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Fergie: Rooney is no Ryan Giggs

Sir Alex Ferguson has spoken about Wayne Rooney’s fitness after claiming on Friday that his injury was a “blessing”. Following his break after Euro 2012, Rooney returned to the squad overweight and unfit, which has frustrated some fans, given that he’s the highest paid player at the club.

Ferguson has compared Rooney to people like Giggs, claiming that Rooney needs game to regain his fitness… which doesn’t make much sense of his omission from the starting line-up against Fulham.

“Wayne is no Ryan Giggs,” he said. “Ryan has never put a pound on in his whole life. Wayne is a boy that needs games, you can see that from the frame he’s got. He is stocky, strong and really needs games, simple as that. Some people are lucky. I have had nights out with the jockey Mick Kinane, we’ve had three bottles of wine and he’s still the same weight, not an ounce on him. Unbelievable, and his father Tommy is exactly the same. Wayne will do his work here. He’ll concentrate on that and of course he will regain his fitness. Rooney and Van Persie can play together, absolutely. There is no doubt about that. And Welbeck can play with either of them. I have good options. The speculation about that doesn’t bother me, to be honest with you, I don’t have the slightest bit of interest. It could affect him [Rooney]. Players like to be playing every week or else they are disappointed, and I am glad they are disappointed. But it’s only been one game, it’s not a problem.”

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  1. Costas says:

    There’s a lot of truth to that comment. Same goes when you compare Rooney to Ronaldo. Same age, around the same height, but a completely different metabolism.

  2. Urmston red Hamiltino says:

    Making excuses for Rooney all the time.
    Different players surely should have different fitness routines. Im no expert but Hollands pies and 20 b&h is not the best pre-season diet.

    Personally don’t think he would improve a front 4 of Tony V, Kagawa, Nani & RVP

  3. Colbert says:


    Ronaldo’s about 7 cm’s taller so there’s a bit of difference in height, but you are right, completely different metabolism.

  4. samuel - united WE stand says:

    He has a different gene, takes him time and has to work extra harder than others to keep in tip top shape, i think that requires motivation and i’m sure he has it. Judging Rooney on his ability alone, he’s a world class all around markman. He is amongst elite players of world football, he has the potential to do more but whether he’s driven to want to reach extra levels is another matter. I think the manager is right, he does improve the squad and is still the best proven talisman in the team.

    As he’s been sidelined, Rooney will be looking to get back in best possible fitness and i expect he’ll be fired up to prove he’s still cut out to make impacts at the top.

  5. Costas says:


    He’s that much taller mate? I haven’t seen them stand side by side in a while and I forgot about it.

  6. Colbert says:


    I think so. Rooney has always been rapported as being 177-178 cm tall, and Ronaldo is about 1,85 m. Don’t quote me on that though ;)

  7. Costas says:


    I just looked it up at wikipedia and if they are correct, Ronaldo is 10cm taller. Must have been before Rooney’s hair plugs. ;)

  8. Colbert says:


    Haha;) Or Rooney’s smoking stunted his growth :p

  9. Kelvin says:

    He’s a professional athlete ffs, or at least he should be eating/training/resting like one. This whole metabolism argument doesn’t wash. If he has the propensity to put on weight then I’m sure the medical staff, including a dietician, would give him a basic list of do’s and don’ts. Sounds to me like he’s probably had a summer of booze and the wrong food and no cardio work.

  10. KVN says:

    Rooney is not world class. World class players: Messi, Ronaldo, Xavi, Iniesta, Augero, RVP etc. until he starts performing on the big stage and makes tangible difference in key games then he’ll be world class. His fitness and diet is no mystery he has experts at United that tell him what to do and how his body works. It’s really not acceptable for him to be starting matches not 100% or close to it.

  11. Gaffer says:

    Someone trying to excuse a professional fat and out of full fitness when season starts, metabolism, genes and whatever?? Given his condition he shouldnt even been on the bench for the first match against Everton, but ordered into the gym. What is the staff doing for their money?

  12. wiuru says:

    Tend to go with the Rooney has no excuses slant here . He has every backing and aid,advice available to him .No excuses. Its SAF trying to man manage a numpty .

  13. Costas says:

    It’s not an excuse. Rooney does have a different metabolism than Giggs. That’s the point Sir Alex made and the one I repeated. Now as to why his fitness is behind everyone else’s, I am not one to say. But apparently, plenty of folks in here were with him for the entirety of his vacation and know what he drunk and ate each day…

  14. elliott says:

    Rooney is world class. Some people are underselling his importance to us. As the season progresses and he hits top form, it will be clear how much better we are with him.

    Agreed, I’d like to see a bit more commitment, but he’s got a great chance to prove himself in a top drawer strike force.

  15. Zibbie says:

    GAME DAY !!!

    Go get em Costas

  16. KVN says:

    “@ Costas
    Yes Rooney does have different metabolism than Giggs and every other United player. The point is that he knows this and so do the medical, diet and fitness teams at United. That’s why they have a tailored made programme for Rooney and other players. Just that Rooney hasn’t followed it otherwise he would not be behind the other United players.

  17. YorYor says:

    It’s about being professional, isn’t it? If you have a job and you chose to stay out to booze until 1am even though you have a meeting first thing at 9am, and you turn up on time, well prepared and deliver your part flawlessly, that’s being professional and earning what you’re paid. If you turn up looking like the hangover has gotten as far as your toes, and you slur or burp alcohol when delivering your part, that’s unprofessional. Everyone has different preferences in terms of food/relaxation, but perhaps he could start conditioning himself BEFORE the official training begins. If he has already, then either he’s doing it wrong or just going through the motion. I don’t think he should be exempt from criticism, and despite things being guilty until proven, he shouldn’t get the benefit of the doubt either.

  18. Jay says:

    Spot on YorYor.

  19. Mitch Kramer says:

    c’mon, there’s only one ryan giggs

  20. Dorts87 says:

    I have to laugh at all u Rooney haters now he has carried that team on his own for years. Show him some respect, im sure most of you’s would have said last year Rooney shud have got the player of the year n not RVP so give the lad a chance n he’ll prove that he is our best player ps i cant wait to see the partnership with him n RVP

  21. Cadelin says:

    I know this Off Topic but I saw this and creased up laughing at Suarez.

    Sorry if it annoys anyone that I went “off piste”.
    Rooney will be the mutts nutts again this year now he has to do Gym work to get fit and he and RVP will make Aguerro and the Argie Troll look like Bill and Benn (just to get back on topic).


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