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Fergie Puts Mancini In His Place

Last week Roberto Mancini comically claimed that United had been lucky this season, as they had won games they didn’t deserve to, whilst City had dropped points in games they deserved to win.

On RoM we addressed this comment, pointing out the difference between United and City wasn’t anything to do with luck, but our winning mentality. Mancini admitted that players in his squad, like Samir Nasri, had the attitude that they didn’t need to improve after winning the title last season, which is a mindset that our manager would never allow.

Ferguson has taken the piss out of Mancini’s comments today, pointing out what we all know, that being “lucky” doesn’t win you all the games and titles that we have since Sir Alex became our manager.

“We’re dead lucky,” he said sarcastically. “We have only been doing it for 25 years. It is a terrible habit. Maybe he (Mancini) is lucky they are only 12 points behind.”

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  1. King Eric says:

    Well said Fergie, firmly put that greasy snide cunt in his place.

  2. kk says:

    Lucky is the way they won the titie last season. Go buy Falcao and etc,we will be right here.

  3. Trydent says:

    @kk- you got it right!

  4. iced earth says:

    lucky they are only 12 points behind
    they got referees decisions
    it must be 17.i think our 2 match s against spuds was winnable

  5. City Old Man says:

    I am surprised Baconface took the bait.
    For years you have been the top dogs (and rightly so. you have been the best team).
    Now however we are pushing you, you never in your wildest dreams thought we would
    win the league, did you. ?
    Mancini is a class act, he does not believe United have been lucky to be in the position they are.
    He’s just playing mind games, they way Baconface has been doing for years.
    But now there is someone in (his) your own backyard doing the same and he (you) dont like it.
    it took us a while to get here but as the record says “you aint seen nothing yet”

  6. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Manici! YO Brov! Y lucky to only be 12 points back! HA



    Hope we beat those beggars on 8 April!

  7. kohhweetat says:

    Yaya papaya,they just lucky 2 win last season

  8. kohhweetat says:

    And that is their only only time, they actually buy the tropy as they change the entire team,hahaha….

  9. kohhweetat says:

    Sack the manager n sell all the player n close etihad,4 goodness sake.

  10. Jocke Sweden says:

    Words of wisdom from SAF.

  11. Unitedtillidie says:

    That cunt wants to talk about luck ? Has he forgot how he won the title in the last minute ? He also said we were lucky to win them at their shit ground ! Motherfucker you were 2 nil down ! Not to mention Youngs goal was onside you piece of worthless shit !

  12. emmarsonjumbe says:

    lucky this mancini thing for the tittle last shit season

  13. DreadedRed says:

    City Old Man – bit of a fucking moron, are you not?

    - YOU didn’t “WIN” the league, your benefactors bought it for you.
    - You are not “pushing us” at all. You are a distant second, and out of the CL.
    - Mancini is NOT a “class act” He’s a classless whinger, with little talent and no balls.

    You are right about “aint seen nothing yet”. Nothing worth writing home about, anyway.

    Our Fergie brings home the bacon all right, and boy, do we gorge ourselves.

  14. RVP's left foot says:

    @City Old Man – You lottery winning looney…..Sir Fergie didnt bite the bait….he shoved the bait right up the place where the sun doesnt shine of that Italian mug

  15. King Eric says:

    City Old Man – Ha. Comedy Gold. Do you seriously think the biggest club in World Football United are bothered about liccle City? We couldn’t care less. We gifted you the title last season as did QPR who handed you the game once they got wind they were safe. Your players couldn’t care less about your lazer blue shirt with the 3 laughable stars on it. They got a taste of glory and were content with that. Didn’t push on like United do year in, year out. Just look how our lads and Fergie reacted to losing “our” trophy. 12 point gap in March is a joke. Come on at least give us a run for our money it is getting boring now. Oh and “baconface”? Thats original. Like “manure” and “rags”. Bore off you prick. City are a joke and the “project” will end in tears mark my words. You even still laud the fat golfer who hates City. Oh and one last thing. Great summer signings. Sinclair would have won a trophy this season had he stayed at Swansea.

  16. rohan_19 says:

    city old man — ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’, you say
    we havent been impressed by what we’ve seen so far, I say

  17. mara says:

    ‘Maybe he (Mancini) is lucky they are only 12 points behind’

    Well done Sir Ferguson hahahaha
    The best comment this year

  18. cockney red says:

    I actually think Mancini is a good, if not great, manager.. He seems to have more fights with his players than Graeme Souness, and is the only manager to break Carlos Tevez’ will. He’s no SAF, but he’s a quick learner, his purchases have been better than Hughes’, and City has richer, better owners than we do.
    I like a bit of banter with City fans, but I don’t go too far with it these days. The balance of power is changing, and I only support United because we’re the best. Nobody likes losers, and one set of northern monkeys is much like another.
    If City start to win consistantly, I’m going to swap. Their fans are used to years of misery, but I didn’t chose Utd because we’re “nice”, I chose Utd because we are the richest and we win all the time.
    If that ever stops, I’m off. Criticise me and call me a glory hunter if you like, but Utd will lose 3/4 of our fans round the world unless we keep winning. Utd get the glory, so of course we get the glory hunters. City have won one premiership, and their fans are like pigs in sh*t. They could never win anything again, and they won’t lose a single supporter.
    That, and their patient trillionaire owner, has got me considering my options. Tell me you don’t feel the same.

