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Fergie: United Will Find A Way To Keep GNev

After Gary Neville’s retirement, Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that Manchester United will be working out a way to keep Neville on United’s books after his contract expires this summer.

“Gary will remain with the team,” said Ferguson. “He will train whenever he wants. The next step forward for our club is to retain Gary in a capacity in which he will be satisfied. That’s because I feel his contribution and what he can contribute in future years is about what we are. We are a family club and he has been part of that. He has created that family atmosphere in the dressing room time and time again over the years.”

Ferguson has also hinted that Neville is likely to be working with our Reserve and youth teams.

“I do think he has a role to play as a coach, I really do, particularly with the young players,” he continued. “Gary has been a great example to the young players in the professional side of it. But on the other side, the academy, we should have that presence and coaching ability Gary has. He is taking his badges. He is ready to go into coaching and we will just find a role for him.”

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  1. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Definitely. He has to stay. Really can’t imagine him doing anything un-United.

  2. Raizzen says:

    I hope he coaches the youngsters and spill some of his passion to these kids. If these youngns could emulate half his passion for the club, United wouldn’t have to worry about replacing Fergie’s fledgelings anymore.

  3. stretfordend_ryda says:

    wonder if rafael will get his no.2 shirt next season??

  4. Paul Parker says:

    Alec is building his legacy under everybodiies nose…
    …so even on that sad day he leaves, the youth players who became men at United will still be at the club, same ethos, same methods, same mentality. same changing room, same ground.

    when I say Alec is a Genius I mean it, people need to study this mans success.
    Holding on to all our top players is Alec preparing for war for the next 30 years.

    (waits for that to sink in)

    Exactly. The mans a Genius

  5. StatesideAussie says:

    Right. Having him there to instill the “United attitude” in the youngsters is a great idea, and yet another indication of what sort of club we are. Interesting, too, after Fergie’s recent comments about how GNev has helped some of the youngeters with advice over contract issues!

  6. King Eric says:

    You only have to watch the reserves to see that this United mentality is bred into them. Example last night even at 5-1 up and 90th minute the lads were still going for it and scored a sixth.

  7. redfever says:

    wow first time i’ve seen fergie praising coaching talent. knowing the man’s eye for potential, i really hope gary neville comes good.

    there ain’t any better endorsement in the world

  8. willierednut says:

    He’ll go into coaching, according to Eric Harrison.

  9. DAVE RED says:

    We could ask him to stand on the touchline at United away games – imagine Anfield,Emirates
    and the council house, that would wind the buggers up !!!!!!

  10. red_october says:

  11. Unitedfanatic says:

    Would love to see him take charge of the reserves in the next few months…

    BTW, anyone have any idea how Solskjaer is faring?

  12. sports24x says:

    please keep him in the coaching staff..

  13. RedScot says:

    @Paul parker.For ever astute comment,He is preparing for the future,I have thought along the lines you write.Not only for the future of the Club, but for the next Manager, who ever that may be.

  14. Dave Malaysia says:

    Thats good news ,Gary coaching our youngsters.

    Family football club.Yes we are Fergie,thanks to all those before u and Sir Matt and Now thanks to u.



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