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Fergie: Rooney Gets More Casual Than The Rest

Wayne Rooney scored twice in Manchester United’s 4-0 victory over Aston Villa but had a frustrating afternoon. He gave the ball away too cheaply and his decision making was poor.

Rooney’s form has been below par for some time but throughout this period he has still be scoring fairly regularly. This is in contrast to earlier in the season he was playing brilliant football but was struggling to find the back of the net.

Rooney now has 31 goals in 40 games, just three goals short of his best ever tally, so we shouldn’t complain too much, although Ferguson has noted Rooney’s careless display.

“He was careless,” said Ferguson. “Wayne has to play on the edge of a game, when it is really close and competitive. When the game gets to that casual bit, he is worse than the rest of them. He gets really casual about it. It is better when he is on the edge. Then he is a marvellous player.”

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  1. Zibbie says:

    Hey Wolfie not bad at all for a transitional season.

  2. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Zibbie – condolences towards you buddy. i’m sorry to know what’s happened. Hope your brother rest in peace.

  3. jeet says:

    @wayne: no reason at all, just put in names for positions that are not so debatable. But that you mention it, if SAF is looking for fluid interchange in that 3, Nani might be the better option. Would love to see TonyV tearing up Europe though

  4. WillieRedNut says:

    Zibbie – Sorry to hear that mate?

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    This should be the new topic:

    Wenger loves to talk about other teams players. But when its his own: “I didn’t see it” is the only quote you’ll get. Also remember well his defense of Thiery Henry after he handled into the goal v Ireland in 2009-10 Euro qualifiers

  6. Giles Oakley says:

    Zibbie, I am very sorry to hear your sad news. It will inevitably leave a big hole in your lives, regardless of whether or not it was expected. I’m sure everyone on RoM will join me in sending condolences, with the hope that your late brother does indeed rest in peace.

  7. wayne says:

    Zibbie sorry to hear about your loss mate

  8. Mrad_leb says:

    it’s weird that fergie spoke in public abt roo..i am starting to think that this gaitan and hazard talk who can both play in rooney’s role are related to rooney’s exit (hope not) because obviously we can’t afford bying both of them..papres saying that gaiten is a done deel and SAF has watched hazard in stands in a lile game.. that means he is serious about bying him..

  9. Costas says:


    My condolences my friend.

  10. WillieRedNut says:

    Zibbie – No amount of words can replace your brother mate, but you’re in my thoughts. I’m sure everyone on here would concur.

  11. wayne says:

    Mrad you have a inside track to Utd’s transfer kitty? how the fuck do you know Utd can’t buy both if the club want’s them,last year Utd were in for both WS and Nasri which would’ve been another 50mill on the 50 the club spent.What are you basing the comments on and please send the link

  12. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Zibbie Sad news about your Brother son. Life is sweat and fickle. Don’t forget to tell those that matter that they are important.

  13. MG says:


    For your brother – 19

  14. Giles Oakley says:

    It’s interesting to see how Fergie is handling Rooney in the last couple of games, subbing him off early twice. I was shocked when he came off at Wigan, as even when he’s mis-firing he can still conjure something out of nothing. I think the message being sent is that he’s not indespensible, that anyone in the team can be hooked if they are not delivering. It’s also to prompt Wazza to think about why he has these weird disconnected passages of play, even when on top form, when his passing suddenly goes awry and his flicks get sloppy as he hands possession back to the opposition all too easliy. At times like that he looks strangely inept, only to burst back into a match with a glorious fifty yard pass or an explosive shot, perhaps swinging a match round.

    I guess by fore-grounding these issues at such a critical stage in the season Fergie’s hoping to wake Wazza up, especially in time for the Everton match, a team he has a poor record against, plus of course the Derby. No need to spell out how important it is to have Rooney at the top of his game for those two matches.

  15. FletchTHEMAN says:

    PFA player of the Year nominees:

    S. Aguero
    R. van Persie,
    W. Rooney,
    J. Hart,
    S. Parker,
    D. Silva

    Parker? Jaysus Wept

  16. Albert Ross says:

    So, if you are tripped in the box and awarded a penalty it’s fine.

    After you have been tripped, don’t fall like Ashley did. Learn to fall so that even the manliest red winces as he feels the shuddering impact of your smitten carcass thudding to the earth.

    Rah! Rah! Rah!

    Blood and thunder! Blood and guts! No wincing in the trenches you namby-pamby milksops!
    I want real men to play for United, else they’ll just run away when I turn on them.

    My whipping boys must have staying power! Strength! Stamina!

  17. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Danny Welbeck nominated for PFA young player of the year

  18. Costas says:


    I thought Parker was a pisstake mate. How the hell is he on that list and Carrick isn’t? Also, too much City wanking again. Joe Hart? At least none of them 3 cunts wil win it.

  19. Mrad_leb says:

    @wayne did we buy ws or nasri ?? we know that we didnt buy them because of the transfer fee and the just giving my thoughts !! no need to get angry

  20. wayne says:

    Albert Ross you ok mate don’t really know what your’e going on about

  21. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Costas. Some lads on Twitter saying Parker only nominated for his hair ;) :lol:

  22. FletchTHEMAN says:

    PFA Young Player of the Year:
    Aguero, Bale, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sturridge, Walker, Welbeck.

