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Fergie trusts Mourinho more than his own brother?? Riiiight…

It came as a shock to most people when rumours started circulating on the evening of May 7th that Sir Alex Ferguson planned to retire at the end of the 2012/2013 season, having wrapped up the title weeks before the end of the season.

That night, Ferguson rang up his brother and closest confidante, Martin, to let him know of his decision.

“Alex phoned me and told me, and that was the first I heard of it,” Martin recalled. “It came right out of the blue. It wasn’t anything he’d discussed with family or friends. He just said he was retiring and would be making an announcement about it in the morning. I was with him on Sunday and he never breathed a word. He was just the same as ever and in good spirits and focused the same as always. I think he kept it tight to his chest out of loyalty to Manchester United and wishing to do it in the right way. He will be annoyed that somebody let it out. I would imagine he will be very annoyed.”

Yesterday, Jose Mourinho yet again denied that he had been desperate for the United job, despite it being reported for years that it was the post he wanted to return to England for and that he was devastated that United hadn’t even considered him for it. That is understandable. He’s hardly going to admit now, as manager of Chelsea, that they were his second choice.

He then went on to claim that Ferguson had told him of his plans to retire two weeks before the news has been made public.

“I knew a couple of weeks before the announcement because my friend was nice to me and trusted me completely,” he said. “He told me something really important before the press. He said I was one of his best friends in football so he wanted me to know before I read about it. I was afraid because I was sure someone might leak and the boss might think it had come from me. But it would never have.”

In June, Mourinho claimed it wasn’t a few weeks before, but actually many months before, that Ferguson had told him.

“I knew that Ferguson was retiring many months ago and I was so happy to have his trust,” he said. “It was big news for the world. I can imagine that just a very close circle around him knew that and it was a big responsibility for me to know that. Why do I know that? Because we are friends.”

So Ferguson told his own brother the day before but confided in Mourinho “many months” earlier? Right, ok. It makes you wonder whether this fantasist even knows himself when he is telling the truth and when he is lying.

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  1. The One says:

    Hahahaha, maureen’s deluded….oh well, if it makes him happy. Oh nooooo, he hasn’t been taking his pills!!

  2. NairobiRed says:

    Ur article is amusing on so many levels. Firstly, fergie tells his brother a secret and the next next day the secret is out. I don’t know how you english interpret things but that sounds like a brother you can’t trust.
    Second, a month and a half after fergie announces his retirement, Mou claims he knew about it months before, last week Mou says he knew about fergie’s decision weeks before it was announced. I don’t know if you have the ability to deduce that Mou was right in his 2 statements but let me explain, if fergies retirement decision was announced on 18 jan amd Mou knew about on 28 december, Mou can come out on Feb and say he knew about Fergies retirement Months before,because he did know about it months before. He can also come out and say he knew about it a few weeks before it was announced.

  3. Tommy says:

    I think he might have told him after losing to Madrid in the champions league, He will have said something like this is my final crack or words to that effect, could be wrong tho

  4. drv3011 says:

    well then,Cardiff draw level at emptihad.Keep this up Ole

  5. wayne barker says:

    Maureen is a mouthpiece just opens his mouth a shit runs out before Utd games he can never shut up,beginning to think it might be nervous tension before big games.Moyes receiving an apology for the bollocks Maureen was talking earlier in the week

  6. The One says:

    Yes, I believe maureen has mental and self-image issues, hence all the blabbering to draw attention to himself and to perk himself up.

  7. UnitedFaithful says:

    I do not take a single word that comes out of his mouth seriously,I just sit back and laugh
    And Berba still head and shoulders above any Fulham player,absolute class

  8. sir matt martin says:

    @The one
    yea u are rite, but a top 4 finish is a must, due to the size of man United the brand.. do you knw that GM (general motors) will be pulling out europe if united dont make it to the top 4. and do you knw 167m of our fans are in china and 60m in koreal? they are only motivated with a united playing CL football, and wining prophys. now imaging those 167m and 60m fans stop watching united. dont u think it will hit united finachaly. and mind you that was what happnd to Leeds United. nobody is saying moyes should be sack today. he just have to do thins right and in the right time too.

    @ tallestreD
    i think you are rite mate.

  9. sir matt martin says:

    @ UnitedFaithful
    Arsenal start playing like barcelonia.

  10. UnitedFaithful says:

    David Moyes has confirmed that Wayne Rooney has returned to training, although the Manchester United striker is not deemed ready for this Sunday’s Barclays Premier League blockbuster with Chelsea.

    Rooney has been unavailable since aggravating a pre-existing groin injury during the New Years’ Day defeat to Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford. Since then, the talismanic Reds forward has taken a warm-weather break to help accelerate his rehabilitation.

    Speaking during his pre-match press conference at the Aon Training Complex on Friday, Moyes was encouraged by the 29-year-old’s speedy recovery but remained cautious about setting a return date. “Wayne’s come back, he’s fresh but he’s not ready for Chelsea,” the boss told reporters.

