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Fergie: Welbz Is Valuable To United

Danny Welbeck had a mixed season for Manchester United and, like Chicharito, has paid the price for us signing a world class striker, Robin van Persie.

Welbeck has started just 12 league games this season, compared to the 23 he started last year, and in lots of those games he has been played out of position.

He scored at the Bernabeu in our 1-1 draw with Real Madrid and was preferred over Wayne Rooney in the starting XI for the second leg. However, in the league this season he has scored just 2 goals.

Sir Alex Ferguson has defended Welbeck’s goal tally and insists that our youngster contributes in other ways.

“Last year he had 12 goals, this year he’s only got two, so that’s a big drop,” Ferguson told Inside United. “But that drop doesn’t concern us because he still applies himself really well and still looks to score, still looks to get a chance and with that kind of courage he will eventually become a regular goalscorer. Maybe he doesn’t appreciate us moving him around in various positions and we’ve maybe overused that because he is young. But his value to the club is there because I know he can do a job for me in any of those positions. It’s a fantastic asset when you have a player who is as adaptable as that. But I think he will find his role through the middle once he gets that maturity and gets into a more consistent way of scoring.”

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  1. kony says:

    Great to hear that from the boss..hes got more to offer than just goals as seen in the madrid games.. dont want to see him leaving united

  2. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Danny will do well. Ferguson has incredible confidence in Danny. Benching Rooney and putting Danny in to track back and deal with Xabi Alonso. Danny’s ability to track back make him very handy player that also knows how to get to the front and tuck away a goal.

    He has 4 assists and better assist return than Valencia this season.

  3. DiegoForlanDK says:

    Find his role through the middle? What’s SAF referring to?

  4. soccerisfootbal says:

    what a season danny had last year. he scored 12 goals but they were mostly quality and some were against important opposition (arsenalx2, spurs, everton)

    he was really growing in the position, linking well with everyone and being a nightmare for defenders to keep tabs… still remember that quality backheel assist to anderson vs spurs.. and his brilliant goal vs and assists vs everton.

    he’s a top player but he will need to improve his goal tally if he wants to play centrally for us. guys like rvp rooney and hernandez are way ahead of him in the pecking order for striker because they’ve scored 15+ this season and taken their chances.

    i think he can do a job for us on the wings, doing the “ji-sung park” role of providing energy and winning the ball back, until he starts scoring again and forces his way into the striking positions…

    but in the meantime we might as well sell young, he doesn’t seem to offer us much more than danny in defending or shinji in going forward. he’s had a few ok games but has been largely average (0 goals this season, barely 5 assists) and always seems to be injured. we can reinvest that money and sign a more dangerous/skillful winger like isco or lamela. at 27/28 years old, young isn’t going to get any better or any less injury prone.

  5. AlphaRS says:

    If The Fresh Prince of Longsight was played in his correct position perhaps he would score more goals?

  6. Sparkz says:

    He offers more than just energy and winning the ball back, and he’s definitely more than just a “Ji Sung park” type player.

    His link up play with the other attackers, the ability to play those 1-2′s etc, is excellent.

    And his ability to run with the ball is better than ANY of our other strikers. That’s the other reason he played against Real Madrid – not just because he could hustle Alonso, but he could surge past him when we were on the attack.

    If you remember Fergie’s interview before the game, he said “Danny is the best at that double role”.

    His composure in front of goal definitely needs work, but his technical and physical abilities are all there.,

  7. onlydale says:

    DiegoForlanDK: as a CF!?

  8. LexxytheRed says:

    And where are the words to describe the attitude and how prolific Javier Hernandez has been all season without getting the minutes deserved? None I guess, no words of encouragement . He is a mancunian it seems and certainly not British.
    Ffs this guy has scored 16 fucking goals from scraping for subs appearances and rare starts and yet a two goal all season Longsight striker get ALL the praise and attention. Gutted

  9. LexxytheRed says:

    And where are the words to describe the attitude and how prolific Javier Hernandez has been all season without getting the minutes deserved? None I guess, no words of encouragement . He isn’t a mancunian it seems and certainly not British.
    Ffs this guy has scored 16 fucking goals from scraping for subs appearances and rare starts and yet a two goal all season Longsight striker get ALL the praise and attention. Gutted

  10. LexxytheRed says:

    ******He isn’t a mancunian it seems
    and certainly not British.


  11. Sparkz says:

    @Lexxy – Chicharito’s got plenty of praise from Fergie this season, just a couple of weeks ago he praised him for his attitude and his goal record this season.

