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Fergie: Who Wouldn’t Be Interested In Ron? That’s Why We Signed Him!

Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo is just six goals short of his impressive goal tally last season, flying high on the domestic stage as well as in the Champions League. He tops the highest scorer board in both competitions, firmly staking his claim for the top accolades next season after losing out to Kaka this year. He has been what has made the difference for us on so many occasions already, and is eager to drive United forward to further success in England and in Europe.

Over the past few weeks, in anticipation for the transfer window re-opening, there has been a lot of speculation linking Ronaldo with Real Madrid. Wild sums of money have been quoted for the 22 year old, who has never been shy of admitting his desire to play in Spain one day. However, earlier this week, Ronaldo came out reaffirming his wishes to stay with United, saying “I am at the ideal club to grow and to reach the summit.”

However, it was reported yesterday that Manchester United had put a £75 million price tag on Cristiano Ronaldo, in an attempt to test just how much Real Madrid wanted the player. Harry Harris of The Daily Express reported a leading agent said “a few days ago, as the transfer window opened, Real Madrid made it plain they would pay 60m euros (£44.3m), but Manchester United’s response was emphatic. They told Real not to come back with anything less than 100m euros (£73.9m) – and even then there is no guarantee that they would would take it.”

United fans across the country grumbled, believing that finally they were seeing the work of the Glazers in place. No amount of money is worth what Ronaldo brings to our team. There simply aren’t the players in the World who could replace him, so whether it was £40 million or £75 million, it wouldn’t be enough to plug the hole in the team his sale would leave.

However, Sir Alex Ferguson has moved to squash the rumours today, laughing off any talk of a prospective deal concerning our Portuguese winger. “It happens every year in the new year and you can expect some sort of speculation,” Ferguson said. “The thing with this is, Real are supposed to have spoken to us, and [the chief executive] David Gill is supposed to have spoken to them, but that’s just a lie. We’ve never spoken to them and they have never spoken to us. It’s mischievous to the best part, but I just dismiss it because it is nonsense. Who wouldn’t be interested in Ronaldo? That’s why we bought him.”

Ferguson said what we all wanted and needed to hear, not that we were seriously considering United letting Ronaldo go in January, because it’s important we have a better idea of what is going on behind the scenes. It is always safe to assume 99% of transfer rumours come the overactive imagination of some hack, rather than any real source, but it is still nice to have it confirmed regardless.

Ronaldo will more than likely leave the club someday, he’ll never become a proper red, but it’s important we cling on to him until he at least reaches his peak. It is mind blowing to consider just how good he can become in the future, when considering his ability now at just twenty two, and we need to make sure he’s wearing our shirt when he matures and reaches his full potential. One thing to be said though, with figures like £75 million being thrown around, paying just over £12 million for him is starting to look like some of the best business Ferguson has ever done!

So for now, he’s ours, but how long will it be until he signs for Real Madrid?

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  1. Eddie says:

    He will be at United at least until 2012. I dont think Fergie will sell him until the last year in his contract. That would be foolish! I dont know if Fergie still is the manager then, but I hope he is, and even if he isnt, the manager after him would never sell Ronaldo before his contract finishes!

  2. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    I don’t care if he leaves on a free transfer at 2012 as long as the next five years are as good as the last year
    But obviously, I’d love for him emulate Giggs although that seems unlikely. There will be rumours of Ronaldo leaving until he does leave and little details as well as details that aren’t there are inflated to make it look like Real will get him. Because Rijkaard said Ronaldo is one of the most valuable players in the world, the media latched onto that to say that Barca and Real are battling it out which is ridiculous. Don’t believe anything unless someone from our club comes out and announces something

  3. ManUtd9Titles says:

    Can’t we just keep him unitl he’s 29? I’d like to see a 2 year contract extension so he could win his 3rd Cl with us. That’s how I would frame it. We are on the brink of history right now, and I truely believe our players will produce this season as well as in the years after. It would be difficult for a player like Ronnie, who loves the personal accolades, to remove himself from a part of a history as rich as Uniteds. To not only be mentioned with the likes of Cantona, but with the very real possibility to surpass…

  4. Tom F says:

    I think Ronaldo looks up to Alex Ferguson in many ways, he has guided his talent and encouraged him so that he can see out his potential, he was there for him through the most difficult period of his life, after a rape allegation, his father passing away and then the abuse he suffered because England aren’t good enough Sir Alex stuck by him and gave him great belief and direction. He has admitted he owes it all to him and I think the day Sir Alex steps down any speculation regarding Ronaldos Man United future may carry substance. I am so very happy with our Squad right now, Wayne Rooney wants to be here for life and I wish I could say the same about Ronaldo, I don’t really blame him for wanting to play in a massive club abroad, his talent alone deserves that, it will help him become a legend in football as well as a red legend, if he does really have to go then I would say around the age of 25/26. manchester Uniteds manager, money, trophies and personal circumstances will all play a part in the final outcome and I really think it will be a sad day for Ronaldo and MUFC alike.

  5. arun says:

    We can let ronaldo leave once tevez anderson and rooney have peaked. There is no player who is irreplaceable. In any team.

  6. Conor says:

    Tom if he left now, who would you replace him with? there’s no player that would be better for our team than him right now.

  7. Tom F says:

    Conor, was that aimed at me? I never said I wanted him to leave, or that he isn’t irreplaceable. I would wish that we had Messi in our side to soften the blow, though realisticly I’d replace him with Nani, who will no doubt turn into a top player, in the few games he has played he has lit them up and also scored some cracking goals, including his delightful chip in pre-season.

  8. IndianPunk says:

    nani has potential but he aint ever becoming ronny note that people being optimistic is one thing and a fool is another

    i expect ronny to hold on for another two seasons if dont win Cl and if we win Cl this or next year make that 4 Max
    after that he is leaving without a doubt

  9. Conor says:

    Actually it was meant to be aimed at Arun, clearly I need to learn how to read people’s names! And I don’t think Messi would be better for our team, even though I think he’s a better player, I’m not sure if he would do what Ronaldo does for us, although I had always wondered.

  10. DuudLove says:

    i don’t have any quotes but im pretty sure Ronaldo said that he wanted to become a United legend and be remembered in the rich history of this most famous club. That means winning as much as he can until the end of his contract. However with the squad as it is now with an immense defence and awesome attack which includes a strong Portugese speaking contingent, the environment is perfect for CR7 to dominate for many years in the glorious Red of Manchester. United have some of the best young talent in the world and he is so settled i can’t see him leaving for a long long time. OUR BOY RONALDO! we love you

  11. james pickering says:

    just wanted to let you know that here in ireland we’ve a pundit call emmon dunphy who is highly opinionated and hates ronaldo althou he stood up for keane in a legendary show ( but in the paper he wrote an artical called i got it so wrong about ronaldo…its a big deal in ireland for him to say he was wrong but to say he was so wrong is such a big big deal.good stuff ronny

  12. Tom F says:

    IndianPunk are you suggesting my comment of a realistic replacement for Ronaldo is foolish? I want to hit you over the head with a Portugese > English dictionary until you take it back.

    Nani is THE MOST OBVIOUS REPLACEMENT for Ronaldo, as he is a natural winger who plays for Manchester United who is not Ryan Giggs who’ll be playing on the left. Although I didn’t say he’d reach Ronaldos level, so read properly before opening your mouth.


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