    “He’s training, he’s on the grass, doing some running and looking quite good. He’s had a break, done a lot of strengthening work around his groin and hopefully enjoyed a few days in the sunshine as well. Hopefully he’ll benefit from it, but not for this game.

    “I don’t want to put a date on it just now as I don’t want to say he’ll be fit for whatever game and then I find he’s not, but we’ve just got to take it bit by bit. I’ve watched him running today; he looks well and is in really good condition.

    “He’s kept himself right and has worked with one of our fitness coaches, who travelled with him. Overall, we’re pleased and just hope we can get him back as quickly as we can. He’s an important player.”

    The boss also provided a positive update on Rooney’s strike partner Robin van Persie, who has been out of action since 10 December when he sustained a thigh injury in the UEFA Champions League win over Shakhtar Donetsk.

    “I’m hoping Robin has a good chance of training at the start of next week, so if I can get him back out on the grass and back with us, it’ll be a great boost for us all,” Moyes explained.

    “He’s a really important player and a player we’ve missed. But he’s getting closer now and most of them are getting closer to fitness, so let’s hope it’s not too long until we get them back.”

    I wasn’t expecting him to be fit for the Chelsea game.Another chance for the team to show they can cope without Roo,Kagawa’s chances of starting are starting to look stronger,hope he makes the most of it.Great news about Robin.

  11. sir matt martin says:

    Last week starting 11 will do just fine, this time kagawa should play the number10. why januzaj on the left. Carrick and jones if fit, at CM or fletcha.

  12. UnitedFaithful says:


    Knocking the ball with no purpose bores me to death.Will take end to end stuff any day of the week,’passing teams to death’ footie just doesn’t do it for me

  13. sir matt martin says:

    @ UnitedFaithful
    But under moyes dat has not been the case.. sometims though.

  14. sir matt martin says:

    That guy Cabaye is a beast..

  15. sir matt martin says:

    maybe Arsenal can win the EPl after all.

  16. sir matt martin says:

    Will Bill Gates ever purchase a
    PremierLeague football team?
    That would be EPIC, Glazer out that will be Great.

  17. slim says:

    Yup keep dreaming. seems its all you’ve been up to lately. Bill Gates. lol

  18. sir matt martin says:

    yon knw anytin can happn, i read he wanted to buy real madrid..

  19. Dela says:

    @matt – I don’t think Gates wants to buy Madrid, the story was that Microsoft were talking about buying the naming rights to the Santiago Bernabeu which would be a decision made by the incoming Microsoft CEO.

    Gates doesn’t really do anything much at Microsoft anymore, he heads up the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation instead.

    I don’t think he’ll buy a football team ever, I’d say he’d buy an American football, or basketball team first.

  20. sir matt martin says:

    thanks mate for the info.

  21. Marko Maric says:

    Koke signed new deal, buyout clause 60 millions…Moyes wasted his time. Dont understand those players who signing those kind of deals. It s almost impossible to get of of that contract, so my only conclusion is that mafia can make you to sign that kind a contract, or you must be stupid.

  22. Dela says:

    @Marko – I don’t think United were ever really in for Koke, or more than half the players we are constantly linked with. Just because Moyes or any of the coaching staff or scouts go to watch a game, that doesn’t mean they are watching anyone in particular, instead they might be just watching form sides to see the key components of their game.

    In this day and age, you can write almost anything you want, get it to an aggregate site like and if your headline is suggestive or provocative enough you might get thousands and thousands of pageviews from it. Coupled with advertisements that results in trickles of income to these bloggers.

    That’s why we’re constantly linked to every bloody player in the world – because those stories pay for the people writing them. Usually when you read the blog itself you find that the headline is complete bullshit. Like just the other day I saw one saying Gundogan said he was open to a move to OT so I said… OK.. I’ll bite… and had a look…. the truth? He said he was open to a move elsewhere but that BVB was the first he would talk to…. he didn’t mention shit about OT…. that’s how these click whores work!

  23. Tommy says:

    @Marko and @Dela

    I have a funny feeling United are interested in Koke in the summer, just an incling plus I wouldt worry about him signing a new contract its not unusual for a player to sign a bit of papar for more money and the club will get a higher transfer fee, its a win win situation for player and club similar to suarez no doubt he will be leaving the scousers in the summer but he signed new contract!

  24. scholes18 says:

    moureen is an interesting and intelligent guy. notwithstanding his tasteless jibes, which honestly have become boring, his tactical prowess of game is unquestionable. moyes has not shown that quality or it has failed.

    i honestly believe moyes is finding new dimensions to his personality at united. while all of us are quick to write him off, his prudent and tenacious methods are bound to come good. unfortunately, time is not which moyes has at his disposal.

    it is baffling to hear that current team is not moyes’s team. deary me, what will constitute a ‘moyes team’?

    moyes should adopt an attacking philosophy now as his usual restraining approach is not working. i am not concerned about league position beyond fourth. attacking approach might surprise our rivals and even moyes.

  25. Marko Maric says:

    @ Dela, of course you are right, we cant be in Koke, because we are in Baines and players like that. We dont have money for world class, coz we need 20+ millions for average players


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