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Fergie: United’s Patience With Youth Pays Off

Sir Alex Ferguson has sung the praises of some of our young players, in light of Danny Welbeck’s goal at the Bernabeu against Real Madrid this week.

Welbeck has been at the club since he was 9-years-old and grew up on the same street as Wes and Reece Brown. Ferguson reckons that Welbeck is part of the next generation of players to make their way up through the ranks who can serve as inspiration for our other young players.

“We’re always patient with young players,” Ferguson said. “We’re patient with Tom Cleverley, he’s matured and he’s now an important member of the squad. If you think they have the ability then you have to be prepared to wait for that. As for Danny, his goal won’t do him any harm. He’s not a boy who lacks confidence. He wasn’t fazed by the occasion. It’s a great boost for the younger players coming up behind him, those in the Academy like Danny was. He’s been with us since the age of nine. It’s great testament to the development we do with young players. We had young Nick Powell and Adnan Januzaj in the Reserves on Monday and you say to yourself: ‘These are definite Manchester United first-team players.’ We can see that. They have outstanding qualities. They can see that in trusting us to map out their careers and help them and develop them then they can get to Danny’s level.”

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  1. domunited says:

    Bbbbuuuttt, you’ll never win anything with kids! The youth program is the best investment we can ever make. Not everyone will be good enough for mufc, but they generally leave with a good footballing mentality to succeed elsewhere.

  2. Red4ever says:

    Yup we have succesfully devoloped good youth players in the past and also currently ,,,hopefully nick powel , zanuzaj, kean brothers , henriqeuz,deahli, pertruci, zaha ,devolope to become important in the coming years ,,

    i have personlaly great expectations on zaha, powel ,deahli ,would love to see them comandering our midfield with cleverly exciting time coming with these good youth players and seniors to help them hopefully few more world class players join our team till then

  3. 207egend says:

    Zanuzaj? Deahali? Enlighten me plz guys

  4. wayne says:

    Patience works both ways and unfortunately in this day and age young lads want the big pay check and first team football before they’ve paid their dues.Both Tom and Danny have accepted everything that’s been asked of them working their way up going out on loan without any fuss.In the end both the club and player reaps benefits and the player develops the Utd character.Some still harp on about Pogba personally i don’t care how good he gets has the character that belongs at City not Utd

  5. thedonmassawe says:

    “These are definite Manchester United first-team players.’ We can see that. They have outstanding qualities. They can see that in trusting us to map out their careers and help them and develop them then they can get to Danny’s level.”

    Unlike a certain twat that plays in Turin!

  6. Red4ever says:

    @ 207egend hey yeah these players are still relatively unheard but they are doing great atm ,,deahali or deahli ignore my spellings had exellent performance for his country norway I think he is just 16 and have played for thier under 21 so I think we should look forward to him ,,and zanuzaj has been performing exellent in our reserve team scoring goals and setting others ,,and also that sir alex dose’nt mention anyone if they are ordinary he mentiond him with powel means he must caught his eye in the reserves team

  7. DDT says:

    @Red4ever ex
    Except for your spelling of the players names, you got it right that those players are promising. Januzaj was promoted this season to u21 ahead of schedule possibly because of a lack of wingers in that side and deservedly so, he has done really well when he played.
    Daehli is another promising player, as you mentioned played for norway’s u21, some said cause he was suspended for the u18 side. Decent player nonetheless.
    The u18s has a lot of technically excellent players In Barmby, Wilson, pereira and the 2 above but they still have lots of things to learn. This side was kicked out in the first round of the FA youth cup but many look forward to see how this group develops.

    Janujaz should be buzzing, hopefully he gets a chance!

  8. Adam.M says:

    Don’t forget Larnell Cole, Jesse Lingard, Davide Petrucc and the mighty bebe
    There is some great potential in the u18: Andreas Pereira, Ben pearson…

  9. denton davey says:

    Apparently “the mighty bebe” is doing really well in Portugal. More than any of the others, I’d just love to see Bebe become a starter and a star. He was a real long shot – and signed under “dodgy” circumstances but I have to say that I’ve been impressed with his raw talents although I’ve not seen much of him. Let’s not forget that, as StateSideAussie wrote the other day, at Bebe’s age Didier Drogba (another physical specimen with raw talent) wasn’t even playing professional footie, let alone scoring in cameos for a top-flight club.

  10. Adam.M says:

    not sarcastic m8 babe is improving rapidly

  11. Adam.M says:

    “love to see Bebe become a starter and a star” <—Make me think of David Bellion

  12. Red4ever says:

    Not to forget will kean he was on the bench for some first team games he was promissing great until knee legements stoped him from playing this season hope he comes back stronger than ever coz he is a special talent

  13. King Eric says:

    Michael Keane is doing very well at Leicester too. Even scored last week.


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