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Fergie’s Real Madrid Presser – Hooligan Rooney, Kagawa Will Play, Won’t Be 0-0, Ronaldo, Fully Fit Squad

On the game

“It’s a game everyone’s been waiting for. A fantastic challenge for us, two teams & two clubs who embrace the best parts of football. I’ve got everyone fit that I need to be fit but we’re all looking forward to it. This team doesn’t know when it’s behind. Obviously the acid test is tomorrow, and we have to get through that. It won’t be 0-0 tomorrow, I can assure you of that. History always plays a part in these kinds of matches. It’s unfortunate the teams are meeting as early as this. I’d have preferred it to be Wembley. We’re ready. Of course we are. When I started as a coach many years ago I dreamt I’d be playing against these teams as a manager.”

On the history

“Real have won the trophy 9 times, I think it’s beyond me and my career, but you never know…”

On Ronaldo being better now than at United

“Absolutely. Because of the maturity. He’s at peak of his career. To score goals he’s scored is phenomenal.”

On Van Persie

“He’s now approaching that (Messi’s) level. He’s been sensational, a good coach to my young players.”

On De Gea

“The boy has shown his character, because he’s taken a lot of [unfair] criticism. He’s like a young kid. He wobbles, he gets up. He wobbles, he gets up. Eventually he walks. The boy is walking now.”

On Kagawa

“We didn’t play him on Sunday because he had a long journey back from Japan. He will certainly be involved at some point tomorrow.”

On Marca calling Rooney a “hooligan”

“I’m not interest in what a Madrid paper says. Rooney can’t speak Spanish can he?! So he’s alright.”

On retirement

“I’m enjoying my work; while I’m enjoying it and my health is good, I’ll carry on. It’s against the law to force retirement, but I won’t work until I’m 90, I’ll tell you that.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Morning lads, Matchday! Brilliant!

    Wish I could be there and still hoping to get to the home leg, fingers crossed.

    Its going to be down to how we hold up and a huge amount on the referee.
    This is Felix Brych, the ref that sent Vidic off at Otelul in 2011. The crap refereeing that Celtic saw last night is always going to give one pause about european refereeing.

    That said, We haven’t lost in 3 ties with Brych the same is true for Real (also 2W 1D)

    These are our 3 games. I well recall Vidic sending off. We did ok, but wouldn’t fancy our chances if we are down to 10 v Madrid.

    Felix Brych Ref (DWW):
    0-0 Draw away to Marseille, Feb 23, 2011
    2-0 win away to Otelul Galati, Oct 18 2011 (Brych sent off Nemanja Vidic)
    3-1 win away to FC Braga, Nov 7 2012

    Some have wondered if Brych has an anti english bias.
    He sent off Vidic for nothing more than a yellow offense.
    He sent off Crouch(second yellow) in another harsh decision when Spurs were away to Real Madrid.
    He gave Spurs 4yellows and Real 2 yellows that night. Alot will depend on what Brych gives us as I feel with Pepe there will be fouls.

  2. ManUtd_Over _Real _Madrid says:

    Rafael Rio Vidic Evar


    Valencia Ando Ronney


    RVP (3 goals)

    Man Utd 3-2 Winners . Mark my words

  3. belfast red. says:

    De gea

    Rafa Ferdinand Vidic Evra
    Carrick jones
    Tonyv Rooney clevs

  4. Red4ever says:

    Go go go make them shit in thier pants ,,,,,marca said that rooney looks like demon and blah blah boy they just pissed the wrong guy ” he our shrek he’ll make you wreck” he will take you down you bet your candy ass he will score today for sure

    My line up for today

    David da gea

    Rafa vidic rio evra

    Nani carrick clevs kagawa


    Robin van persie

  5. parryheid says:

    Nani ? Don’t think so there’s a reason he only get’s bit parts and this game is one of them.Guts and determination are required here and he hasn’t got them.

