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Fergie Reveals His Summer Spending Plans

Anderson NaniLast season, United claimed the Premiership title despite not having the depth of squad Jose Mourinho had at Chelsea. Both teams suffered injury and United struggled particularly at the back, with injuries to the likes of Gary Neville and Nemanja Vidic. In the crucial Premiership victory against Everton at Goodison Park last season, United came back from 2-0 down with a defence of O’Shea – Brown – Heinze – Evra (who was subbed off due to injury at the start of the second half).

After winning the title, Ferguson strengthened the team considerably, bringing in Hargreaves, Anderson, Nani and Tevez. Due to the month’s long injury to Paul Scholes, Anderson has been given more time in the first team that we could have anticipated, and has fit in perfectly. The same can be said of Carlos Tevez, who has spent considerable time this season as United’s only fit striker. Hargreaves has filled in at right back in the absence of Neville and Vidic, whilst Nani has been given game time because of the injury to Park.

Without these new signings, United may not currently be top of the league. They have been a great addition to the team, as well as being well needed in times of injury problems.

Our opponents for today, Arsenal, have been forced to learn the hard way how vital it is to make sure you have strength in depth. Wenger has stuck to his guns of investing time and effort in youth, rather than taking the well needed dip in to the transfer market. Despite being offered considerable money to spend, Wenger has turned down the opportunity to sign bigger named players, and have squandered their five point lead at the top of the table as a consequence.

Despite not feeling as though another signing is desperately needed at United, Fergie has today revealed he will be spending in the summer just to make sure we are covered for next season

“I don’t need to spend, but I will,” said Ferguson. “I think there is an area where we are short and we can stock up on that a bit. It is not easy getting the best players here. But we have to because when you have a lot of quality in your squad you have to be absolutely correct on who you bring in. I don’t think I will bring in as many as last season and if we buy players it will probably be young ones.”

Ferguson then went on to praise the contribution the signings of last summer have made to our season. “Having a strong squad has helped Chelsea and us this season. Last season, we just didn’t have enough. This year Tevez, Hargreaves, Nani and Anderson have been really fantastic for us. Those four players have made a big contribution to our season.”

Which young players would you like to see Ferguson sign this summer?

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  1. Ciddu says:

    Benzema or the Montenegrian kid. In fact getting back Rossi is also fine

  2. jack says:

    we need at least 1 striker and 2 if saha goes, also a full back like lahm who can play down both sides, then we will have a perfect squad

  3. kramer says:

    wow, already squad is already wanktastic, especially when you consider manucho and hopefully the twins joining us next season.

  4. David Q says:

    That’s a good sign, we definately need a new right back if Wes leaves. A striker if Manucho doesn’t get his work permit.

  5. Jack says:

    1) “It is not easy getting the best players here”
    2) “I think there is an area where we are short and can stock up on that a bit”
    3) “If we buy players it will probably be young ones”…

    1) Benzema has already said he would NOT like to play in the PL.
    2) Only 2 currently fit world class strikers, Roon + Tevez
    3) Benzema is 20

    Any guesses on who his first transfer target will be?

  6. Anant says:

    no doubt about it . our season has held together thanks in no small part to last summer’s 4 signings . whatever happens this year , a lot of credit has to go to them .

    moving on to fergie’s promises for next year -
    we should realistically be looking to strengthen the right full back n striker slots .
    manucho would provide good back up in the striker area . i’d be looking to offload the glass man (saha) and bring in an established striker – santacruz looks like an exciting option . other options could be martins , darren bent . im looking at strikers who fulfil the following criteriae-
    a) settled in the e.p.l
    b) wont crib for a starting berth like messrs huntelaar/berbatov/benzema
    c) can head the ball n hold it up . i.e- target men.

    having made these points i should stress that in tevez we have a fantastic marksman who we should tie down to a permanent contract .
    also , what are your opinions about birminghams zarate n our very own welbeck?

    Right Back –
    Please extend brown’s contract . neville will start again next season . and the twins are on their way . i dont envisage a problem here . a panic buy would not be the right solution .

    Winger –
    Giggsy’s days are numbered (with all due respect)
    we need backup for ronaldo n nani – i say jesus navas/capel would fit the bill .
    again i’d like your opinion on bentley .

    p.s.- only in the process of writing this have i changed my mind about us needing a new right back . i think brown has done a fantastic job this season .

  7. Taehr says:

    Benzema would be perfect.He has everything.Speed.skill,strength and finishing.I hope he joins though lyon are being difficult and he is too.Maybe huntelaar.

  8. jimmy Bob says:

    we need a right back and a centre forward (as well as that manucho guy)
    personally id like berbatov , he has already shown he can cut it in england and if he joined he would give as an aerial prescence

    great win today, the media luvvies are going to win sweet fa again but wenger and co will still be lauded as the best side in the history of football by some elements of the press

  9. MC2 says:

    Bently n Hunteelar are all we need to spend in the summer for.

  10. Sir Ali says:

    1) A RiB.
    2) A Striker. Huntelaar would be my choice.

