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Fergie: Rooney Shouldn’t Have Anything To Do With The FA

Two years ago, over an hour in to the game, Manchester United were trailing 2-0 against West Ham. It was the beginning of April and United had a title to win. Wayne Rooney was having a frustrating game and nothing was working for him… until the 65th minute. He scored a 14 minute hattrick to put United 3-2 up before Javier Hernandez scored our fourth.

When celebrating his third goal, the Sky Sports camera ran on to the pitch and got in Rooney’s face, and he responded by shouting “What? Fucking what?”.

Immediately after the game Rooney apologised for his behaviour but the FA still charged him with using “offensive, insulting and/or abusive language” and banned him for two games. On the same day, Pepe Reina was guilty of using “offensive, insulting and/or abusive language” when arguing with referee Martin Atkinson for booking him, shouting “No fucking way!” at the ref. There was no second yellow for Reina, no straight red card, and certainly no ban.

Obviously the Laws of the game don’t take in to account where the offensive language is used, whether to the referee, to an opposition player or to a camera, but they set a precedent for banning Rooney for two games. Unsurprisingly, despite countless other examples of players using offensive language, not a single player has faced a two match ban.

Sir Alex Ferguson has criticised the FA and suggested that Rooney is naive to keep doing their promotional work for them with the England national team, when they’ve done nothing for him.

“I keep telling him he’s too trusting,” said Ferguson. “I told him: ‘I don’t know why you do it with the FA.’ He does things every time he goes down there [with England]. He should not be doing anything with them. They’ve not helped him one bit. Every time he does anything [commits an on-field offence] they punish him more than anyone in the game. He should be realising that. He shouldn’t have to do anything for the FA. They force him to do it.”

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  1. bugzy_red says:

    This match in general rooney in a nut shell…the performance he put in on this day is one which highlights why we shud keep rooney. And although the celebration will be deemed over the top, its great to see the passion the lad has, just perhaps better expressed in another way.

    Agree with fergie. Seems that as rooney is THE player of his generation for england, the FA feel any points made are best expressed through punishing rooney.

  2. Red4ever says:

    Its clear that everybody is joulous of our success euefa,,fa all have a diffrent aproach towards our player ,,and rooney is the best english player by far and still he gets this response from them

  3. Red4ever says:

    Its clear that everybody is joulous of our success euefa,,fa all have a diffrent aproach towards our player ,,and wazza is the best english player by far and still he gets this response from them

  4. Unitedforeva says:

    My view is there’re several ABUs in the FA with agendas whenever United or United players comes up for issues. These people hide themselves pretty well & when ‘called upon’ to exact punishments, they know what to do to satisfy their hatred for anything United. When Rooney is on England duty, the lower rung people are normally nice and polite and Roo being the person he is, obliged. He is not street smart in this way. Listen to Sir Alex, ROONEY!!!!!!!s

  5. Marq says:

    Non of our players should have anything to do with the FA, period

  6. Bishopville Red says:

    At this stage, I’m more interested to see Rio tell Roy to stick his England recall up his arse. Same with Carrick. Unfortunately, I fear both will return to the fold at the expense of United, be it form, fatigue, or general health.



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