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Fergie Reveals Rooney Problem

Wayne Rooney has been struggling in front of goal over the past few weeks, despite having several very good chances in each game he plays. Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo has been stealing the show, scoring goals in every game he plays, and is rapidly approaching the goalscoring record set by George Best.

I suggested that possibly the pressure being put on Rooney by Ronaldo’s form, and the ever watching Fabio Capello, is detrimental to Rooney’s game at the moment. Too often he has been guilty of attempting to do the beautiful thing, the more impressive thing, than actually just putting his foot through the ball and getting the job done.

Sir Alex Ferguson has today said that it is probably Rooney’s work rate which is costing him the goals. “We told him after the game he doesn’t need to expend so much energy in midfield,” Ferguson said of Rooney’s performance against Portsmouth. “Wayne worked too hard and that maybe cost him the opportunity to get goals. He is doing fine. You wish every player you had showed that desire and appetite to play. It is a joy to see someone of his age play with so much enthusiasm. He just needs to control his energy – he will soon be banging in the goals again. Wayne worked too hard and that maybe cost him the opportunity to get goals.”

So Rooney’s problem is not Ronaldo or Capello, rather his desire to be too involved in places he shouldn’t be?

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  1. jsos says:

    SAF’s comments would make alot of sense. Rooney really is everywhere you look working defense, midfield, as well as opportunities at the front. He has the hunger, so I agree with Fergie that he should soon be back on form

  2. donibrasco says:

    stop making excuses for the guy.if he is poor,say he is poor.other players have pressure too.whats capellos job?should he shun it just so rooney could score?i love rooney,but i think he should grow like any other player.the stuff in the nidfield is not what we paid 30 mil for.we need goals.workrate is an added advantage..treating him like royalty will only make him worse.i love him tho

  3. nash says:

    i agree with fergie wyne is so hard working than any body in manu squrd u look most of the goals teves and ronaldo have scored he is included in to be mostly the final man to the scorer

  4. donibrasco says:

    hunger or no hunger,a strikers primary role is to score.period.i would rather have one who scores than a hungry one.i hope spurs is his day.there is nothing worse than a frustrated rooney,may be fletcher but yuo wouldnt want to see either.

  5. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    Against Portsmouth, even when we had possession Rooney was in the centre circle trying to work the ball up. I like to see him drop deep as he is such an intelligent player that can create and be part of build ups but he is coming back way too deep.
    But if you think about Rooney’s form, he was so close to scoring against Newcastle twice, would’ve scored against Tottenham if Dawson hadn’t handled the ball and if he’d gotten better contact against James, he would have gotten that one so not too much to worry about yet

  6. denton davey says:

    Last time I checked this out there were three-plus months left in the EPL season; the CL and FACup are knockouts and might involve another ten matches. Let’s do an “autopsy” when the season is over. Right now, it’s too soon to tell.

  7. jamesraj says:

    I do agree with fergie that wayne does track back far too often and at loads of times is out of position or out of gas when the final ball is played in. another problem is the Ronaldo factor, while everyone is gloating about how good ronaldo has been, you should not overlook the fact that he is selfish, has the less goal assists than some defenders and has played a more central role..rooney has created more goals than ronaldo for gooddness sake..for rooney to be effective ronaldo has to be a proper winger contributing to creating goals than be in search of personal glory…


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