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Fergie: Time For Carrick To Be Our Midfield General

Following weeks of excellent form from Michael Carrick, Sir Alex Ferguson has claimed now is the time for the 30-year-old the consistently boss the midfield.

“He’s grabbed the nettle, there’s no question about that,” said Ferguson. “In some ways, he’s maybe seen the departure of Paul Scholes as his opportunity to be the main man in midfield. I think it’s time Michael became the pivotal player of our team. We’ve always known he’s got that in him. He’s a laid-back character – quiet and unassuming – but in different periods during his time here he’s shown his quality. Now is the time for him to start a long period of dominating the centre of midfield like he has in the last few weeks. Michael’s been one of our best players. He’s been instrumental in what’s happening to the team at the moment. His performances have been quite outstanding.”

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  1. tommy b says:

    Carrick for england!

  2. Zibbie says:

    Yes Sir!

  3. Bad Wolf says:

    Merry Christmas Reds, Just wanted to share what my wife surprised me on my birthday…what a girl!

  4. zelh says:

    carrick not for ingurland.
    no need to burn him for that shit lot.

  5. It's in my blood says:


    Yes, let’s hope he stays well away from the Ingurland set up!
    United> England
    Robbo> Keane
    Pond life > scouse

  6. friveluss says:

    Well I’m not a fan of carrick but even Stevie wonder can’t turn a blind eye to his massive performances of late. I just hope this doesn’t mean no reinforcements later. I keep gettn the feeling ever window fergie n gill take us for a spin with a new excuse.

    Since wen do world leading teams politely wait for player “availibility” before making an approach? Look at the way we acquired berbatov vs our approach now. I’m sorry I sincerely don’t buy this “if the right player becomes available” stuff.

    That said. With carrick on this form, n a few returns from injury we Shud win the League. However I believe with 2midfield signings we cud take out barca in two years. I sincerely believe this.

  7. fergies faith says:

    its about time carrick get some phrase he is class and only fools dont see that a master of his trade

  8. i am high and i like it says:

    Can we just stop the taking out barca talk, when we have got immediate challenges on home turf…

  9. markg says:

    carrick for england is he not already english

  10. dannysoya says:

    I have always trusted in Carrick. now it is time for him to stand and be counted. FINALLY maybe the world will take notice of the sheer hardwork and fight of michael carrick.

  11. Aadescholes says:

    Michael CArrick is a red, he can pass he can head, Lampard and Fabregas, Arenot fit to wipe his ass

  12. slim says:

    friveluss – get used to it man,because the Gaffer may “choose” not to buy.

    I get the feeling his sown a seed or two and is waiting to see how they turn out. Oh i wonder if we’d be asking ourselves if we needed to buy if Tom C was fit and had been playing all season. Being where we are now in the league i’m sure we’d be well pleased.

    All will be unraveled

  13. kevin says:

    About time Carrick is praised. I think he took long to fully operate the current role he has. There were some over the top comments, I think others were just hating as it was the in thing. Those saying we buy,are the new buys going to be injury free? Remember what happened to Ruud before he got to play for us. I just think at times it is peer pressure coz if the clubs around us are buying we should too. That’s lazy. SAF is the boss,he knows where we lack or are ok. Believe.

  14. robbo says:

    Bad Wolf

    Happy Birthday, love the cake, but I could never bring myself to cut it up if it were mine.

    Carrick has always been one of my favorites. Many times have I posted that he is the glue that keeps the team together.
    I am so happy he is getting the recognition he deserves. Most of his poor form usually stems from a bad pass, then most of Old Trafford moans and groans and puts him under undue pressure. Yet if you watch Giggs or Rooney missplace pass after pass all the supporters turn a blind eye to it and focus on the good.

    Now only to get Berba in and playing!

    BTW merry Xmas to all and hoping for a glory filled new year.

  15. kevin says:

    well said Robbo. Merry Chrismas and happy match day to all reds.

  16. Tannor says:

    Merry Christmas all you beautiful people on RoM

  17. izzy says:

    i can’t say i agree with Carrick being our long term main man in the midfield. But i have to admit, his recent form has been brilliant. I think with Ando and Cleve out injured, he has no choice but to step up and provide the chances up front… which is good. But i still see him as a good anchor player.