  19. King Eric says:

    cockney red – Yeah nice try pal, that’s almost amusing. City Old Man in disguise. Prick. Fuck off.

  20. D'GING€R PRINC€ says:

    @cockney red,u are on ur own.even if We get relegated 2moro,I WIL STIL BE A RED!

  21. King Eric says:

    Rather be a “northern monkey” than a fucking Cockernee Sparra. Do one.

  22. WeAreUnited says:


    you just got FERGIED½! peace.

  23. wayne says:

    Lol don’t make me fucking laugh Bobby Manc has had the biggest advantage given to him than any manager on the planet.He’s made bad signing after bad signing spending a small fortune in the process,his tactics in most cases have been wrong,his man management skills are non existent and his mind games are juvenile.
    He’s fucking rubbish and god knows why he hasn’t been fired yet

  24. kel says:

    Haha, Well said. LOL

  25. DD says:

    Mancini is just trying to protect his job, amazed so many people have taken the bait and bitten… he’s not bad at these mind games as he showed last season.

  26. City Old Man says:

    Oh dear oh dear, rattled a few cages then.
    All entitled to our opinion and no way in a million years would I expect you to agree with
    me but to call a manager who has got us the cup and league in the last two season rubbish
    is just plain stupid (how old are you Wayne ).
    As for DreadedRed well it’s really not work conversering with an inbred like yourself.

  27. wayne says:

    City Old Man as far as i’m concerned Bobby Manc is a fucking joke,won on goal difference after Utd had been fighting injuries all year and QPR gave you fuckers the league after knowing they were safe.The amount of money spent, City have to be the most underachieving team in the history of football.Signing player after player for ridiculous amounts of transfer fees and wages.City have cost a small fortune and are going to spend another fortune this summer to try and keep pace with Utd.
    Bobby Manc/City and the project is ridiculous,a project is supposed to be something put in place that develops a solid base not signing and overpaying for rent boys who don’t give a fuck about the club and have to keep overspending every fucking year to try and keep competitive.
    Bobby Manc for the amount of resources given to him has done a shit job simple as that 1/2 billion pounds for one FA Cup and a league championship,you must be very proud of what City have become,whoresville with no character,class or soul

  28. George says:

    @City Old Man = The Cunt

    a) Shitty man at the FA bans Rooney for the FA cup semifinal, shitty win and they llater lioft the FA Cup;
    b) Shitty man at QPR – Onouha, finds out they are safe, gives Dzeko a free header to equilise. If he marks him properly, he never scores. Read Onouhas statements before that match, and you will see that he willingly let Dzeko score (

    Also, Winning the league on goal difference having spent nearly £1 billion, is hardly something to brag about!!!!!

    And finally, Macini is the biggest clown not only in Manchester!

  29. mufc m41 says:

    City Old Man, 15 clear and we’re havin a beer….enough said you fence munching Bertie, now fuck off.

  30. rob says:

    Answer this how many city players will still be at city next season when they don’t win title personally I think a few will want a transfer an a few will be sold then the owners will buy or try to buy the league again

    WIN LOSE OR DRAW I’m still red an allways will be

  31. RedHairedDevil says:

    @George I didn’t know that about Onouha article, very interesting read. Amazing how this, Kevin Davies intent to “rough up” or “get” (I forget the wording) some United players (it ended up being TC25) and Joey Barton all seem to disappear in an ABU media.

    I have to admit I was apopleptic about Joey Barton, knowing he was an ex City player and watching him handing his former team the title when they couldn’t do it with the squad they registered just added another reason to the long list of why people hate him.

    But back to topic:

    There’s no such thing as luck. Only hard work, talent and skill. Add a winning mentality, a grounded manager and an even more grounded team and of course we’ll carry on winning year after year. City were good last season and so were we, we just didn’t have ex players throw a hissy fit to give us the extra time we didn’t need to win.

    I like Mancini as person, oddly enough. He seems a nice enough guy, sure, he tries to play mind games and, of course, he’ll always defend his team but it must make him ill to defend those divas day in and day out. But he’ll never get too much of my sympathy; he picked the blues and that’s his cross.

  32. dred says:

    @City old man. Strange that as soon as yer mankini gets smacked down by the master you claim it was a bait to get under his skin. Face it son, Mankini knows that he was lucky to win it last season and now hasn`t a clue on how to follow it up. He`s out of his depth challenging the master. Don`t sack him though, we love him.


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