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Fergie: Rio Doesn’t Want To Leave

Rio Ferdinand’s contract is set to expire this summer and no agreement has been reached over an extension. As is always the case with our players over 30, he would only be given a one year deal, which obviously would be less appealing to Rio. With the injuries he’s suffered over recent seasons, you could hardly blame him for wanting greater security than a one year deal and with him nearing the end of his career, it wouldn’t be out of the question for him to agree on a big money deal for an American club.

Sir Alex Ferguson has said that Rio wants to stay at the club and that if we continue managing his playing time properly he still has a few years left in him.

“I don’t think Rio wants to leave and, as I have said before, he can play on,” said Ferguson. “I don’t think he has the same issue with his back that he had a couple of years ago. It is manageable now. There is no way you would be expecting him to play every four days right through a season anyway. Getting rest at the right time definitely helps him and he does a lot of work on his pre-match preparation now, with yoga and a lot of other things to help him sustain his playing time.”

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  1. AlphaRS says:

    Will this be another case of hanging on to a player slightly longer than we should have done?

  2. belfast red. says:

    Rio is still a quality defender. Plus has alot to offer the younger lads in experience. Hope he stays. For another season.

  3. Tourist says:

    With all the injuries that he has had and forgetting to take a drugs test with the subsequent ban, he owes the club and supporters, and should readily accept a one year deal if offered.

  4. North Stand Tier 2 says:

    He’s played 18 games this season already. To allow him to leave would be absolutely foolish. Hopefully a year extension will be completed before the end of the season.

  5. denton davey says:

    Paolo Maldini was “carefully managed” by ACMilan’s training/medical staff and he played on and on and on, retiring when he was 41. SirRyanGiggs seems to be following the same trajectory. I don’t see why Rio can’t too.

    Admittedly Rio has had a lot of medical issues in the past five years that have reduced his speed/turning-circle but, rather like Maldini, he rarely needs to leave his feet because his experience leads him to position himself so as to snuff out danger.

    The real issue is one of “ego” – will he accommodate himself to a reduced role ? at a lower wage ?

  6. invertedquestionmark says:

    Maldini played in Italy, and in a different era.. Still, I concur. As long as the world class players that are getting too old are willing to play a secondary role, there can be a place for them. Giggs looked horrible earlier this season, but appears to be once again revatilised at the moment. Scholes is at a lower side of the curve at the moment but is still useful. Hope Ferdinand is happy to do the same as them.

  7. StatesideAussie says:

    @Tourist … Rio “owes us” because of the injuries he’s had? What a bizarre comment. You make it sound like the injuries were his fault, as if he purposely went out and got himself injured. Those Injuries suffered while he was representing our club.

    But yeah, yearly comtracts are reasonable at his age, and it’s not a new concept. I remember Giggs struggled with this too, when he turned 30, but he got over it and is still here many years later.

  8. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Rio is still yards ahead of most center halves in this country and would be welcome to stay on year to year if this suits him and the club. Smalling, Evans, Jones (and youngsters coming in like Mike Keane) still need developing and Rio is the type of player to look up to and mentor these lads.

    It all depends on ambition and fitness though. As the manager said, he won’t be playing every 4 days anymore and the younger lads will claim more game time as they progress. I think Rio deserves another shot at the CL, and definitely deserves to fill out his trophy cabinet with an FA Cup. Which he has never won.

    One thing you have to admire about Rio, he talks straight about alot of things, but by and large doesn’t talk about his contracts or internal club issues. This to a fault during the 04 contract talks when he didn’t make it clear enough that he wanted to resign and the press had a field day with rumors and made up stories.

    Hope he signs a new contract. Won’t begrudge him if he wants to cash in, but feel he could wait one more year or two depending.

  9. Howie says:

    I actually have a weird feeling that Rio will leave/retire if we win two or three cups this year. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I’ve seen there are more players who tend to leave when they are on top.

    I hope he signs for another year, but I can’t blame him if he decides to leave or even retire.


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