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Fergie vs Fergie: Own Goal, Brazilian Twins & Wonder Strike!

Manchester United travelled down to face Sir Alex’s Ferguson’s son’s team, Peterborough, winning with a rather generous 2-0 scoreline.

Whilst this was another good opportunity for our lads to get to match fitness, the main talk revolved around the appearance of our Brazilian twins, who we’ve been hearing trickles of news about every 6 months or so.

With United playing in the testimonial for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at the weekend, the occasion was the testimonial of Barry Fry, who managed the club for 9 years before Duncan Ferguson took the job, then taking on the caretaker role in 2006.

Rafael Da Silva made a great impression, showing his competence in attack and in defence. He showed himself as a physical player who’s not afraid to get stuck in, but also possesses a great touch and good speed. His brother joined him in the second half, but with less experienced players on the park, wasn’t given the same opportunity to shine.

Like his brilliant display against Espanyol, Carlos Tevez was very lively, enjoying his time in the limelight in the absence of Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, looking the most likely to score.

Our fans put on a great show, singing songs for Solskjaer, Best, Rooney and Anderson, amongst others. We were also treated to a very odd sounding rendition of “Ferguson’s blue and white army” from the Posh fans.

The first half action was very mixed, with United dominating the earlier stages, whilst Peterborough were the better team for the latter half.

Tevez, Nani and Da Silva were our most attractive players on the attack, playing some really nice football. A good run from Evra saw the keeper having to stretch to stop the ball reaching Tevez.

A poor passback from John O’Shea needlessly put Kuszczack under pressure, although he handled it well, as he did with all action that came his way.

With 20 mins, David Gray had shot blocked, which lead to an Evra and a shot going massively wide. Evra was impressive on the left for much of the first half though, eager to attack our opposition, as always. He worked well with Nani, apart from one occasion where a misunderstanding lead to Nani playing the ball to where he anticipated Evra to be, much the amusement of the home fans.

Morgan forced Kus in to a catch 25 mins played from corner, although it was a rather comfortable save.

Half an hour in and Peterborough were look far more competent on the ball and started to cause United some trouble. Aaron McQueen was about to break in to the box, to be one on one with the keeper, with Rio almost getting beaten. However, Da Silva made the challenge and saved our blushes.

Sergio Torres broke in to the box with just the keeper to beat, however Kus won the ball with his feet, putting in a strong tackle, and leaving the winger as successful as his namesake at Liverpool for scoring against United.

McClean had the best chance of the game moments later, but shot painfully wide as the goal gaped. Kus saved a closerange shot, with the rebound falling to McLean, who blasted high and wide. “Are you Terry in disguise?” sang our fans. Ouch.

Our keeper had to make another save moments later, although was more comfortable this time.

Peterborough showed that whilst quick on the break, they were equally fast in returning to defend, crowding out the box whenever we attacked.

However, when Posh were on the up, a Tevez ball to David Gray ended up being converted as an own goal. The keeper almost had both hands on the ball, but it slipped through his fingers. It was rather unkind, following a period of great play by our opponents.

McClean almost equalised instantly, before Scott Randell swung and was way off target.

Da Silva had a good chance just before half time, beating his man with nice skill, before shooting from a tight angle and seeing his shot saved.

At half time, Ferdinand, Brown, Evra, Campbell and Tevez made way for Lee Martin, Johnny Evans, Craig Cathcart, Tom Cleverley, and Rafael’s brother, Fabio, which John O’Shea leading the side out as catapin.

Moments after the restart, Cleverley chased ball down a ball on the wide right, playing in a good ball that was just over Nani’s head.

Next it was a Peterborough chance, with the impressive George Boyd (amusingly nicknamed the white Pele by his fans) beating Jonny Evans twice, as well as skipping past Rafael Da Silva. Cathcart did well defensively to put off his opponent from the cross though, and United escaped conceding.

Kieran Charnock synically took Rafael out when he was clear on goal, making no effort for the ball, and a freekick was awarded.

Ten minutes in to the half, a corner for Peterborough, lead to a great reactionary save from Kus, a second great chance for our opponents.

The ever impressive Rodrigo Possebon came on for Nani, who had been fairly decent thus far.

With an hour played, Rafael had a good chance following a good run from Cleverley and skilful play from Gray, but his shot went high and wide, snatching at the chance. His brother had a good chance moments later, breaking in to the box, but only finding the side netting.

With far more youngsters on the park, United began to reassert their domination on the game, with our fans in full voice.

65 minutes in and Possebon had his first chance, seeing his shot from outside the box forcing the keeper to lift the ball over the bar for a corner.

Fletcher, who hadn’t left much of an impression was subbed off for Gibson, with Kus, who’d had a good game, making way for Ziller.