  23. Costas says:


    Yeah, the 50s style.. :roll:

    It’s not that imo. Parker is going to the Euros whereas Carrick isn’t. If Carrick got nominated instead, questions were going to be asked. It’s ok. He doesn’t have anything else to smile about. Carrick has a league trophy awaiting him.

  24. FletchTHEMAN says:

    PFA Young Player of the Year:
    Aguero, Bale, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sturridge, Walker, Welbeck.

    Danny actually has a very good chance in this field. Piss take that De Gea isn’t on it but shows the impact of early season form.

  25. wayne says:

    Mrad as far as i know both deals were done it was the players wages was the sticking point and i hope that if Gaitan or Hazard are more interested in a paycheck than playing for the club, Utd should tell them to fuck off
    Not angry mate just seen 1000′s of comments over the years saying Utd are broke and have no money to buy players but never been shown one link to prove the fact.
    You said it’s obvious Utd can’t buy both just want to know your source that’s all,if someone makes a statement would like to see facts

  26. Albert Ross says:


    Thanks for your concern, I’m fine! I’m not having an apoplectic fit if that’s what you wondered.

    There are many nasty words being said about Ashley by United supporters. They seem to object to his manner of falling after being tripped. As they lashed our player I was swept up in their fervour. We don’t need skinny players, we need tough marines who die without expression. Tough-as-teak idols that can better bear our malice when they let us down.

  27. Costas says:

    Actually Evans could have been on the young player list too. Aguero was born in the same year.

    I’d love to see Danny win it, but it will probably be Aguero. Kind of an unfair competition there.

  28. FletchTHEMAN says:

    New thread up on POTY nominations. See you lads over there.

  29. daemondada says:

    @Zibbie.So sad to hear of d unfortunate news.May his good soul rest in perfect peace.Amen.Spot on mate.Young embellished the fall.He neva faked the tumble.Two different things.Most fans on here do not seem to know how difficult it is to get into Utd’s starting eleven.Nani,Tony,Park,Giggs,Welbeck,Reserves etc are extremely stiff competition for a little fella as Young is.I dont believe Wazza would support SAF leaving Young out since a huge % of his penalty kicks come frm Young’s supposed ‘dives’.Get a grip pple!Besides,I know that for the club,me and some fans,whenever we get such decisions against us we dont go about flailing our limbs like crazy rather we take it on the chin and get stuck in.True Red Devil Style.Better call next time is the name of the game.I am out.

  30. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Costas, Cheers son, Surprised? not really. Defenders would have to spill blood to make either list TBF. Even seeing Hart on there is a bit of a surprise but probably deserved.

    I would have DeGea and Evans on the YPOTY. Defenders need their own competition.

  31. WillieRedNut says:

    Wayne – There’s something smart about Albert Ross? Think about it. Lol.

  32. Redbilly says:

    Fletch- what time dies the reserves game start?. Managed to get a free feed of youth cup the other night maybe tonight too.

  33. Redbilly says:

    Zibbie- sorry to hear of your loss. If he Is out of pain I hope it provides some comfort to your family and yourself

  34. Albert Ross says:

    Course you don’t get bloody wafers with it. Albatross!

  35. Redbilly says:

    Typos. Must start using the pc not the bloody phone

  36. Zibbie says:

    Thanks everyone, 19.

  37. NBI Red Onion says:

    Sorry for your loss Zibbie. It is a worrying thing when people around you age and get ill, such is life. I hope your brother lived a good life when he was well. All the best. A.

  38. fergie is the boss says:

    Mrad_leb – thats going to make sense, united are going to sell rooney and let berbatov go for free

  39. Zibbie says:

    NBI he did, lived life in a very full way. He invented a way to clean off old lead paint off bridges and boats encapsulate and neutralize it all in one step, to help the environment. During this process he went to a huge think tank and meet some of the worlds smartest people working on many things. One day he was there killing time went in to a room of 3 people started asking questions on what they were working on the last 4 years, he spent an hour with them. Latter that afternoon he had 10 minutes of follow up questions, the next day presented them with the solution. He was measured at 19 to have an IQ above 180. He loved to fight and was good at it if MMA was around when he was growing up he would have been in the top 25 in 205 lbser’s.

  40. bayoRed says:

    Rooney lazy, below par, not like Ronny, blah… blah …..blah…., 31 GOALS! Second only to and will probably overtake RVP. As for where he plays , lets not forget the instructions come from Sir Alex Ferguson. From yesterdays game it seems AV is very aware of Rooney’s position in the hole andif hw was having a better day he could have buried 3 goals in a similar move to his second goal.

    I admit he has had 2 bad games and in the other one everyone had a bad game. He just became a bit complacent yesterday got reproached by the boss, sort of admitted he needs to pick up and has promissed on facebook to do EXTRA TRAINING… Good lad, world class player and OURS….. for now!

  41. NBI Red Onion says:

    Sounds like a very smart inspirational guy Zibbie. And he seems to have achieved more than most in a life well lived and left a great legacy.

  42. kev e says:

    I reckon WR is knackered. I don’t think he’s been injured this year? and he’s played a hell of a lotta games… he just looks tired.

    Not second guessing the boss but trouble is Wayne IS indispensable to our team at the moment… If he’s being subbed to show him he’s not indispensable it’s not going to wash when he is. Rooney isn’t daft, and I’m sure SAF knows he’s running low on energy which is why he’s been subbed. If we want him to not be indispensable we’re going to have to buy someone to cover for him… and then occasionally play them!


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