  6. kk says:

    Red4ever that will look like my lineup too but only at CB is where we might see a change. Evans for either. We sometimes defend too deep when we have Vidic and Rio but then again I would have Evans and Vidic due to Evans being younger and able to recover quickly if he gets beat. Real are full of speed, we need quick reactions.

  7. kk says:

    I think Nani will play for the simple reason that he can run with the ball, keep it, beat a man and he has a shot and inventiveness. This game to me has Nani written all over it. Nani and Kagawa will be our wild cards. I think going forward we shall have the 2 forwards and the 2 wingers interchanging very fast.

  8. Goofy says:

    My Line up for today

    De gea

    Rafael Rio Vidic Evra

    Jones Carrick

    Nani Rooney Kagawa


    I Just hope this team can play counter attack at its best…….

  9. Andromeda says:

    My team for tonight
    De Gea
    Rafa,Rio,Vida, Evra

  10. kel says:

    ON DDG:
    “The boy has shown his character, because he’s taken a lot of [unfair] criticism. He’s like a young kid. He wobbles, he gets up. He wobbles, he gets up. Eventually he walks. The boy is walking now.”

    wow. Awesome speech! Haha.

    Lets get the 3rd CL fergie needs and deserve!!!!

  11. Andromeda says:

    Real madrid players might try their tricks to force the lads making defensive we should be in our best state of concentration.
    Any attempts for predicting the possible lineup is just statistical and whatever the fellow reds put on paper could change on the pitch.anyway let us hope we can hurt them in their mansion.

  12. SULLY says:

    This game has Nani written all over it. Nani said a couple of weeks back “the manager has told me something I can’t reveal” Real Madrid is what he meant I guess… Maybe who knows.

  13. kk says:

    Sully, you also think the same on Nani, nice

  14. Red4ever says:

    @kk yup mate I would also like to see evans but I think its such an important game and rested rio,kagawa,nani totally vs everton so I think they will start ,,,,if nani wants to come out of ronnies shadow this is the time I think fergie told him to tear madrid apart to do anything he can to win for us ,,he has the capability just needs the hungur of ronnie and he can do great ,,just hope he has great game today go lads coz we are man united we do what we want

  15. essje says:

    id lov to c kagawa tc carrick nani across our .chica should also be there since we may not kill real by a 1000 chance bt one or two wel get

  16. WeAreUnited says:

    I have though it over and over again, would I put Valencia or Nani, and until now I always have Valencia over Nani in this game, BUT
    I have changed my mind,

    rafeal ferdinand/evans vidic/evans evra
    carrick cleverly
    Nani Rooney kagawa

    Our 100% best line-up, want it or not, Barca when they play Madrid put their best eleven and don’t try to only shut Ronaldo down, and we should do the same.

  17. King Eric says:

    Stateside – Hello mate, good thanks, how are you? Oh this current crop with lads like Powell too to factor in and another addition or so can achieve all sorts. The future is VERY bright,.

  18. Anthony says:

    De Gea
    Jones Vidic Ferdinand Evra
    Rafa Carrick Cleverley Rooney

  19. Red4ever says:

    Yeah fergie told in an interview that it will not be a 0-0 draw so hope we beat the shit out of them forget about ronnie I have a feeling rooney will coz havoc in madrid today I think rooney hat trick

  20. King Eric says:

    I am with parry . There is not a cat in hells chance Nani will start this. Nor will Ando.

  21. King Eric says:

    Anthony – Yeah interesting line up that with Rafa infront of Jones. I also think Rooney will play out wide left.

  22. Anthony says:

    King I just think the game is made for Hernandez. There will be plenty of space in behind Madrid back 4. Think its certain wide left for Rooney. The only thing i’m not sure about is whether we will go with a midfield 3 or 2. If a 3 then RVP will be up top alone. As for Rafa in an advanced role. Think we won’t lose his energy. As i expect our fullbacks to stay pretty rigid tonight.


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