Less than a minute in to being subbed on, Gibson scored a beauty on the half volley. Following a great season at Wolves, I haven’t been overly impressed with him on the pre-season, but there is no denying that it was a beautiful finish, leaving the keeper with no chance from distance.

Cleverley, after scoring for United last week in South Africa, had a good chance with 5 minutes to go, although his powerful shot was straight at the keeper.

All in all, a good day at the office for United and our youngsters, although the final scoreline is rather kind to United.

After seeing Fabio and Rafael playing together for 45 minutes, I excitedly anticipate the chants our brilliant fans will create for us when playing our Brazilian fullbacks on the left and the right.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Taehr says:

    Really good performance by the young players,the twins played better than I expected them too.They put themselves about.Would be interestng to see how they perform in the reserves this season ans hopefully the Carling cup

  2. Jimmybob says:

    with anderson possesbon plus these twins united could have a major brazilian influence in years to come

    maybe this kid is another reason fergie has left simpson go out on loan?

  3. Drew Vader says:

    I though the right back twin looked a lot better than his brother. The right back just looked like he belonged there, he put in some good tackles and was very quick to get forward on the wing. An Evra for the right side, with brazilian flair.

    Campell was nowhere. Hardly notice him at all when he was on the pitch.

    Carlitos was on a different planet to most players out there.

    Posebon looked good. He looks very natural on the ball. Lets pair him up with Anderson once just for fun…

  4. Craig Mc says:

    JimmyBob, you mean until Real Madrid send in their sniffer dogs again?. A couple of years, and they will be after our Brazilians as frenzedly as they are after the Portugeezer!.

  5. Jimmybob says:

    I look forward to septic blatter “free this slave rafael and let him join madrid” quotes in about 4 to 5 years or calderon and his “Man united should let him go, we at madrid would be proud” bullshit.

    We should unsettle ramos casiallas and any of his mob just to shut the twat up!

  6. Gabriel says:

    Apart from Tevez and Rafael, the match was pretty much a drag. Nani was playing like he was forced to and didn’t want to be there, fletcher and O’shea were awful, Campbell – supposingly our 1st choice strike partnership – contributed zilch, David gray (who is this guy?). i mean, we have been playing against poor opposition so far this pre-season and we have failed to come out with more than one assured display of full 90-minute dominance and disciplined attack/defence.

    I thought pre-season was about re-establishing team chemistry, but we seem to be playing a lot of players that will be nowhere near the 1st team nxt season – we’ve had like 6 keepers in goal so far – , i mean, what’s goin on with our proposed 1st squad.

    I hope these matches against juve and portsmouth wiil see us line up a full-strenght side and give them that much needed practice playing with eachother before the season begins proper.

  7. Craig Mc says:

    JimmyBob, I don’t think it is going to be 4 to 5 years, because this lad Rafeal Da Silva will be working his magic down the right in a couple of years. Anybody think Rafeal would be brilliant as right sided midfielder, bombing down the wing for us. He can tackle, DRIBBLE, he’s unafraid, and is a real combatant. A winner!. His brother is not as good at the moment, although he has the makings, but Fabian Da Silva was doing the Ronaldo arms in the air in disgust movement, when he felt the ref did him wrong.

  8. tony starks says:

    Like the report said, Fabio did not get a chance to show what he can do as he was on when the side was much weaker, but he is regarded as much the better of the twins.. remember they are only kids but already they look on a different level to our other 18yr old’s

  9. Gary says:

    Everyone is entitled to there own opinion but to be honest rants like Gabriels above wind me up. Since when did United fans turn into such whingers? Its pre season friendlys pal! What did you expect fire works? Were the European and English champions with a fantastic squad and the worlds best manager and yet some of us still find reasons to have a moan about anything and everything. United were starved of the title for 26 years, that was a reason to moan! So stop whinging over pre season friendlys its pathetic, the future is bright at United and we have very little to complain about on the pitch. The only thing I am moaning about is the rising price of ticket prices to watch United, not to mention travel prices especially when the country is in a recession. We are going to lose even more regular fans and atmospheres will be on the decline.

    By the way very excited about the Rafael and Fabio Da Silva!

  10. Stephen says:

    Scott don’t you mean Darren not Duncan?

  11. Duncan says:

    Lol, Duncan Ferguson can’t manage his own bowel movements let alone a football team.

  12. Wilderness says:

    I have been following intently for 56 of my 63 years my beloved Red Devils even though half my life has been spent in Toronto. I have shed tears over their tradgedies, leapt in the air at their successes. I have seen the ebb and flow of great Busby and Ferguson teams. Dynasties come to fruition then fall like Rome. However I firmly believe that there is the possibility that on the day Sir Alex retires he will have created the strongest team this planet has ever known.
    Imagine a team like this.


    I can only dream of an eleven like this. I can also see a secret weapon in the form of Manucho ready to be unleashed on an unsuspecting Premiership.

    Remember that you saw this here first.


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