in the last 5-6 years. Another year please.

  4. StatesideAussie says:

    Here we go again. Bloody transfer window is still months away and already people are working themselves into a frenzy.

    If SAF and Scholes (and Giggs) are all satisfied they can make a valuable contribution, and they want to do it, then who are we to say otherwise? As for bringing in another top-flight midfielder: the way some folk talk, you’d think it was as easy as trundling down to the local WalMart and picking one off the shelf. Or maybe even mail-order it in, from Amazon or somewhere.

    Without throwing any names around, I would reckon there’s maybe a handful of players in the world who might be candidates to take a leading role in our midfield, based on proven form, ability and class. Four or five guys tops — no more than that. Now how many of them are left in the pool, once you take away those who are not the right age, are not available due to their current contracts (in a transfer, it takes four to tango: both clubs, the player and his agent), and those who, for whatever reason, either want to move somewhere else or don’t want to move here. Answer: probably none. And before anyone leaps in and says so-and-so is available: remember, we are talking about SAF’s short-list of suitable candidates, not yours.

    Outside of that, you have to lower your sights. That means getting someone who is either (a) young and full of potential but unproven, (b) pretty good but not quite in that elite class, or (c) ticks all the boxes but is on the home straight of his useful career. With (a), we would be gambling on youth again, and while SAF will always be on the lookout for good young talent that he can grow, it obviously isn’t the immediate answer to our “midfield problems”. With (b), you’re talking a gamble that the person has been held back by his current situation and would blossom when surrounded by better talent at United (this is the category I put Ashely Young in). And with (c), what’s the popint, when we already have Scholes and Giggs to fulfill that role?

    Clearly, SAF’s strategy is to replace Scholes from within. We all know that it won’t be a like-for-like replacement, because there is only one Paul Scholes, but that will be true even if we buy someone.

    His strategy may be based on several reasons. I don’t know for sure (none of us does), but the following are all reasonable assumptions:

    1. Transfer prices are over-inflated and even if they weren’t, it is neither possible nor sensible to try to compete against the open cheque-book policies of teams like Shitty, the Rent Boys, and the Virus. Even ordinary “talent” requires a huge outlay these days.

    2. He wants to build a young squad that is at the start of its lifecycle, so that the next manager doesn’t need to immediately rush out into the transfer market. Having faith in a new manager’s coaching ability is one thing. Trusting him with a huge transfer kitty, is entirely something else. We all know that the change of management will be a traumatic time, probably for several years. But it would be so much more risky if the new manager inherits a squad that is on the decline and urgently needs to be rebuilt. It would be equally risky if the new manager inherited a squad that had recently been rebuilt through transfers–because if the team isn’t “working”, the new guy can always blame those transfers (which weren’t his). Selling those players on would be expensive: you spend a lot of money buying in some good players, then the new guy wants to sell them off and buy in a different crew. Nah, doesn’t make sense.

    Sorry for the long post! (and i only covered half of what I wanted to say lol)

  5. redarmy7 says:

    which other midfielder is good enough for utd, everyone wanted sniejder last season, what has he done this season, even against england last week he looked shite. we dont need a midfield player, our team is fine, what we need is a left back and a right back that plays consistently, hopefully that is rafa.


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