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Fergie: We Are In Business If Wes Stays Fit

Before a surprise return on the final day of the season, Wes Brown’s last game for Manchester United was back in January, with the injury-prone defender making just 12 appearances in all competitions for us in 08-09.

Brown has impressed so far in our tour of Asia and Sir Alex Ferguson reckons his fitness would be a big boost to us next season.

“If Wes stays fit, we are in business because he is a fantastic defender,” said Ferguson. “Even against the Malaysian team, on a couple of occasions he has showed real experience in handling one-versus-one situations. That is what he is really good at. His timing and reading of situations is fantastic. He is quick to get to the ball. If Wes stays fit, it is an absolute bonus for us. You have to hope he gets the kind of luck he deserves because, when you look at his injury record, it is not a good one.”

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  1. Gotta hate tine tears says:
    write in vote for emily:)

  2. manutdchampions2008 says:

    despite how well rafeal has done wes brown is uniteds best RB. if hargreaves was not crippled wityh injurys he would be my first choice RB because of his delivery from crosses

  3. Gotta hate tiny tears says:
    write in entry for emily??

  4. King Eric says:

    Supey – Boswinga?? That mono browed cunt ain’t fit to lace Wes’s boots mate. Just like Alvez and Ramos the most over rated full backs in World football. In fact they are not even defenders. Wes is class.

  5. Red-Manc says:

    Brown should ALWAYS be our first choice RB when fit. He’s fucking class there was some matches last season where it really showed that we were missing him. Rafael is great for the future but for now Wes should be first choice, give Rafael cup games.

    With orange hair beware come and have a go if you dare woahhhh!

  6. lidija says:

    great news about Wes,we need him,with him fit we have more options,remember 2007 spring- we didn’t have any defence( nigntmare Milan game) there’s enough games for Rafael,Fabio,Johnny… Rio’s back worries me,Gary is 34, so fit Wes is gift from God

  7. MUFC the Religion says:

    O’shea offers nothing going forward or in defence. I can’t see how he is good for United. Everytime we have possession, he gives it away or miscontrols it. Everytime.

    Wes is class and he has a crunching tackle.

    I can’t see Rafael lasting as a RB. His defending is naive at best, I think he would make a great right winger.

  8. pip says:

    Get a grip GHTT.

  9. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    im only messin lad take it easy

  10. Anthony says:

    I agree with u Gudjohnsen.Simply bcs vidic fuck off agaist livp does not mean dat is not a good defender,i think our best defensive line up should be-brown Ferdinand Vidic Evra.

  11. Anthony says:

    I agree with Gudjohnsen.Our best defensive line up should be brown,rio,vidic evra.

  12. Doherty says:

    @MUFC the Religion:

    Dont agree about o’shea. he played the most games for u’s second only to vidic last season. One of uniteds best seasons and johns best.
    I think he was solid all season long, great player to come in when needed and easily fill the gap left by the missing player.
    Perfect player off the pitch as well, never moaning about not starting, just gets on with his job and makes all the right noises.
    Most clubs would love a utility player like john who can just come into the team.

  13. King Eric says:

    MUFC The Religion – I think you are being very harsh on Sheasy. Aside from Vidic he played more games than anyone else at United last season. Without him we would have been fucked in the right back slot. He can play in any position as well. It is only when we lose players like him people will realise how much they gave for United. Mr Utility man!

    Pip – What do you mean get a grip GHTT?

  14. King Eric says:

    Doherty – Sorry mate I did not read your post before I submitted mine. I saw the negatives about O’Shea and responded right away before reading the remaining posts!

  15. Devilton says:

    Brown better then Vidic? Brown in the centre…come on people, have you lost your mind? Brown will have to prove he can stay fit to claim the #1 RB spot this season (something he hasn’t been able to do consistently since he was 22). When fit he’s a good player, but lets not get too carried away. Barring one season he’s never been our #1 pick in that spot for a good reason. He’s never been consistent and he does have limitations to his game. Remember a time when he was contemplating a move to get regular games? Yeah, well that wasn’t too many years ago.

    I hope he stays fit because Red Neville can only performe against mid-bottom level teams at this point in his career, and Da Silva along with being very young has also got in his injuries to contend with. I think this season Brown will be our defacto RB, but in the long term i think we might just need to invest in someone of real quality.

  16. Jack says: rb in the prem for me, just as good at cb aswell.
    remember his cross in the cl final v chelsea :)

  17. manutdchampions2008 says:

    Devilton did you see browns performences at RB in the 07/08 season he was awesome. that season alone should give you the indication he has nailed his place in the first 11. o shea is awful at RB to be honnest he is mediocre in all the positions he plays. he seems way to 1 footed.

  18. Drew Vader says:

    Thanks for the heads up Craigni

  19. Manu of ManU says:

    Ya! One must celebrate da return of wes! He’s pivotal and solid in ManU defence. Thierry Henry when was still @ his climax- once said that,”he only feared wes brown in EPL,with his tactical approach.” He’s an accelerator, nonsense man, game reader and a game-ball-winner. Always ManU benefits when exempted from injuries, do u recall C.LEAGUE finals 07-08? Thats wes. Point to cheer 4 his come back.

  20. shasha says:

    yeah i feel Rafael will be the first choice with out question,i think brown got his time before now its the time to shine 4 the best right back Rafael Da silva and it will an exciting season 4 the fans

  21. Tony Starks says:

    Off Topic — Did anyone see the Euro U-19 games (!)

    How did the United kids get on, also did that Ljajic play?

  22. BombayRed says:

    rafael-rio-vida-evra as first choice back 4.

    gary-wes-evans-fabio as back-up (with hargo/sheasy in the dm role just ahead).

  23. Marq says:

    Well, O’Shea only played that many games because there was no cover. Yes he is important, but in all reality, he offers very little in attack, something that I feel Rafael offers more. So we go back to Brown. At the start of the 07/08 season, he was solid in defence, but very poor in attack, often mis-controlling balls with his stiff touch, but as the season went on, he improved remarkably and I can still remember the sight when Ronaldo gets the ball on the right, the next thing you can see immediately is Brown overlapping like a train, something O’Shea did not do last season much to Ronaldo’s annoyance. Therefore, my vote goes to Brown, O’Shea & Rafael have much to improve to overtake him. Only Hargreaves can offer something more than Brown at this moment with his fantastic crossing and deadball abilities.
    -One more thing of importance here, something not many of us realise I feel. Apart from Giggs, who can take our corner kicks? Carrick, Anderson, Rooney & Park have all had a go but none of them can put in a wicked curling corner like Giggs. On our books, it would appear Nani is the best bet but his place is not certain, Hargreaves could also do a good job, but God knows when he will be back. Anymore takers?

  24. daddycoder says:

    the lads on a round of golf on their off-day in Malaysia before jetting off to Korea:

  25. david22hughes says:

    brown is a very decent defender who can play anywhere accross the back 4 – brown remaining fit for a whole season???! hahaha wuddya stop!!!!……….more chance of jim leighton making a comeback in goal than that……….

  26. owensleftfoot says:

    Wes Brown!!! lol

  27. King Eric says:

    Owensleftfoot – What’s funny about Wes?? I fail to see the amusement.


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