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Fergie: Robin won’t be bothered by Arsenal boos

When faced against his former club for the first time, it tooks Robin van Persie just 155 seconds to put Manchester United 1-0 up. Out of respect, he opted not to celebrate, and it is likely he will pay them the same respect on Sunday, when he returns to the Emirates for the first time since signing for the champions.

Sir Alex Ferguson knows that Van Persie won’t get a warm reception but he doesn’t think the player will be bothered.

“I don’t really bother about it and I don’t think Robin should bother about it either,” said Ferguson. “There was a bit of booing when he played against Arsenal at Old Trafford and you probably expect a portion of the fans to do that. That’s the modern generation and modern society, I’m afraid. But I’m glad Arsene has done that (guard of honour) because that’s what great clubs should do.”

With discussion on Twitter amongst Arsenal fans of doing the “Poznan” whilst their players give us the guard of honour, Ferguson said it time for their supporters to get over Van Persie leaving them.

“I know about the Tottenham derby but United have been Arsenal’s biggest rivals over the last 20 years,” he continued. “It doesn’t sit well with their fans, and nor with Arsene for that matter, but it does happen and you just have to move on. Arsenal have moved on now. They’re challenging for a Champions League place and have every chance of doing so, and they still play as attractive foot as anyone in the league.”

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  1. wayne says:

    Booing normally fires good players up so i hope the Gooners boo the fuck out of him and RVP scores a hat trick and moons the crowd at the end of the game.

  2. kanchelskis says:


    lol. Think you might be a bit optimistic with the mooning, but think he could be good for a couple of goals if we open up and play some fearless football, like we should do now.

    Another 6 in 4 games (manageable) and he gets 30 PL goals for the season.

  3. Andromeda says:

    Who cares if they boo him or not?You have there a top player, a nature human being, a responsible superstar that cares for his team achievement whether it was Arsenals in the past or united at the current moment!its up for a courageous rational fan to understand this and unfortunately people seems less tolerant nowadays, only few Arsenal fans, I say only few will realize and eventually justify the case of RVP joining us.personally I can totally understand if Robin is still holding his love and passion for the ex clubs no matter how much you perform at the new club, people should get over as any form of philosophical agendas hold in its kernel the utilitarian project both at the personal and community level!so you OVER emotional fans I am yelling at ya”GET OVER IT AND SALUTE YOUR LEGEND”

  4. dein says:

    Fergie says Robin won’t be bothered by Arsenal boos BUT Arsenal F.C won’t be bothered by Arsenal boos either. That Stan Kroenke prefers take Arsenal’s £millions and not invest. These Yanks need to relinquish their US sports firm before they are allowed into the UK for any takeover. After Fergie & Wenger leave anyone coming in cannot only be a football manager – they will have to do boardroom activities & drop their ambition to win over £ if the Americans are still there.

  5. Andromeda says:

    *Natural human being*typo

  6. FletchTHEMAN says:

    More likely that Robin gets a free pass for the rest of the season, coming on for 60min/ match at most. Well, maybe not at Arsenal or home to Chelsea, but definitely for the last 2 games.

    Much more important to blood some youngsters and get the likes of Rooney Welbeck and Hernadez some goals.

    Now that Robin has tied up the Golden boot, and the POTY I’ll wager, the manager will want to work on squad harmony and style. No way Robin can get any more records as the goal scoring records are all in the 30′s. So, best to focus on the squad.

  7. devill1166 says:

    course he will not be bothered. he is finally a champion!!!!! and champions are not bothered by lesser beings

  8. naijaboy says:

    who cares?

  9. NBI Red Onion says:

    Well, he did say some pretty cutting things about Arsenal before he left when he’d have been better of keeping his mouth shut, so I can understand that Arsenal fans would boo him, we would do the same if tables turned. But, I can’t see it having the slightest effect on him, he is not as emotional as Ronnie, he is very Dutch, he has made up his mind and he is comfortable with himself.

  10. Goat Peticoat says:

    Has anyone been watching Fabio at QPR. I cant watch their games as its like drawing teeth. Like alot of you I have felt that Evra is on the decline and always felt that Fabio could be the man to take over – this year being a full season of games at QPR in rediness for United with Buttner and Evans helping out.
    There isnt much different between the twins other than the fact I actually thought Fabio was slightly more defensively aware AND could possibly do a DM role (not as the best DM but to fill in on occasions). I always felt that Rafael got the nod ONLY because there was a space needed filling NOW whereas Evra was taking the LB possition and is used to playing almost every game. Now maybe its time to half Evras role or let him move back home or to the club of his boy hood dreams.

    So is there anyone out there that is of a stronger dissposition than I am and watched old winker Redknapps team play hoof it up to the overhyped center forward football.

  11. wayne says:

    Goat yeah i’ve watched a few games because i hate ‘Arry and wanted QPR to go down.It’s been a mixed bag for the lad been in and out of the team,played in midfield and full back.He’s looked ok the times i’ve seen him he’s playing with overpriced championship players,the QPR defense is awful so imo will have been a great learning experience for him but needs to play with better players.I’m not so sure that Fabio is heir apparent for Evra’s position,firstly Evra has had his best season in the last 3 and last couple of games i’ve seen Buttner the lad’s beginning to look the part.Now Buttner has settled with a season under him should keep on improving,i like this lad’s cockiness asked if he thought he’d be loaned out said not a chance Utd have him pegged as Evra’s long term replacement.I’d like to see Fabio back though he’s very versatile can play both fullback positions and midfield in a emergency

  12. Goat Peticoat says:

    watching Harry twitcher Redknaps brand of football I wouldnt wish on my worst enemies. If only you could wash your eyes with bleach, lol.
    There are players like that. Some can play in all leagues, some who are clearly lower league players and then there are those that need a supporting cast. It makes me wonder how those players ever get seen in the first place. I think the differences between the twins is so small it seems somewhat daft to say one is good enough and keep him and then let the other go. I just hope there is a place for him at OT. Its not because of lack of ability rather lack of squad space.
    My impretions of Buttner is of a lower division tackler but more than capable going forward. I know Evra has certainly improved this year, its helped that hes had more responsibility and this term not the Suarez thing hanging over him but we have to remember hes getting on a bit for a full back who is expected to bomb up and down a bit all day long.
    If I put my two peneth in then I would prefer Fabio being our left back. But like I said difficult when we have so many fringe defenders (Jones, Smalling Evans, Buttner) all vying for places in the team whether it be in the middle or out wide. To bring in another?

  13. wayne says:

    Goat if Fabio comes back and Rio signs a contract don’t see Utd buying any defenders,Buttner,Fabio,Evra and Evans can all play left back,Rafa,Jones,Smalling,Fabio and Tony V(if needed) can all play right back.Then Rio,Vidic,Evans,Jones, Smalling {Carrick if needed} can play center half’s. Obviously no taking into account injuries but it looks like a pretty solid interchangeable back 4 to me.

  14. Sushi says:

    Can’t really blame arsenal fans for booing doesn’t matter the circumstance of him leaving, fact is he swapped Arsenal for us and you can’t sit there and tell me if the shoe was on the other foot we would be welcoming him back with open arms….

    Whats sad is I much rather have Arsenal as a contender for league title and fighting us every step than cunts like City or chelsea.

  15. red bull says:

    baines would be a perfect summer signing


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