  11. nagraj says:

    1.) Assuming Manucho gets his work permit and is as good as everyone makes him out to be, we finally have that aerial option we’ve sometimes lacked this year ( which may even come back to haunt us in the UCL if we get there I feel)

    2.) A better back up to Evra than O’Shea

    3.) Bosingwa on the right, if he can improve on his heading, upfield he is better than Evra if you can believe that! Lahm would give us TWO very short full backs, which might be a problem from set plays.

    4.)Get Welbeck and Campbell and give them a few games..if think our striker situation will be solved by these two!

    5.)There is no need to resign Brown based on sentimental value, the reason Ronaldo is neutered in some matches is that theres no overlapping full-back. Yes, he is defensively solid (relatively), but not united material anymore. The Neviller and the new RB signing can fight for that position.

    6.) Yes Giggsy’s days are numbered but that is not an issue to be addressed this year, maybe the year after…we have 4 world class wingers – giggsy, ronnie, nannnni, and park..

  12. lew says:

    alot of good talent out there..but you cant always have the 1s you want.a would go for velesco from lisbon and lima from porto 2 good centre midfielders and can even play wide and attcking play.very young and talented..always buy them on fifa..same as a did anderson and nani..and we got them utd..ochoa..a keeper also but it seems to stopped talks with a new keeper..but a would still push for him..or lhoris from germany

  13. Bobby the Brazillian says:

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Theo Walcott, he fits all of the criteria and also fits right/left wing as well as up front. Stranger things have happened.

  14. lew says:

    Dos Santos

    top youth players about ad say availble!

  15. nagraj says:

    don’t we already have two of those players lew?
    jacques vaughn? U gotta be kidding me…
    Where’s Giuseppe Rossi, heard Meeelan want him…can we block that bid? since we have a buyback clause and what not…

  16. Simon says:

    As everyone says a right back is a very likely signing. I think Brown has done very well this season considering he is naturally a center half and people are writing him off too soon. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t agree a new contract. That said, I would be reasonably surprised were Utd not to at least try and sign a quality player in that position. And that really is the most important point here, it has to be a quality player. Rumour has it Boswinga and Lahm are both top of this list. If we can’t get either of those or the overpriced Dani Alves then we may want to let Neville and Brown share duties there for another season. Hargreaves has proved to be an able deputy on occasion out wide and lets not forget Danny Simpson looked very good at the beginning of the season.

    Up front is where we really need reinforcements and I think we should be looking to get someone in who will most likely be a starter. Fergie seems to be playing 4-3-3- in all of the big matches and a strong yet mobile center forward is a must to complete this line up. Saha for all his inuries woes is the perfect fit but alas I fear he has had one too many trips to the treatment table and will be consigned to the proverbial dustbin.

    Rooney is absolutely not at his best when playing as an out and out forward not least because he is not a natural finisher. He has a much greater influence on games when he gets the ball in deep positions and is equally effective when he drifts out wide, something we have seen on regular occasions this season. Berbatov or Huntelaar are the likely additions with Ronaldo and Rooney playing off whichever one is brought in. A midfield trio of Carrick, Hargreaves and Anderson will be the most frequent line up next year, with Tevez and Nani used as impact players and Scholes and Giggs saved for when their experience can be used to count.

    The ideal signing without question would be Benzema but it will take a king’s ransom and a silver tongue to ween him away from Lyon over the summer. Here’s hoping Fergie’s powers of persuaion are at their best and the Glazer’s pockets are deeper than ever.

  17. Tom F says:

    Frazier Campell.
    Guiseppe Rossi.
    Danny Simpson.

    David Bentley. Benzema is a quality forward but do you think we’ll get him? I hope Wes Brown stays otherwise we’ll definately have to buy a right back instead of a much needed left back.

  18. veemul says:

    get dani alves .our right back will be solved.£25m is not a problem for man u!

  19. corey roberts says:

    i think they should by benzima and ben arfa

  20. united says:

    i dnt think man united have to buy a left back since we have evra and silvester man utd need a right-back and a striker. maybe david villa lool and a young right back

  21. John says:

    give frazier campbell a chance. he is on fire for hull! An unfancied team, now with a good chance of promotion, in no small part to campbells goals.

    we gave richardson enough of a chance, so why not him.

    where is Dong by the way? still layin the cones at carrington or does he do the tours of the stadium for foreign visitors?

  22. gjakush says:


  23. Mark Donovan says:

    in the summer i think ferguson should buy a left back like lahm because if evra got injured we would not have a world class player to replace him and a centre back because if ferdinand or vidic got injured it would be the same problem as evra we would not have a world class centre back and a right winger like ribery or jesus navas cos like the defence if ronald got injured there is no one to replace him of the same quality and 1 more striker like david villa or luis fabiano so please ferguson listen to me

  24. Kurt says:

    Sorry, but have any of you heard anything of Benzema since we played Lyon? He’s playing shite.

  25. woolie says:

    give campbell n wellbeck a chance next year with manucho ronney tevez there 5 strikers get rid off glass man saha

    get rid of o’shea hes woefull crap at ne postion fergie plays him dont hink we need alot maybe a promising youngster who isnt gonna play straight away
    team next year
    g.nev rio vidic evra
    ronnie hargreaves anderson nani
    rooney tevez


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