  12. King Eric says:

    Oh for fuck sake what’s with this poor Hernandez shit? Fergie was probably asked about Danny specifically. Every player plays his part. Simple as. Nowt to do with him being a Mancunian.

    Sparkz. Spot on mate.

  13. LexxytheRed says:

    Wish this patience shown to Welbeck was extended to Federico Macheda, Guiseppe Rossi etc

  14. LexxytheRed says:

    All in all, Welbeck had a poor season, Fergie would have been critical of others. Not bashing but critical of them. Not the ” I don’t care about his goal returns”

  15. The One says:

    @Lexxy, I bet you can’t even win a non-league title if you were made a manager.

  16. wayne says:

    Lexxy is just a troll/wum like a few others,fucking loser,pathetic sad cunts

  17. LexxytheRed says:

    Sad is not a word you can’t associate with someone like me….. Hhahahahahahahahahahahahaha……. Fools

  18. wayne says:

    You’re a right sad bastard mate having to come on here pretending to be a Red,need to get a life nothing clever in being a troll easiest thing ever and cowardly.

  19. LexxytheRed says:

    I don’t do keyboard warrior stuff, I have my own opinion you have yours no sweat.
    For me Hernandez hasn’t been shown respect like some others that have left…. And I fear that he might leave like others that have left due to this…..

    Now I don’t want men bickering like wenches here spouting vile abuses cus I have said one or two hard words against god-Fergie and god-son Welbeck…..


  20. wayne says:

    Not just referring to this thread mate don’t ever remember you having anything positive to say on any thread

  21. LexxytheRed says:

    That’s not true! I have only been negative on two topics.
    And probably lack of effort from Rooney

    The danger in this is that they are both English and darlings of certain people.
    People who criticise Nani and Valencia don’t get much grief but its expected.

  22. wazza says:

    Nothing but a piece of shit! Useless chap.
    Not fit to wear our jersey. Statistically he’s the worst player of the season. U idiot welbark!

  23. slim says:

    quite a number of washed out cunts on here. Not surprised , a Mancunian standing tall just won’t do

  24. King Eric says:

    slim – Its pathetic. To be honest it’s fucking racist. Having a pop at Mancs and the English.

  25. King Eric says:

    wazza – Fuck off and do your homework you childish cunt.

  26. slim says:

    Spot on mate . i came to the same conclusion but, figured i was going overboard a bit and thought i’d better keep my thoughts to myself . Seeing the venom in the comments is sad to see. And then the “oh poor hernandez” bollocks. sick of it to be honest. Someone always comes of worse anyway. Thats part of being a professional footballer.

    Love and proud of the fact that welbs is a manc and i’m not even from England. Every club needs players like him. Coming in from the ranks and standing tall in the senior squad. Christ, he was amazing at the bernabau.

  27. denton davey says:

    soccerisfootball @ 11:43: “i think he can do a job for us on the wings”

    More likely DannyTheLad will be an “inside-forward” – one of a inter-changing “three” – up front.

    Like AV7, Welbeck might be a bit-part player (the comparison with ThreeLungPark is relevant in this regard). These guys are going to be valuable in a squad – something that’s often overlooked and almost-always misunderstood by punters who fixate on a “first eleven”, which is not the way SAF runs this team any more.

  28. King Eric says:

    Slim. Where you from mate? I always thought you were English! Oh racist DOES sound overboard but I would be pulled if I said summat akin to that about non English players.

  29. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Looks like someone has their mini skirt in a twist regarding welbeck, the pain they must be feeling.


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