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Fergie: We’ll See Off City… Just Like We Did Arsenal and Chelsea

I’d bet Manchester City have never had so many column inches in their life. They’re the talk of the country at the moment, with reports realised every day about what the latest high profile figure in the game has to say about their takeover.

Sir Alex Ferguson is the latest to join in the fun, claiming that he isn’t fazed by the supposed threat City are supposed to bring.

“I can’t be worried,” Ferguson said. “We have a good setup ourselves and we’ve been working to build up the team we’ve got, so we just have to carry on. There are always challenges in football, some years ago it was Chelsea and some years ago it was Arsenal and wherever the challenge comes from we have to accept it. So it doesn’t change anything.”

When United fell apart in 2002 and Arsenal went on to claim the title, the press claimed Ferguson was wrong to change his mind on retirement. By 2005, the press claimed that we were “in decline”, like Liverpool of the 1980′s, under Ferguson management. Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho have both been hailed as better managers over the years, but as their titles dried up, Ferguson was still left standing.

What makes Ferguson special is that he has built so many successful teams with United. There was the 1994 Double winning side, the 1996 Double winning side, and 1999 Treble winning side, and now this, the 2008 Double winning side. To not be successful over one time period, but to stretch it out as Fergie has, is incredible.

Since Ferguson won his first trophy with United in 1990, we have never gone longer than one season empty handed, which is a remarkable achievement. To go 18 years but never go more than one year without winning something proves the quality he possesses.

Whether it’s Mark Hughes or some high-flying European manager that is in charge of City next season, Ferguson is right to remain fearless. Blackburn, Newcastle, Arsenal and Chelsea have all wanted a piece of our trophy, and now there’s talk it could be City fighting it out with Fergie. I know who my money is on!

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Scott the Red says:

    To be honest Brian, I’m not overly bothered how “interesting” this decade is for the neutral football fan. If United won the league every year, I won’t be upset that everyone else is bored with that.

    The reason there is talk of there being three years of no trophies is because plenty of Arsenal fans hold Wenger up as a legend and Arsenal as “the greatest football team” going. For all their talk of beautiful football and Wenger’s genius, it’s no surprise people enjoy seeing that team go three years with an empty cabinet.

    United have moved on with the times. We’ve embraced the change in football and have been successful because of it. I’m not going to feel guilty or any less satisfied with our success because of that. The reason we’re in a position to spend lots of money is because of our rich history, strong traditions and massive fan base. I have a lot of pride in my team (as I imagine most/all fans do) and the fact that I’ve got to see us win 22 trophies in the past 18 years only adds to that.

    So we might spend a shed load of money now. Given a choice between doing that and being Champions of Europe and England, and not doing that, and winning nothing, the decision is far too obvious for me.

  2. Brian says:

    You guys seem to forget that it took a lot of years for SAF to achieve the success he has.I am not going to demeen the suceess he has brought to Manchester United , its very impressive, but you are very dismissive of Arsene Wenger. SAF took how many years at Manchester United to first win the title ? 6 or 7 not sure….from 86 to 97 was it four titles and two doubles ?
    and not forgetting Cup winners cup and F.A. Cups in that period.Didn’t it take 11 or 12 years for him to win the Champions league ? Well Arsene Wenger has been at Arsenal for about 11 years now , got 3 titles , two doubles and a bunch of F.A Cups…maybe you should give Arsene Wenger the benefit of another 10 years or so at the top level , then judge him….

  3. Scott the Red says:

    Brian, you’re forgetting that United were 2nd from bottom in the league when Sir Alex Ferguson took over. Arsenal had finished 5th when Wenger took over. The situations aren’t really comparable and I’m always confused as to why Arsenal fans try and make this comparison.

    Since winning his first trophy in 1990, Ferguson hasn’t gone longer than one season without winning something, that’s why we feel we can criticise Wenger.

  4. Jimmy Kirk Dougas says:

    I would very much like the red face one er SAF to show what he can do at at one of the bottome teams. Yes I know his record speaks for itself . In my opinion he has been using the billions or millions at his disposal to buy not win the tilte.
    Yes other managers have also used money to buy success.he to a greater extent. That’s why for all his bravado go ahead and manage WBA/Hull or any of the not so priveleged teams who aint have the money to buy or restricted in the transfer market.
    All things are not permanent . They all have to bite the dust. I think it’ very boring for all soccr fans world wide to always have the same teams fighting for honour.s I say to the football authorities to level the playing field. Minimum of of 6 home grown players ad we will see where the red faced stands.