  18. Bonez says:

    For a number of the people banging on about how Carrick never gets forward for us or is too cautious, if you read the comments from Ferguson (and Carrick), especially after his QPR goal, you’ll see that they both pretty much state that Carrick’s job has been to “sit” and protect. So it isn’t necessarily that he doesn’t want to attack, it’s just not his role.

    With Jones in the mix with him, he seems to feel much more comfortable getting into the final third because he knows he has cover. I haven’t really seen that being the case with any of his other midfield partners.

    Anyway, keep it up Mr. Carrick

  19. unitedFixation says:

    im sure that goal wouldve given him confidence. Thats what fans want to see.Very few actually appreciate his influence in the midfield. A few goals here and there and the fans will be right behind him. Plus Jones is great but I do want ando back. He is a great player, believe me. I hope he comes good.

  20. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Seems like this berba and carrick lovers are over sentimental. i rate both players highly but i’ll only judge them on performances for united not how much of a fan of them i am and how i’ll prove people wrong because they’re playing well.

    On carrick, he’s the definition of a player some fans want to turn into someone he isn’t. He has not been renowned for goals or driving runs but what he does is playmake from deep, provide defensive cover with his intelligence and tactical awareness, intercepts danger very well, his passing is of quality and occasionally he’ll pop with a goal, hope his form continues.

  21. robbo says:

    Samuel – UWS

    I’m not trying to prove anyone wrong, just making a point that certain individuals get crucified whilst others get lenientcy for similar things.
    Agree about people wanting Carrick to be a cross between Robson and Keane. He is Carrick – a very good holding, passing MF.

  22. ynnek85 says:

    Meaning no new midfielders in January?

  23. Park Life says:

    lol yeah ynnek85! We have star MF quality arriving in January!! …
    Cleverly, Ando & Young!
    BOOM!! merry xmas son

    on Carrick, his composure on the ball is key. He’s no Scholesey but as Sam illustrated he more than does the job esp at DMF. imho that is a hard positon to perfect as you have to be an ‘all rounder’ and that comes with experience as I hope we are seeing. Just carry on improving Carrick! Fear nothing!
    In Fergie we trust.

  24. jim says:

    Happy match day!! Hoping to continue our run of good performances.
    Predicted lineup- De Gea, Smalling, Evans, Jones, Evra, Nani, Carrick, Giggs, Valencia, Rooney, Welbeck.

  25. lordrt says:

    Let’s hope we however do get a good Lieutenant General to second him as well in the midfield, the lad has potential, just that he’s not consistent every game, else that scouse gerrard would have never featured in england’s line up as well… hoping for a big win today

  26. youCANTbuyTHISfeeling says:

    Spot on. Really hope he steps up to the plate permanently this time, the guy oozes class. Merry christmas and happy new years fellow mancunians :)

  27. nayadu91 says:

    Carrick is class, always has been. He was used in a different, deeper role for the past couple of seasons which is not his favoured position. Whatever, the fact that he’s still at the club tells us that he was doing the job Fergie wanted of him. People who think Carrick is not a great player have no idea what they are talking about. No disrespect but someone who has actually played football might have a better understanding of why he’s a wonderful player.

  28. Lebomanc says:

    Carrick is amazing, he deserves to be credited and noticed

  29. Whiteside says:

    Just watching ESPN’s review of the year – Robbie Earle’s team of the year featured no United players, 5 city shits and Suarez. I dont know how we ever win a game!

  30. Costas says:

    Where’s carBangPrick?

  31. hesselbom says:

    In my opinion the top performers for quite some time has been Carrick, Jones and Nani. Those three has kept us in the race!

  32. moscow JT says:

    In Carrick I Trust!

  33. Dave Malaysia says:

    He seems to have finally found his mojo after a while. He is in a right frame of mind, healthy,motivated.

    Our midfeild general has been named. If he keeps up this level and higher , dont be surprise he wears the Captain armband when Evra is rested.

    I am expecting some surprises in the lineup today.

    Good to have 2 home games in a row now, few more players can get back in before the tough one at newcastle.

    Also , lets the results in the other battles be good to us.

    Anyone interested, at anfeild , they will tears of loyalty and vengeance and outpouring of hate towads Evra.

    Let suarez not walk alone when he does a torres and leaves for spain hopefully in january.