  5. FERGIES ARMY says:

    Fabregas’ Dad Said – LOL i fink u gt the wrong website mateee this is for MANCS not for horrible stupid gunners, plz stick to ur own sites or are they sooo boring!

  6. Scott the Red says:

    Jimmy – we’ve played 9 homegrown players this season. Our most successful teams in Fergie’s reign, (96, 99 and 08) contained loads of homegrown players. I don’t really understand your point. How many London lads to Arsenal and Chelsea have in their teams? How many scouse lads do Liverpool have in theirs? United have more local lads in our team than any of the top 4. So, essentially, you’re talking crap.

  7. Brian says:

    Scott….there has got to come a time when for the good of the game, the money will not be the biggest factor dictating a clubs success, and yes I know that you have won etc etc without it , but the fact is you can’t do that now….
    Someone soon will say enough is enough, Monsuer Platini is soon to investigate all clubs in the Champions league who operate/benefit from owners/backers large donations or loans.Also I can envisage a time very soon when a club will not be allowed to play in the Champions league if it spends way in excess of it’s gate receipts and TV revenue on players wages and transfers. Commercial revenues can be manipulated….Roman can buy 50,000 shirts and donate to the needy etc. Its sounds a very difficult problem for EUFA to deal with but they are going to do it. The clubs in Europe are not going to sit back and let an English club either running on massive debt,or dripping with gas/oil money , run off with the champions league every season.
    Its a bit hypocritical really….after all didn’t Platini play for Juventus ?….

  8. Scott the Red says:

    Brian – before getting on to this, do you agree it’s not a fair comparison to look at Fergie’s time before winning a trophy in comparison to Arsenal’s? Fergie moved us up 10 places in the table between taking over in November and finishing in May.

    You’re right, the money will become an issue at some point. It was never a problem when Real Madrid were ruling the roost, or AC Milan, but now English teams are on top, UEFA and FIFA have a problem with it. Go figure.

  9. Brian says:

    Scott – Yes I know you were second from bottom or whatever when he took over and all the players were drunks and layabouts , or at the end of there careers etc etc. Why we compare compare it is simple…in SAF’s first full season (87/88) you were runners up…whatever the reason it took until 1993 to win a title is irrelavent.Whether it was rebuilding,not good enough or unlucky,it still remains a fact that he took seven years to win a title and Arsene Wenger won 3 in his first seven years .Nobody can deny the superb achievements of manchester united and SAF but I wish you chaps would recognise that others do some good stuff aswell….

  10. Scott the Red says:

    I don’t think any any point people are discounting anything Wenger’s achieved. Mentioning the fact he’s won nothing for 3 years isn’t taking away from things he has done. But essentially, it is past, isn’t in? When Arsenal last won the league, Kleberson, Forlan, Bellion and Djemba-Djemba were in our side. Roy Carroll was playing in goal when we beat you in the cup. It feels like forever ago to United fans.

    Like I said earlier, the Arsenal masses that infiltrate this blog every now and again bang on about Wenger’s genius and about your “beautiful football”, so it is only natural that we respond to any Arsenal fan by recognising the great achievements of our own manager.

    The two situations are incomparable, because of the side Wenger inherited in comparison to the side Fergie inherited, and because of the money Wenger has spent in comparison to what Fergie has spent.

    Wenger improved Arsenal by 15 points in his first two seasons. In the same time period, Mark Hughes improved Blackburn by 19 points. When I’m not so drunk, I’ll look in to the difference of money spent in transfers. Then we can have a new debate on our hands ;)

  11. Markus Revolver says:

    It is our fucking trophy wether you scousers, goons, or chavs like it or not.

  12. Jimmybob says:

    Fergie has seen em all off and hell see of citeh and the tea towel mob don’t woryr about that

  13. Patrik says:

    To those of you who say Ferguson only buys success, what about what he did at Aberdeen? And on the topic of City, I think the new owners might get bored when they realise that they can’t buy instant success which they seem to think. And besides, if someone buys City it’s a big possibility that some other extremely rich person buys United and then City will have even less chance to succeed.

  14. jim says:

    how many titles did they win last season

  15. suhayl says:

    Yes brian i did know you had won 13 titles and you havea rich rich history. I wouldnt ever deny that for a second. What i said was in recent times looking at recent successes failures. You are becoming bridesmaids. Thats all. I would never disrespect another clubs achievements even though im a diehard utd fan


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