  34. jim says:

    I also thought there might be a few changes but then if u look closely we dont have too many options in defence and midfield with rio and young unavailable. Park is the only midfielder who can replace the midfield that played against fulham. Probably Fryers can get a start in defense.

  35. Dave Malaysia says:

    @ jim: how was yr christmas? sober yet? :lol:

    Well, expect Evans/Smalling tonight. Maybe Rafael at right back,Evra at leftback.

    Surprises cud be one or 2 players back from injury earlier than expected. Have to wait and see.

    Fryers cud come on if the game is won.

  36. jim says:

    Christmas was good, not much here in India. Ya completely forgot that rafael is back, that could be an option. Hopefully cleverley or ando can make the bench.

  37. Yustaq says:

    Hope carrick stay in this form for the rest of the season.
    In previous yrs, he played according to fergie instruction. playing deep cover in the middle and that has cost him those critics all long.
    I want clever boy and ando back as soon as possible to give more competition and options.
    Man u-manchesterlogy. . .
    We’re united. . .

  38. Snoopy says:

    Time for Carrick to show his talents!
    But still think Cleverley is MU midfield future!


  39. King Eric says:

    Ha. Its funny I said weeks ago Carrick will now become our pirlo type player for the next few years in that deep role. Only a fucking idiot doesn’t appreciate Michael to be frank. Ask Scholes nev rooney Alonso and Xavi what they think of him. Oh and Ronnie. He oozes class. Is positonally top class. Range of passing. Intelligent. Reads the game. Blocks. Intercepts BUT most impotantly can control the tempo of a game. Those clamouring for Modric and slagging Carrick are mental imo. As I said the other night I have NEVER seen Modric run a game and I sincerely mean that. For those that say he does please give me ONE example. In addition Carricks experince is key. Prime example of him controlling a game was I think the Chavs or some team at home earlier in the season. We were leading but Ando and someone else kept giving the ball away. Carrick came on at 70 minutes and took the sting out the game and we cruised. As folk know I think he is fucking quality. Yeah where the fuck is that cunt CarBangPrick?

    Had to laugh at ashton and custis on radio on way home from hospital yesterday. They called city the “new english superpower“. What the fuck? ONE FA cup. Jokers. Also questioned whether Fergie still had the appetite. Fucking abu cunts. Into Carrington at 7 in morning. Also said the game is changing. Err yeah Fergie is aware of that you fucking idiots and is two steps in front. How do these clowns get paid for talking such piffle? Fergie will see these cunts off. They also said “since the city defeat they have tightned up TO AN EXTENT“ an extent? Two fucking goals In 8 games one of which was a non pen. Clowns. They also said Fergie clearly doesn’t trust Jones at CB. What the fuck? Its because when played in midfield he has been like a young fucking Keano. Seriously they know fuck all these hacks and never back up their ludicrous claims with evidence. You have to laugh.

  40. Ruuuuuud says:

    I agree with the above post about Modric. I don’t really want him here, I think he’ll be a hugely frustrating buy. The guy is class but I think don’t know what he’ll add that our midfield can’t do when fully fit. If anything we need a goal scoring midfielder and a Gatusso like player

  41. dijev says:

    Great post, King Eric! The support for Carrick should be massive, if he stays fit, United for 20!

  42. Red Devil says:

    Hey, King Eric, congratulations mate….well chuffed for you and the little one.
    Also, you must be over the moon with Sir Alex’s comments on Carrick — his performances lately have been absolutely world class…

  43. Gee says:

    Then SAF plays him at centre back lol!! No midfield signings in January then!!

  44. JammalRicha says:

    theres no doubt about it, United need a creative spark in their midfield. Why are City, and most notably Barcelona doing so well at the moment? Because of their creativity and ability to make something out of nothing. Carrick had his best game in a United shirt at Chelsea in the Champions League quarters last season. He kept Lampard out of that game entirely. As good as this may be, he needs to be doing this week in, week out, to play for a club like United. if you have that type of player excelling in midfield along with a creative spark such as Modric, Silva, Iniesta/Xavi, Sneijder etc. You cant realistically challenge for major honours without such a player. As promising and indeed impressive as Carricks recent form has been, we need someone who can open up a defence and expose their weaknesses, and as much as i hate to say it, Carrick and the current crop of centre midfielders are not up to that standard. its up to Fergie to make this happen.

  45. sachu says:

    Carrick is the best.


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